In the digital era, the security and integrity of personal and business documents is paramount. As a leader in mail digitization services, we offer a multi-layered approach to ensure unparalleled security and reliability. With certified professionals, advanced infrastructure, and rigorous data protection measures, our commitment to your safety is unwavering.

Comprehensive service offerings

  1. Physical mail digitization

    Transform your physical mail into digital assets, making them readily accessible and safe from physical damage or loss.

  2. Dencho-compliant electronic document storage

    Adhering to Japan’s regulations concerning electronic storage, our digital storage ensures that your documents are not only secure but also easily accessible.

  3. Emailed documents

    Receive encrypted digitized documents directly in your inbox, ensuring only the intended recipient can access them.

  4. Stored physical mail

    Preserve the original essence of your mail; we store the physical copies securely for a set duration.

  5. Bill payment

    Transition to seamless, secure digital bill payments without the need for multiple platforms.

  6. Receipt line-item level data entry

    Detail matters. We ensure every item on your receipt is captured, aiding in meticulous financial record-keeping.

  7. CSV and PDF exports

    Retain data integrity while extracting for backups or integration with other systems.

Robust security infrastructure

  1. Encryption at rest

    All digital data stored in our systems is encrypted, ensuring its safety against unauthorized access or potential breaches.

  2. Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protection

    All connections, whether accessing, uploading, or downloading data, are SSL encrypted, ensuring data integrity and confidentiality during transit.

  3. Comprehensive activity logging

    Every action on our site is logged. This transparency ensures that any unusual activity can be quickly identified and addressed.

  4. Restricted access

    Only authorized teammates have access to sensitive data, ensuring no unauthorized access or data breaches from within.

  5. In-country data hosting

    We understand the importance of data sovereignty. All data is hosted within the country, adhering to national data protection regulations.

  6. CISSP™ certified professionals

    Recognized globally, our CISSP-certified team ensures we're always ahead of potential threats and employ the best practices in the industry.

  7. Advanced cybersecurity education

    Our team, enriched with a Master's in Cybersecurity from Brown University, offers advanced cybersecurity knowledge and strategies.

  8. Legal compliance and guidance

    With an in-house attorney, we continuously align with evolving regulations, protecting our clients legally.

  9. CREST certifications

    Our CREST-certified members specialize in security analysis and penetration testing, upholding the highest global security standards.

  10. Continuous surveillance

    Every mail-handling area is monitored, ensuring the integrity of your mail from the moment it arrives.

  11. Ultra-secure vault storage

    For documents requiring an extra security layer, our specialized vault offers unmatched protection.


Your trust fuels our commitment. Our rigorous security measures, combined with an extensive service suite ensures your documents are treated with the utmost care and protection. We welcome further discussions and encourage you to contact us with any questions.

Secure your peace of mind; reach out today.