Get all your Properties’ Japanese mail online and in one place

Simplify & Accelerate your operation by managing bills, invoices, and notices all in one simple location.

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Automation is accelerating. Will you? Say goodbye to mail Pick-up, scanning, or uploading. Say hello to fast access, easy collaboration, and reduced staff burden.
Turn your Mail Into a Searchable Database
Automate Data extraction and Electronic Storage
Eliminate paper storage with Japanese regulation compliant electronic storage.
Mailmate for Property Management

Get all your mail, for all your properties, all in one place.

Upload additional files directly into the system for combined access & management with incoming postal items. Go from paper weight to digital acceleration for your management operations with everything in one place.

Customize Mail Automation Workflows to Fit your Operations

Accelerate your operations with custom workflows and automations. MailMate accelerates your mail operations is customizable to your workflows.
Managing a lot of properties? Whether it's 2 properties, or hundreds—fit and tailor MailMate to your operations.
10+ Hours
saved per month per property
Customers save up to 10+ hours per month by avoiding mail pick-up, scanning of invoices, and uploading to the cloud by receiving mail directly on MailMate.
30 Days
Money-back Guarantee
If you are not delighted with the service after 30 days, get a full refund.
Mail & Customer Support
Our software and customer support operate in both English and Japanese, with automated mail summary translations to English included.

Eliminate complexity in your operations and accelerate your team with a digital mailbox.