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Your all-in-one virtual office solution–launch with everything you need in Fukuoka today! Everything you need to get started, all in one place. Supercharge your launch with MailMate.
Incorporation Support
Incorporation support available. Talk to an expert and understand what the perfect solution is for you. Choose between a GK or KK based on your needs with legal support.
Virtual Mailbox
Get all your mail online and through our app on desktop or phone. Our team is here to help with any mailroom needs you have.
English Support and Bilingual Receptionist Available
We’re here to help you on your business journey in Japan. Get English support from a bilingual team. Add a phone number and a receptionist for Japanese call handling.
Launch Kit
Everything you need for AP & expense management in one place–we connect the paper and digital worlds of Japan so you have everything in one place.

See What Our Customers Have to Say

We specialize in Japan market entry support and we use MailMate to incorporate. It's easy, efficient, and cuts out having to put all the pieces of the puzzle together yourself. We recommend MailMate to our clients and use it for ourselves.

Yuga Koda Co-Founder, Nihonium

Launching our Japan operations meant incorporating at a location in Japan and receiving Japanese mail—MailMate made this easy and enables us to better manage our Japanese subsidiary from our headquarters in New York.

Shiraz Zaidi Finance Director, Localised
Why Launch Your Business in Fukuoka?

Your virtual office in Fukuoka will be in the prime location of Hakata.

Fukuoka is known for its friendliness and warm hospitality. It welcomes visitors with its local festivals and cultural heritage sites. You’ll see its traditional culture existing today with shrines, temples, and historical buildings around the city.

While keeping its culture, Fukuoka is known for:
The city to hand out the most startup visas, second only to Tokyo
The highest city investment compared
to other Japanese cities
A business opening rate of 5.3%, the highest compared to other Japanese cities
Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem

Awarded the “Fastest Growing Startup Ecosystem in Asia” in 2023 and marked as a National Strategic Special Zone in Japan, making Fukuoka a vibrant and supportive environment for startups and businesses.

Strategic location for global connections

Fukuoka’s geographic location is the perfect place that attracts companies worldwide:

Transportation Hub

Fukuoka Airport, Hakata Station, and major business event facilities are all located within a 2.5 km radius, creating an exceptionally accessible commute area.

Global Reach

Fukuoka Airport offers regular flights to 22 international cities in nine countries and regions, making it easy for Fukuoka to engage with global markets.

Proximity to Major Asian Cities

Fukuoka is closer to Seoul, Shanghai, and Taipei than Tokyo, making it possible to take day trips to major Asian cities for business opportunities and international collaborations.

Services and features

Your all-in-one virtual office solution for getting your business up and running, from filling out forms to opening corporate bank accounts.

Business Address

Japan’s business regulation requires businesses to have a physical address in Japan. MailMate’s virtual address in Fukuoka solves this problem.

Mail Handling

From mail scanning, translating, and forwarding, MailMate will handle your mail carefully.

Invoice Tracking & Creation

Track any invoices you receive by mail (Japan still loves paper!). Track other invoices via an AP email address. Mark what was paid for easy tracking.

Receptionist Services

Get a Japanese speaking receptionist to answer calls for your business.

Receipt & Expense Tracking

Be audit-ready at all times. Accelerate your early company operations by streamlining your expense tracking and compliance.

Bill Payment

Pay bills that come to your mail inbox directly in MailMate.

Even if MailMate can not personally help you, we will direct you to the correct personnel for business-specific needs.

As seen in:

Signup Flow For Getting a Virtual Office in Fukuoka With MailMate, you comply with Japan’s business regulations by having a physical address with us.

Create a free account

Complete the verification process to activate your account and ensure compliance with local regulations.


Use MailMate’s address to register your company

MailMate provides a virtual address in Fukuoka for you to use to incorporate in Japan. We’ll support you through this process.


Check your business mail online

With a virtual address, you’ll also get a virtual mailbox to scan and translate your business mail.


Get things done

Now, you have a business address in Fukuoka.

Get Started Today

Yes! We provide reputable business addresses in Fukuoka, but also in Tokyo and Kyoto that individuals can use for company registration. Please book a demo call so you can choose the best plan for your business.

Yes! We offer virtual office addresses in Fukuoka that you can use on marketing collateral or to register your company in Japan. Please inquire about the best plan for your company.

It is your business phone number, staffed by remote receptionists, letting you nurture leads and prospective clients and establish yourself as a Japan-based business. Using a virtual receptionist service in Fukuoka, you will be able to capitalize on each call-in and create a powerful first impression of your business with native Japanese bilingual receptionists on standby.

MailMate's service provides you with a physical mailing address in Fukuoka, securely housed within MailMate HQ. When we receive a piece of mail on your behalf, we systematically scan your mail (outer envelope only) and upload it to our servers. Then you request to have your mail opened, scanned, translated, summarized, or settled—all with 1-click.

On your MailMate dashboard, you can request any item to be forwarded to you. Allow 2 business days for the item(s) to arrive at the forwarding address.

Nope—you can pay month by month, and cancel anytime.

We’ll do our best to help, and we’d love to chat. Contact us through or book a demo here.

We only use the most advanced adaptive hashing, secure network with SSL, and heavy-duty VPN to protect your data. Your credit card information is kept secure with Stripe—renowned as one of the world’s safest payment platforms.

Start your business with a virtual address in Fukuoka today.

MailMate will assist in starting your business in Japan

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