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What Company Type Is Right for Me?
Wondering which Japanese company type to use for your business?

Kabusiki Kaisha

A Kabushiki Kaisha (株式会社), also referred to as a KK, is a joint-stock corporation that allows for public trading of shares. This option typically appeals to medium or large-sized companies that are raising capital to expand their operations. A board governs the KK's operations.

Godo Gaisha

A Godo Gaisha (合同会社), also known as Godo Kaisha or Goudo Kaisha or GK, is a type of business organization in Japan. Unlike a Kabushiki Kaisha (KK), a GK cannot be publicly traded, making it friendly for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). GKs are not required to have a board and are treated as a branch in the US making it ideal for US enterprises expanding to Japan.

Branch Office

A branch office (支店) operates under the direction and guidance of its parent company (head office), without being recognized as a separate legal entity. It is responsible for providing services and conducting business activities such as purchasing, importing, and sales, and enters into contracts with other companies on behalf of its parent company.

Launching our Japan operations meant incorporating at a location in Japan and receiving Japanese mail—MailMate made this easy and enables us to better manage our Japanese subsidiary from our headquarters in New York.

— Shiraz Zaidi, Finance Director, Localised

We specialize in Japan market entry support and we use MailMate to incorporate. It's easy, efficient, and cuts out having to put all the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. We recommend MailMate to our clients and use it for ourselves.

— Yuga Koda, Co-Founder, Nihonium

Step 1. Decide on office location (physical office space or virtual office address).
Step 2. Make a company seal.
Step 3. Create Articles of Incorporation.
Step 4. Get notarized (only applicable for KKs).
Step 5. Deposit capital.
Step 6. Register your company incorporation documents.
Step 7. Notify/file at the Tax Office.
Step 8. Notify/file at a Labor Standards Inspection Office.
Step 9. Notify/file at a Japan Pension Service Office.
Step 10. Notify/file at a Public Employment Security Office.

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Decision 1. Decide on company type.
Decision 2. Decide on your company name.
Decision 3. Determine the location of your office.
Decision 4. Determine whether you will have a board of directors.

Learn more in our guide about company formation in Japan.

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