Tokyo-Based Luxurious Outdoor Options to Inspire Your Weekend Plans

Tokyo-Based Luxurious Outdoor Options to Inspire Your Weekend Plans

Looking for adventurous weekend activities that will give you that holiday feeling in the space of one weekend? 

Spending time in nature has been shown to enhance feelings of deep rejuvenation, which means outdoor leisure activities are pretty much essential for today’s knowledge workers.

Enjoying the outdoors is also among the safer activities we can indulge in as the world heads back to normal. 

So without further ado, here are our top picks for luxurious and outdoorsy activities that will give you that vacation feeling—without even having to leave Tokyo. 

For the experientialist, get a helicopter tour of Tokyo

Tokyo-Based Luxurious Outdoor Options to Inspire Your Weekend Plans

Tokyo Supercars connects luxury car owners with car enthusiasts in Japan, allowing you to book a Porsche, Ferrari, Aston Martin, or another vehicle from their high-end lineup, attend day tours, experience Tokyo's city lights at night, and more. 

Although Tokyo Supercars offers many experiences for car devotees, their helicopter tour provides a rare slice of prime options, while also ushering you through the most novel way to experience Tokyo. 

Starting with a supercar of your choice to the heliport, you then hop into the helicopter, and the pilot will take you on a customizable tour of the Tokyo area. 

View notable landmarks such as the Shibuya Scramble Crossing, Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Sky Tree, Rainbow Bridge, and other popular areas—all from an exclusive vantage point that only the lucky few get to see. 

The experience concludes with a fine-dining experience at the Hilton Hotel in Odaiba, or another of the restaurants with which Tokyo Supercars has partnered. 

Price: ¥140,000 ~

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For the #camperlife idealist, a hotel room on wheels

Dream Drive

Want to go camping but don’t want to sleep in a tent? This weekend option allows you to discover hidden camping spots on your own terms, a.ka., your hotel room on wheels.

These custom campers from Dream Drive come equipped with hotel-grade bedding in the back of their Dream Drive custom-built vehicles. So you’re guaranteed sweet dreams even as you go trailblazing.  

Two camping van options are listed on the Dream Drive site, but if your requested dates aren’t available in the booking calendar, contact them as they likely have a campervan available that isn’t listed. 

The Kago camper is a small and compact campervan that is easy to drive and sleeps up to 2 adults (on a semidouble).

The Kuma sleeps 2 adults (semidouble) on the main bed and an optional small bunk can be installed to sleep 2 kids or 1 small adult.  

Each of the Dream Drive campervans come with amenities and items for guests to use while on their trip, including towels, portable power station, pillows, cutlery set, fridge, gas stove, and more. 

Price: Plans start from ¥26,000

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For the adventurer, go island hopping only 55 min. from Haneda

Island hopping only 55 min. from Haneda

A 55-minute flight from Haneda airport will bring you to Hachijojima, a tropical volcanic island off the coast of Tokyo. 

From Hachijojima, you can go island hopping to other islands via helicopter, or you can stay on Hachijo island and snag the chance to snorkel and swim with sea turtles.

Other opportunities include mountain hiking trails, waterfall spotting, hot spring dipping, experiencing traditional weaving techniques, and indulging in fresh seafood. There are several beaches to choose from, so bring your swimsuit, sunscreen, and beach book. And your trip will be complete. 

For lodging options, check out these recommended hotels by the Hachijojima Tourist Information Center. 

Price: ANA flight to Hachijojima one-way price ¥21,390 (ANA card holder: ¥15,690)

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For a digital detox, a secret forest in the middle of Tokyo

Circus Outdoor Tokyo

Circus Outdoor Tokyo is located within a forest and overlooks Lake Okutama in Tokyo. The concept is centered around the idea of "doing nothing." For anyone who craves a digital detox, this is for you. 

The location is secluded and the grounds itself are outdoors with five glamorous circus-style tents that serve as individual hotel lodging. Four of the tents have a two-person capacity, and the "Jumpin' Jackalope" can accommodate up to four people (if you have a pet, this is the tent to book). 

Tent interiors overturn traditional images of outdoor camping. In addition to a comfortable bed, the tents have a table and sofa so you can lounge.

Each room comes with the option to book French full-course meals in the dining area, which resident chefs prepare. If you wish to eat separately, book the "Royal Griffin" room, which will be served on the deck in front of your tent. 

Price: Plans start from ¥60,000. 

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For the nature lover, a hidden cottage you must hike to

Glamping Auberge

To get to this woodland cottage, you must hike for 30 minutes through a mountain forest trail. But for the nature lover and hiking enthusiast, the journey is half the fun. 

Plan your hike before the sunsets as there are no lights on this mountain trail in Tokyo. Once you reach your destination, you will find GLAMPING AUBERGE, a private glamping-style accommodation. 

The inn offers only one room/tent, so your group will be on your own with just the inn's private chef who will prepare BBQ dishes and other appetizers for dinner, and breakfast the next morning. 

Since the inn has only one tent for booking, you can have a secluded stay, away from the crowds of downtown Tokyo. 

The deck of your accommodations overlooks a magnificent view of Mt. Mazukari in front of you, and it's a perfect space to read a book, nap, and recharge amid oceans of green.

Price: Plans start from ¥35,000. 

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