Top English Speaking Accountants in Tokyo: A Short List

Top English Speaking Accountants in Tokyo: A Short List

A trusted bilingual accounting firm or English-speaking tax consultant in Tokyo can be the difference between a smooth tax season or one fraught with worry. 

Aside from staying abreast of tax laws and regulations, accounting firms can help with your invoicing and record-keeping.

And beyond selecting a business that provides bilingual services, the right accounting firm for your needs is one that can meet the granular accounting tasks of your business. 

Here is our shortlist of trusted bilingual accounting firms in Tokyo, selected from word-of-mouth referrals. 

Accounting Intelligence—trilingual accounting firm in Chiyoda with all essential services

Accounting Intelligence

Accounting Intelligence website

Established in 2003, Accounting Intelligence provides English, Japanese, and Chinese accounting services to their corporate clients.

In their office, they have tax accountants, a Japan certified public accountant, and a US-certified public accountant. This firm comes highly recommended by current clients. They provide bookkeeping, payroll, year-end adjustments, mid-term tax returns, and they will help you respond to tax-related inquiries from government offices (also attendance to tax audits should this occur).

In addition, they can help you with loan applications and tax treaty documents. So if you're looking for a tax accountant in Japan, start here. Price plans are tiered by annual sales and are all listed clearly here.

Address: 202 Ciel Blue Koujimachi, 3-4-3 Koujimachi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo 102-0083 Tel: 03-3556-9111

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Otani Accounting Office—bilingual European consultants and certified Japanese tax accountants

Otani Accounting Office

Otani Accounting Office website

Located in the heart of Tokyo, Otani Accounting Office has been providing tax, accounting, and payroll solutions for domestic and international clients for over 38 years.

The office helps foreign investors, small businesses, self-employed, and individuals stay compliant with the Japanese tax system and accounting standards.

Bilingual European consultants, experienced Japanese certified tax accountants and consultants, and a trusted network of bilingual partners (Immigration Lawyers, Registration Lawyers, etc.) ensures that their clients gain a competitive advantage to elevate their business in Japan. 

Click here to see a detailed service list by the Otani Accounting Office.

Address: Otsuka Ekimae Bldg.3F, 3-34-11 Minami Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 170-0005

Tel: +81369129173 (for international calls); 03-6912-9173 (for domestic calls)

Ark Outsourcing KK—one-stop accounting firm in Ebisu for small to mid-sized companies

Ark Outsourcing K.K.

Ark Outsourcing K.K. website

ARK Outsourcing provides customers operating international businesses with professional, bilingual accounting, tax, auditing, payroll, social insurance, human resources consulting, corporate registration, and temporary staffing services.

These services seamlessly and provide them with a speed that would normally be associated with in-house capabilities.

In short, they represent a one-stop solution for our clients. Their stated mission is “providing solutions that exceed expectations and maximize client satisfaction.”

Address: Ebisu NR Bldg. 6F, 1-21-3 Ebisu, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0013

Tel: +81-3-6821-9455

Sugai Accounting/SME Japan—wide range of business and accounting support in Chiyodaz

Sugai Accounting

Sugai Accounting/SME Japan website

Sugai Accounting, established in 1982, aids foreign companies and individuals in understanding and navigating Japan's tax system.

They also provide bookkeeping, accounting, and essential backroom support for incorporating a company in Japan. In 2017, they enlarged their services as SME Japan, offering company registration, human resources and payroll services, IT and tech support, exit planning and strategic consultations, office rental assistance, property management, startup consultations, and more.

For a detailed list of SME Japan services, look here.

Address: Grand Maison Rokuban-cho 206, Rokuban-cho 6-20, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan 102-008

Tel: 03-6272-9265

CaN International Holdings Inc.—international accounting firm solving cross-border management issues

CaN International

CaN International Holdings Inc. website

CaN International supports global and international companies in Japan through bookkeeping services, accounting advisory, business process outsourcing, financial audit, and various consulting services.

With experience in business revitalization, monitoring, M&A and PMI support, this bilingual office helps clients execute growth strategies as well as providing outsourcing support for various roles that smaller businesses might not have the human resources to handle on their own.

Address: 7F, Daiichi Inamura Building, 1-9-2 Nihonbashi, Kayabacho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, 103-0025

Tel: +81 3-6661-1163

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weConnect Japan KK—international office with a wide range of services, including company incorporation and tax compliance

weConnect Japan K.K.

weConnect Japan K.K. website

weConnect Japan K.K. makes it easy for companies to legally enter and operate in any country around the world by providing employer of record, incorporation, accounting, payroll, and tax compliance services.

They provide invoice administration, bookkeeping and financial reporting, bank account setup and management, and tax compliance and advisory. Inquire for prices and plans.

ddress: Shibuya Dogenzaka Tokyu Building 2F 1-10-8 Dogenzaka, Shibuya-ku Tokyo, Japan 150-0043

Contact: Form

Probitas—international tax firm in Gaienmae for foreign companies


Probitas International Tax Services website

Providing accounting, tax, and financial management services in English and Japanese, Probitas supplies foreign capital companies comprehensive accounting/tax services, along with helping expatriates file their individual tax returns.

Further specialties include support for rental property owners and related tax work and legal obligations. They are committed to prompt replies and attentive communication.

A pricing list of their services is available in English here.

Easy to access, their tax accountant office is located two stops away from Shibuya on the Ginza Line, and a 1-minute walk from Gaienmae Station.

Address: 2-7-13 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, Placeo Aoyama Bldg 3F 107-0061

Tel: 03-6271-1650

Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting—boutique business and tax consulting agency in Shibuya

Kaori Fuchi

Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting website

Kaori Fuchi Tax and Consulting provides bookkeeping and global payroll solutions and tax-filing assistance. Established in 2010, this is a boutique option that might be best suited to foreign companies that require highly personalized and individual attention for business consulting services in Japan.

However, they also provide preparatory support and consultation services for individual tax filings, tax investigations, and additional related avenues.

Consultation fees and other price plans are listed in English on their website. The preferred point of contact is by email or through their site's English contact form.

Address:  Portal Point Shibuya 104, 4-17, Sakuragaoka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, 150-0031


YASUDA-Accounting—international accounting firm for foreign companies and foreigners in Japan.


YASUDA-Accounting website

YASUDA-Accounting is an accounting firm specializing in international taxation and services for foreign companies and foreigners in Japan, and mainly provides Financial and Tax Advisory, Bookkeeping and Tax return services for both corporations and individuals.

Eisuke Yasuda has work experience at Deloitte Tokyo and Mazars Shanghai. English, Chinese and Japanese are available.

The firm's website features useful articles on accounting and tax-related topics for foreign companies and foreigners in Japan.

Address:  1-4-11-106 Seishin-cho, Edogawa-ku Tokyo, Japan 134-0087

Tel: +81-050-3748-0140

Frequently asked questions

What services do English-speaking accountants in Tokyo provide? 

English speaking accountants in Tokyo provide a range of services including tax and accounting services, international tax services, bookkeeping, and reporting services. Some of them also specialize in supporting expats or property tax management.

Why should I hire an English-speaking accountant in Tokyo? 

Hiring an English-speaking accountant in Tokyo can save you time and money. They can explain everything in English and have extensive experience providing tax and accounting services. They can help you navigate the complexities of the Japanese tax system.

Can foreign nationals living and working in Japan get help from these English-speaking accountants? 

English-speaking accountants in this provide services to both corporate and individual clients, including foreign nationals living and working in Japan.

Where can I find a list of bilingual accounting firms in Tokyo? 

You can find a list of trusted bilingual accounting firms in Tokyo on websites like MailMate.

In closing

Navigating the financial landscape in a foreign country can be daunting, but with the right help, it doesn't have to be. Whether you're a small business owner, a self-employed individual, or a foreign investor, having a trusted bilingual accountant by your side can make all the difference.

Our shortlist of English-speaking accountants in Tokyo is designed to help you find the right fit for your unique needs. From comprehensive tax services to bookkeeping and financial consulting, these firms offer a wide range of services to help you stay compliant and make the most of your financial situation.

👉 Got a tax question? Check out our GPT tax guide for expats in Japan.

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