Your own bilingual personal virtual assistant.

Competent bilingual virtual assistants immediately available in Japan.

Your to-do list will never be the same again.

Your time is valuable.

You know the best person to get your tasks done is YOU. However, your time is limited. Identifying the tasks that you can outsource can dramatically improve your productivity.

We help you get it back.

Our competent bilingual assistants will take care of your tasks quickly and efficiently. It’s your own bilingual personal assistant, at a fraction of the price.


What can your assistant do?

Our competent bilingual assistants will take care of a variety of tasks, quickly and efficiently.

Personal Tasks

Event Planning

We provide efficient event planning for work or personal occasions.

  • Locate an appropriate venue.
  • Prepare your guest list.
  • Send invitations to guests.
  • Find the best vendors for food, decorations, etc
  • Plan event marketing.

Social Media

Social media is integral to the effective marketing of your business. However, it can be a time-consuming, never-ending task. We help you focus on the work that only you can do.

  • Write your social media posts in Japanese or English.
  • Manage your posting schedules.
  • Research content for your social media accounts.

Restaurant Booking

We will provide you a list of the best restaurant options, based on your specific conditions.

  • “Can you make a booking at a restaurant with good vegetarian options near Shinjuku with four terrace seats at 7:30pm next Tuesday?”

Travel Booking

During these COVID-times, all travelers must adhere to local health regulations and travel guidelines. We will do all the necessary research for you.

  • Book flights.
  • Search for the best travel routes.
  • Research visa requirements.
  • Look into the best travel insurance options.
  • Research information at your destination.

Business & Accounting Tasks

Basic Bookkeeping

Bookkeeping needs to be done, but it can be time-consuming and draining. Your virtual assistant can take care of tasks that you don't enjoy.

  • Ensuring your bills are paid on time.
  • Preparing and mailing invoices to customers.
  • Sending payment reminders to your clients, etc.

Business Research

We will do thorough research both in Japanese and English for information you need on any of the following:

  • Grants.
  • Government loans.
  • Market research.
  • A good accountant/lawyer.
  • Office insurance.

Vendor Research & Communication

Your virtual assistant will find the best vendor for your needs and handle communications for you.

  • Bilingual dentists.
  • International schools.
  • House cleaning services.
  • Babysitters
  • Yoga classes & more.

Data Entry

Your assistant can take care of all your Data Entry needs.

  • Checking data for accuracy.
  • Maintaining records of activities and tasks.
  • Presenting data in required formats.
  • Preparing, compiling, and sorting out data for entry.

Business & Accounting Tasks

Document Translation

From a quick liberal translation of short texts to summary translations/key-point memos of long articles or documents, let us help you jump over Japan's cultural and language barrier.

  • Emails.
  • Invoices.
  • Articles.
  • Websites.
  • Contracts, etc.

Live Translation Support

We can help you with three-way calls.

  • Inquiry calls to Japanese companies.
  • Inquiry calls to your bank, city office, post office, etc.
  • Phone calls with a Japanese client.

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Happy Customers

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MailMate doesn't sell virtual assistants - MailMate sells peace of mind. TM lets me focus on the key tasks that move my business forward, and avoid the ones that don't. It means more time to think, more time to create, and more time for my family. Would highly recommend.

Daniel Maggs, Co-founder & CEO of Bisu

Your service exceeded our expectations for a virtual assistant in every way. The fact that she is ‘virtual’ had zero impact on her ability to provide timely, creative, and effective support. Overall, the experience has been fantastic and it’s great to know we have such a capable, professional, and personable assistant standing by to support us as we grow our business here in Japan.

CEO, Staffing & Recruitment Agency

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