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Why use MailMate?

Get a professional business address in a prime location

Choose from top locations throughout Japan, including Tokyo, Kyoto, and Fukuoka.

Use our virtual addresses to register your company in Japan

Our business addresses can be used on your Japanese registration documents.

Bilingual virtual mailbox and bill-paying service included

We scan, translate, and forward your mail—so you can read it anywhere around the world.

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Setting the bar for Compliance
Compliant with Japanese Government Address Provision Regulation
MailMate adheres to all address provision compliance requirements. Unsure if your corporation is located at a compliant address?
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Adopt e-KYC standards Meet compliance requirements for your address Understand the Electronic Bookkeeping Act for record keeping

Who uses MailMate’s business address services?

Global enterprises entering Japan’s market (branch office registration)
Ecommerce shops interested in selling to the Japanese market
Entrepreneurs launching startups in Japan
Foreign business owners starting a company in Japan

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Sign up to MailMate!

Japan’s business regulations require companies to have a physical address on their company’s registry certificate.

Step 2

Use a reputable address to register your company

MailMate solves this problem by providing virtual addresses that can be used for company incorporation in Japan.

Step 3

Check your business mail online

Additionally, our virtual addresses come with a bilingual virtual mailbox service that allows foreign business owners to understand the mail sent to them by the local city office.

Step 4

Pay bills, offload tasks. Get things done.

An immediate presence in Japan

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Why Choose Us?

We do all the work for you

You don’t have the time to jump through hoops. That’s why we do everything for you. From scanning, translating, and securely storing—to shredding and even paying your invoices.

Superior customer support

If you ever have any questions, our digital mailroom customer service team are the best in the business. And, most importantly, they all speak fluent English.

Security focused

Security is our #1 priority. All your mail stays under 24/7 surveillance or can be shredded to ensure your privacy. Once your mail is digitally converted, it’s encrypted with 256-bit encryption level technology.

Absolute flexibility

Whether you’re in the office, travelling the globe, or drinking cocktails on the beach, you’ll always have 100% access to all your mail and documents.

Give your business one of the top locations in Japan

Fukuoka is Japan’s fastest-growing startup hub and a designated startup city by Japan’s central government. A Fukuoka address is perfect for startups and conveys an entrepreneurial image to your business or venture.
The capital of Japan from 794 to 1868, Kyoto is sometimes called the thousand-year capital. Kyoto is not only culturally rich with amazing sites, but it is also a major economic center with a strong business community.
Japan’s capital city is a bustling metropolis and home to many of Japan’s enterprise headquarters. A Tokyo address will convey a professional image to the company or office branch you are bringing to Japan.

Here’s why our customers love using MailMate

Unique benefits of MailMate’s virtual address service include the following:

Get a high-end business address to register your company in Japan.
All mail received is uploaded to the cloud for easy access anywhere.
Cloud-based storage means instant forwarding to your lawyer, accountant, etc.
Get bills paid on your behalf at the local convenience store with 1-click.
Bilingual mail room staff provides fluent English support for your Japanese mail.
All your mail stays under 24/7 surveillance and can be shredded at your request.
Once your mail is digitally converted, it’s encrypted with 256-bit technology.
MailMate users get exclusive access to a bilingual concierge service.

A virtual office service provides a Japanese address for business use—minus the physical space. Also known as virtual address services, you get a business address you can use on your company’s registry certificate without needing to sign a real estate lease. Hence, your business remains compliant in Japan while minimizing overhead.

This physical address listed on your company’s registry papers, tokibo tohon (登記簿謄本), is used for business-related correspondence between the local government and your company, such as tax-related notices and communications from government bureaus regarding compliance, updates on regulations, etc. If your business faces investigative proceedings, this is the address the government will use to inform you of that.

The following business types can use virtual addresses for company registration in Japan: regular joint-stock companies, limited liability companies, limited partnerships, incorporated associations, consulting businesses, non-political organizations, charities, foundations, and sole proprietorships. In brief, most user cases can legally use a virtual office address on their incorporation papers.

Many virtual offices in Tokyo offer a virtual address for Japan but not a virtual mailbox service. So how are they different? Virtual offices (バーチャルオフィス) or share offices (シェアオフィス) in Japan that offer virtual addresses for company incorporation may offer a mail forwarding feature. Yet will stop short of providing you with online access to the mail you receive. A virtual mailbox service in Japan—like MailMate—provides both a virtual address for company incorporation but also online access to the mail received on your behalf.

MailMate's service provides you with a physical mailing address in Japan, securely housed within MailMate HQ. When we receive a piece of mail on your behalf, we systematically scan your mail (outer envelope only) and upload it to our servers. Then you request to have your mail opened, scanned, translated, summarized, or settled—all with 1-click.

Happy Customers

Don’t just take our word for it...

After spending 10 years based in Tokyo as an expat you accumulate a lot of correspondence which doesn’t go away the minute you leave. Thanks to MailMate bringing this service (finally) to Japan it was a worry I crossed off my list. The process is simple, online and offers various levels of service so you have choices. My mail is making it to me in South Korea regularly and securely.

Paul Hardisty, President & Representative Director - Sports Footwear & Apparel Industry

Mailmate's service has proven to be much, much more than virtual mail forwarding. They assist with getting me copies of all my Japanese correspondence, utility bills, and government notices, provide a bill payment facility when I am outside of Japan, and even help translate correspondence I don’t understand.

They’re practically my Japanese concierge at a fraction of the cost I was previously paying property managers, assistants, and translators, etc. for the same service(s).

Managing Director (Asia Pacific), International Trading Company

Get a professional business address in a prime location

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