PayPay Japan: Your Ultimate Guide to Cashless Convenience

PayPay Japan: Your Ultimate Guide to Cashless Convenience

If you have a good eye, it’s likely you’ve seen the PayPay Japan logo when paying for items at the cash register. 

Did you know that with the right app, you can scan that QR code and pay for items in Japan? So no more pulling out your cash or credit card because now you just pull out your phone to pay for things.

PayPay is the most famous cashless and QR code payment method in Japan (others include LinePay and AliPay). 

If you want to try PayPay yourself, you’ve come to the right place. Here is your ultimate guide for PayPay Japan.

What is PayPay in Japan?

PayPay is a payment service app where you can make purchases on your phone via QR or barcode. It is widely used in Japan by restaurants, convenience stores, and retailers, and in some cases, you can even pay your bills using it. 

PayPay sticker

Stores will accept PayPay and others similar services with this sticker | LineCorp

PayPay and other similar services such as LinePay and AliPay connect to your bank accounts or credit/debit cards so that you can add funds to your PayPay wallet. 

As a cashless payment option, there are over 55 million PayPay users, and it is one of the most popular mobile wallets in Japan.

PayPay can also do automatic withdrawals for any transactions made through the app. Think of it like your Apple or Google Wallet.

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How to register with PayPay in English

We’ve broken down how to make a PayPay Japan account into simple steps from registration to setting up your account.

Step 1: Download the PayPay app

To get started, download* the PayPay app on the Apple Store or the Google Play Store.

You can also search, "PayPayアプリ" to find it.

*Note: due to regional restrictions, the PayPay app might not be available to download in your country. You might need a Japanese account connected to the Apple or Google Play store or a Japanese phone to download the PayPay app.

Step 2: Sign-up for a PayPay account

How to sign-up with PayPay

How to sign-up with PayPay | PayPay

To get a PayPay account, you’ll need to sign-up for one by registering your phone number and creating a password. If your phone is in English, then the app should display the basics in English as well. But if the app is displaying Japanese, click on “新規登録” to sign up.

After registering your phone, you’ll need to enter a confirmation code.

Now you have a PayPay account.

Step 3: How to add money to your PayPay account

a. Connecting to your bank account

You'll need to verify your identity first with a My Number Card or Driver's license and a real-time photo before connecting your bank account.

Select the bank account you would like to connect to and input the banking information such as the branch name, your account number, and your account name. 

You might also need to enter the PIN code or a one-time password as a final step.

b. Using cash as funds 

You can input money into your PayPay account through ATMs at 7/11 or Lawson. 

Even though it is in Japanese, this video demonstration has lots of visual clues or imagery that will show you how to insert money into your account. 

How to input money into your PayPay Account through ATM at 7/11 | PayPay

c. Adding your credit card

You can connect your credit card with PayPay by tapping on “Add card” on the home screen. Let the app scan your credit card or you can directly input the information yourself. Afterward, your credit card will now connected to the app.

If you have a PayPay カード (PayPay credit or bank account), you'll get additional benefits every time a transaction occurs.

How do I use PayPay in Japan?

how to pay with paypay

If you want to use PayPay in Japan, you’ll need to have an account with them. 

There are two ways to pay with the PayPay app. But first, say, "PayPayでおねがいします (PayPay de onegaishimasu)" to the person at the register. If it is a self-checkout register, tap the QR code or PayPay payment option.

Then on your phone, tap on the bottom center button with “pay.”

PayPay barcode payment

Your PayPay barcode is the default option that will appear. Have the store staff at the register scan that barcode to make your payment.

PayPay QR code payment

To pay via QR code, tap on “Scan & Pay” in the bottom right corner. Your phone screen will switch its camera mode.

Scan the QR code that is placed at the register, and enter the amount you need to pay. Show the clerk the screen and tap “Pay.”

Can foreigners use PayPay?

Yes, foreigners can sign up and use PayPay Japan. There are a couple of things to keep note of:

  • PayPay can only register VISA and Mastercard cards

  • To verify your account, you need a My Number card or Japanese Driver's license.

  • Japanese bank accounts and credit cards work best with PayPay 

Even if you don't have a Japanese bank account to connect to PayPay with, you can still add funds through ATMs in Japan.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of PayPay?

What is the advantage of PayPay?

One of the biggest advantages of PayPay is the convenience of making payments through your phone. With additional campaigns, discounts, and cashback incentives, people will use PayPay as a transaction method rather than pulling out their cash or card.

If you have a Yahoo ID, SoftBank account, or T-Card, you'll get more bonuses and points.

There are no fees to sign up or a minimum balance you need to maintain. Even if you don't have a Japanese bank or card, you can still insert money into your PayPay account through ATMs.

What are the disadvantages of PayPay?

One of the biggest struggles that foreigners can face with PayPay is downloading the app. My American Apple account couldn't find or download the app, but my Japanese Apple account was able to.

Whether you are using your own data plan, pocket wifi, or free city internet, you'll also need a decent internet connection for payments to go through.

Additionally, while the app's basic function can be in English, more complex actions will be in Japanese.

Frequently asked questions

Is PayPay different from PayPal?

PayPay and PayPal are two different digital payment platforms. PayPay is a mobile payment service mainly used in Japan for cashless transactions by scanning a QR or barcode. PayPal is a global online payment service that allows money transfers and payments in different currencies.

Is PayPay a bank account?

PayPay Bank, or PayPay 銀行, started in 2021 and is an internet banking service for individual customers and businesses. Like any Japanese bank, they allow savings, loans, investment opportunities, sports lottery ticket purchases, foreign currency deposits, and overseas remittances all accessible through the PayPay Bank app.

How do you put money into PayPay Japan?

Once you have your account set up, there are three ways to add money to it. The first option is to link your account to your Japanese bank account. The second option is to add funds through a 7/11 or Lawson ATM. The third option is to add your credit card as a payment option.

How to withdraw money from PayPay Japan?

Within the PayPay app, tap the [Wallet] icon at the bottom. Then tap [Details] to the left of PayPay Balance. Then tap [Cashout] and tap the bank you want the amount transferred to. Add your bank account if needed. Write the amount you want to cash out. Please note that there is a 100 yen fee for non-PayPay Bank accounts.

In closing

PayPay is one of the most popular cashless payment options in Japan and many people will just bring just their phones to pay for things. Even within the PayPay app, you can pay your bills, send and receive money, get insurance, and much more.

While setting up the app might take some effort at first, you’ll soon benefit from PayPay making your life convenient.

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