10 Best Instagram Accounts for #JapanLife Nerds

10 Best Instagram Accounts for #JapanLife Nerds

Want some #JapanLife Instagram content in your feed? We hear you. 

From Instagrammers who offer a window into life in Japan to IG accounts that provide comedic relief, we have you covered. 

If you’re looking for Japan-related whimsy, education, and delight in your IG feed, feel free to check out 10 of our faves!

1. @mr_yabatan Norwegian guy doing Japanese-style comedy


Category: Comedy

A Norwegian guy in Japan walks into a store… Laughter ensues. These are short comedy sketches from Mr. Yabatan as he narrates his daily life encounters with people, giants, animals, and everything else—all in Japanese. The commitment is 100%.  

Other Links: YouTube

2. @halno for a sprinkling of Japanese-style whimsy

Halno Kujiraoka

Category: Travel

Your typical Japanese Instagrammer, flying his way through Japan—and the world—on his broomstick. Actually, he’s jumping and taking pictures of it. But the dedication here is so absolute, you’ll be mesmerized. (Also, this guy should definitely have larger thighs after all that jumping.)

Other Links: Website

3. @bassetts.bouken shares inspiration for your next Japan trip

Basset’s Bouken (Emma Bassett) 

Category: Lifestyle Blog

Beautiful shrines, temples, and historical sites—hidden gems and well-known spots, either with a different perspective or a seasonal spin. Detailed captions make each post a learning experience. Occasionally, Emma posts café, restaurant, and hotel recommendations, too.

Other Links: Website

4. @japanese_foodie for regular servings of sushi & ramen in your feed 

Japanese Foodie

Category: Japanese Cuisine

A foodie account by Fanny Chu, devoted to a mouth-watering exploration of all categories of Japanese food, including Japan’s subculture of kawaii deserts and, naturally, lots of love given to beauty shots of sushi. Only follow if you’re prepared to get hungry. 

Other links: Website

5. @mymizu for a close-up of Japan’s eco & sustainability scene 

My Mizu

Category: Sustainability, Environment

MyMizu’s mission: Eliminating the use of plastic bottles—and promoting personal bottle use by pointing you to free refill spots so you can refill your bottle on the go. Their Insta account is filled with facts and insights on sustainability actions and eco news, seen through the lens of Japan! 

Other links: Website

6. @dreamdrivecampervans for #camperlife #JapanTravel goals

Dream Drive Camper Vans 

Category: Japanese Outdoors, Travel

Dream Drive Camper Vans posts about great camping locations throughout Japan, nice driving roads, and tips for the camper idealist in Japan. Start daydreaming about your next road trip because many of the best and most untouched places in Japan are only accessible by car.

Other Links: Website 

7. @barrett.ish for stills and commentary on Japan

Barrett Ishida

Category: Lifestyle Blog

See Japan through the eyes of a fourth-generation Japanese-American. Barrett Ishida, creator + social media consultant, documents what it’s like to live and work in Tokyo. Expect to see beautiful stills plus commentary on what he captures through his lens. 

Other Links: YouTube

8. @tokyofashion for amazing snaps of Japan’s fashion scene


Category: Fashion

TokyoFashion takes snaps of Japanese street styles from Tokyo hotspots. Photographer Kira is the mastermind behind these pictures. This IG account is almost better than observing these fashions in person because now you get to gawk to your heart’s content. 

Other Links: Vogue Article

9. @tofupupper, the most famous bilingual shiba in Japan

Tofu Pupper

Category: Celebrity, humor

This IG account is hard to describe. There’s a dog, and he speaks in English, but he’s clearly Japanese. He loves bread. He also loves cheese. He’s a shiba, but the feeling is a magical unicorn that we’re all blessed to be in the presence of. We dare you to watch this post and not feel 4.5x happier. 

Other Links: Website

10. And of course, our own account


Category: Business, Infographics, Insights

If you want to know what’s up in Japan, this is the account to follow. (We’re shameless. We know.) We post almost daily on strategies and insights for expats and executives in Japan, as well as fascinating trivia on Japanese culture, surveys, infographics, and more. 

Other Links: Linkedin, Twitter, Facebook

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