Parcel Forwarding Japan: Easy Guide To Receive Your Package

Parcel Forwarding Japan: Easy Guide To Receive Your Package

Need a package from Japan? Here is where parcel forwarding Japan services come in handy.

Many parcel forwarding companies in Japan will provide you with a Japanese address, where your parcel will then be sent to them then shipped to you domestically or internationally.

See how you can receive your parcel from Japan.

What is parcel forwarding?

In Japan, parcel forwarding is a service in which a company receives your parcel on your behalf and then sends it to your desired address.

There are many parcel and package forwarding services through which you will receive a Japanese address for Japanese online stores. Once the item arrives at the company's location, you can request to have it shipped to an address abroad.

Shipping costs will vary depending on the company's fees.

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Top 4 parcel forwarding Japan services to use

While Japan Post offers a forwarding service (their 転居届, tenkyo todoke), it usually only handles mail forwarding domestically.

So, instead, this section focuses on package and parcel forwarding Japan services that can also handle international forwarding.  

1. MailMate: your reliable partner for your Japanese mail and packages

If you are a MailMate customer, you know that MailMate offers parcel forwarding if it receives a parcel on your behalf for personal or business purposes.

MailMate is a virtual mail and address provider that will receive your Japanese surface mail and other items on your behalf.

Virtual dashboard with a Japanese shipping address

dashboard and package

When you use MailMate's virtual address for Japanese online stores, they will receive your parcel. Then, they'll take a photo of the outside content and notify you of its arrival.

Then, you can view the item on your dashboard to see which item arrived without needing to be in Japan.

International shipping and forwarding

Mail Forwarding Pop Up

You can receive your item anywhere by picking the domestic or the international package forwarding service.

They will handle all the logistics of forwarding from the label to the shipping method so that it will arrive at your earliest convenience with tracking. 

Just tell MailMate where you want it shipped. You will receive a tracking number to check on your parcel's status.

MailMate is a great option for residents in Japan who want to keep receiving their mail and packages. For a monthly fee, they can cancel at any time.

2. Tenso: your gateway to Japanese online shops


Tenso Japan is a popular proxy forwarding choice for those looking for a Japanese shipping address for online shopping. 

With Tenso, you'll input their Japanese address where your items will be shipped to them. Then, you can decide when your items will ship internationally to you. 

Shipping fees vary in size, weight, and delivery time. You can use their shipping cost calculator here:

Additional services include package consolidation, which allows them to ship multiple packages into one, and a styrofoam box for liquor and wine bottle packaging.

3. Forward2me: seamless package forwarding from Japan


When you sign up to a Japan forwarding address, like Forward2me, you can receive packages from Japan. Many of their customers use Forward2me's address for Japanese online shopping.

Once the items arrive at their location, they will be forwarded to your address abroad.

Forward2me also has addresses in the UK, Germany, and Japan, making them an international parcel forwarding service.

4. DankeBox: mail and parcel forwarding  from Japan to you

Dankebox english

DankeBox is a virtual address provider where users can send items and parcels to their addresses. 

As a Japanese forwarding service, users can request forwarding parcel consolidation and international shipping so they can receive their items.

Frequently asked questions

How to get something shipped from Japan to the USA?

Using a parcel forwarding company from Japan allows you to receive something from the USA. Parcel forwarding companies like MailMate and Tenso Japan will forward a parcel via air or ship, depending on the shipping method.

In closing

Using a parcel forwarding Japan service greatly reduces the headache of receiving packages from Japanese sites, especially if they don't offer international shipping.

With services like these, you can shop from Japan and have your items delivered anywhere in the world.

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