Your Mail Made Digital.

We receive it. Scan it. Translate it. Store it.
Then, you can read it from anywhere in the world.

Here's how MailMate helps

Read your mail anywhere in the world.

No more clutter

We receive, store, and convert your mail to high-res PDFs.

Advanced search & back-up

Easily scan through your securely stored archive using text search.

The right info with the right people'

Easily share important mail with your team members, lawyers, or accountants.

Pay your bills

We’ll deal with non-English speaking organizations & pay bills on your behalf.

Everything safe in the cloud

Your physical mail is stored under lock and key. Your virtual mail is encrypted with 256-bit encryption level technology.

Onboard easily

Our bilingual team will ensure your mail is diverted to your new virtual address.

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3 simple steps to digital mail

Step 1

Try MailMate risk free

If you're unhappy, we offer a 30-day money-back guarantee.

Step 2

Redirect your mail to your new address

We will help you switch to your new address. Just send us a picture of the postal mail that you wish to be redirected.

Step 3

Check your mail online

With 1-click, you can request to have your mail stored, scanned, shredded, or settled (if it’s a bill that’s due).

Step 4

Pay bills, offload tasks. Get things done.

Pay your bills with 1-click. Hand over tasks to our Assistant. Get back to doing what you do best.

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Why Choose Us?

We do all the work for you

You don’t have the time to jump through hoops. That’s why we do everything for you. From scanning, translating, and securely storing—to shredding and even paying your invoices.

Superior customer support

If you ever have any questions, our digital mailroom customer service team are the best in the business. And, most importantly, they all speak fluent English.

Security focused

Security is our #1 priority. All your mail stays under 24/7 surveillance or can be shredded to ensure your privacy. Once your mail is digitally converted, it’s encrypted with 256-bit encryption level technology.

Absolute flexibility

Whether you’re in the office, travelling the globe, or drinking cocktails on the beach, you’ll always have 100% access to all your mail and documents.

Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it...

After spending 10 years based in Tokyo as an expat you accumulate a lot of correspondence which doesn’t go away the minute you leave. Thanks to MailMate bringing this service (finally) to Japan it was a worry I crossed off my list. The process is simple, online and offers various levels of service so you have choices. My mail is making it to me in South Korea regularly and securely.

Paul Hardisty, President & Representative Director - Sports Footwear & Apparel Industry

Mailmate's service has proven to be much, much more than virtual mail forwarding. They assist with getting me copies of all my Japanese correspondence, utility bills, and government notices, provide a bill payment facility when I am outside of Japan, and even help translate correspondence I don’t understand.

They’re practically my Japanese concierge at a fraction of the cost I was previously paying property managers, assistants, and translators, etc. for the same service(s).

Managing Director (Asia Pacific), International Trading Company

View your mail from anywhere and never pay a Convenience Store bill again

See all your mail from anywhere anytime and pay your bills with the click of a button. You’ll never need to run to the Convenience Store last minute again.