Undeliverable Item Notice from Japan Post? Here’s What to Do

Undeliverable Item Notice from Japan Post? Here’s What to Do

Have you received an undeliverable item notice in your mail?

That pink-colored redelivery slip looks complicated at first glance—but we'll break it down into easy steps so you can get your package pronto.

Here's a translation of Japan Post's undeliverable item notice

At the top of the redelivery slip, you will see the following title in Japanese: 便物等ご不在連絡票 = yuubin butsu nado go fu zai renraku hyou.

The English translation of the slip's title is "undeliverable item notice."

Below, we translate the other important parts of the slip to pay attention to:

Japan Post Undelivered Package Delivery slip

Note: The numbering that follows corresponds with the above image.

1. This section lists the Addressee. Your name will most likely appear here.

2. This section lists the Sender.

3. This checkbox confirms that they could not deliver your package. There are reasons for the delivery person to circle, which are a. Not at home; b. the item could not fit in the PO box; and other.

4. Redelivery request via the Internet. If you want same-day redelivery, your request must be made before 5 pm. To use this option, scan the QR code on the sticker. (See the next image.)

5. Redelivery request via Line. If you want same-day redelivery, your request must be made before 5 pm. To use the Line option, scan the QR code immediately next to the bear logo.

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6. Redelivery request via an automated call center. Call the phone number listed on the delivery notice slip and follow the recording's prompts for inputting your information. If you want same-day redelivery, your request must be made before 5 pm.

Japan Post Undelivered Package Delivery slip - bottom

Note: The numbering that follows corresponds with the above image.

7. This section lists the automated call center phone number to request a redelivery. If you are calling from a mobile phone, fees will apply. The second phone number is free for those calling from a landline.

8. Your zip code.

9. This section lists the type of mail that was undelivered. Types include the following:

  • Registered mail

  • Simplified records

  • Special mail

  • Cash on delivery

  • ID verification mail

  • Letter pack

  • Yu package

10. Types of mail continued

  • Mail outside of the standard size

  • International registered mail

  • International small package delivery

  • Etc.

11. This sticker that is placed on your undeliverable item notice contains your tracking number (追跡 番号 = tsui seki bango). You will need this number when requesting your parcel.

12. The first date listed here tells you when the delivery was attempted. The second date lets you know how long the post office will hold the parcel for you before returning the package/mail to the sender.

13. This QR code will open the mobile version of Japan Post's redelivery request form. Note: The QR code takes you to the Japanese redelivery request page. If you want the English redelivery page, go here.

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How to use Japan Post's re-delivery service

If you missed your package delivery from the Post Office, there are three methods you can use to request redelivery.

Method 1. Submit your request online using Japan Post’s web form

For anyone who can't read or speak Japanese, we recommend this method, as you will be able to fill out an English language form to request redelivery.

Go to Japan Post's English Redelivery Form and input your tracking number to start the process.

Japan Post redelivery form

Method #2. Submit your request via Line

For those who have a Line account, you can use the Line QR code printed on the undeliverable item notice to request a redelivery. This is a fast option for anyone who is comfortable typing in Japanese.

Requesting redelivery via Line

Method #3. Submit your request via phone call

Call the phone number provided on the redelivery notice to request a redelivery. Keep in mind, you will not be speaking with a live agent.

Instead, an automated switchboard will prompt you in Japanese to provide your zip code, tracking number, and the date and time you would like the package delivered.

This option is good if you can understand Japanese. If you can't understand Japanese, we suggest the English page mentioned in Method #1.

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Step-by-step guide for requesting redelivery from Japan Post

If you've missed a package delivery from Japan Post, don't worry. You can easily request redelivery via their web form. 

Step 1: Locate your redelivery notice and confirm the time

If you want same-day delivery, you will need to put in the request before 5pm.

Step 2: Request redelivery online

Go to the Japan Post website and click English in the top-right corner. Underneath the Track and Trace Service heading, you’ll see the link “Apply for redelivery.” That link will take you to the redelivery request form.

Step 3: Fill out the redelivery request form

On the redelivery request form, you'll need to fill out some information, such as the tracking number, the delivery date, and the recipient's name and address. You'll also need to select a redelivery date and time slot.

Step 4: Confirm your redelivery request and receive confirmation

Japan Post will send you a confirmation email or SMS to inform you that your redelivery request has been received. The confirmation will include the redelivery date and time slot you selected.

Step 5: Prepare for redelivery

On the day of the redelivery, ensure that someone is available to receive the package.

Frequently asked questions

What is an Undeliverable Item Notice from Japan Post?

An Undeliverable Item Notice is a notification you receive when a mail or package delivery attempt by Japan Post was unsuccessful because you were not available to receive it. This notice is usually left at your door.

How can I apply for redelivery with Japan Post?

You can apply for redelivery by submitting your request online using Japan Post's web form. You will need to enter the tracking number provided on the Undeliverable Item Notice.

What is the holding period for undelivered items at Japan Post?

The post office will hold your package for up to 15 days.

Can I specify a preferred timeslot for redelivery?

You can appoint a preferred timeslot for redelivery when you submit your redelivery request.

What should I do if I receive an Undeliverable Item Notice and I don't understand Japanese?

There are English guides available online to help you understand the process of scheduling a redelivery with Japan Post. You can also use automated phone services for arranging redelivery.

What happens if I miss the redelivery of my item?

If you miss the redelivery of your item, a new Undeliverable Item Notice will be left at your door. You can then request another redelivery.

Can I pick up my undelivered item directly from the post office?

If you like, you can pick up your item directly from the post office. You will need to bring the Undeliverable Item Notice and your residence card, and sign for the item.

In closing

In conclusion, requesting redelivery from Japan Post is a simple process that can be done online in English. Just make sure to check the delivery status of your package, confirm that redelivery is possible, fill out the redelivery request form, and wait for confirmation.

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