Your Mail Made Digital

We receive it. Scan it. Translate it. Store it.
Then, you can read it from anywhere in the world.

Here's How MailMate Helps

Saving You From Clutter
Whether you’re an individual or a business, we receive and store all your mail, then convert it to high-res PDFs for you.
Onboard Easily
Our bilingual team helps you get up and running quickly, and ensures your mail is diverted smoothly and efficiently to your new virtual address.
The Right Information With The Right People
Easily allow your team members, lawyers or accountants to view important mails.
Advanced Search & Back-Up
Easily scan through your securely stored archive, using text search.
Everything Safe In The Cloud
All your physical mail secured under lock and key.
We’ll Even Pay Your Bills
If you’ve got invoices or bills to pay, we can interface with non-English speaking organizations, and get them paid them on your behalf.

Why Choose Us?

We Do All The Work For You
You don’t have the time to jump through hoops.

That’s why we do everything for you. From scanning, translating and storing securely to shredding, and even paying your invoices.
No Contracts / No Hidden Costs
No more hidden charges.

And, if you decide to leave, no problem! We don’t tie you into a contract.
Absolute Flexibility
Whether you’re in the office, travelling the globe or sat drinking cocktails on the beach, you’ll always have 100% access to all your mail and documents.
Superior Customer Support
If you ever have any questions, our digital mailroom customer service team are the best in the business. And, most importantly, they all speak fluent English.
Security Focused
Security is our #1 priority. All your mail stays under 24/7 surveillance or can be shredded to ensure your privacy.

Once your mail is digitally converted, it’s encrypted with 256-bit encryption level technology.

It's so simple to get started...


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Redirect your mail to a new address

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