Top Japan Address Rental Services in 2024

Top Japan Address Rental Services in 2024

In Japan, there are a variety of address rental services available, each with unique features and pricing options.

The best of these services provide virtual mailboxes, which enable users to access their mail online from any location domestically or globally.

Depending on the address rental service, users may also have access to additional features such as translation summaries, mail forwarding, package consolidation, and personal shopping services. Customers may also be able to use the rental address for company registration.

This article discusses the most popular Japanese rental address services that you can use for company incorporation in Japan, to set up your online store, or for other business or personal purposes.

What are the types of address rental services available in Japan?

Essentially, address rentals fall into one of two categories. You can go the traditional route and lease a physical space or you can use a rental address provided by a virtual office service, i.e., a virtual office address.

We'll cover both types briefly in this section.

a. Rental address with physical space

Traditionally, this is what the majority of people think of when it comes to renting an address somewhere for office space or for bringing your business to Japan. You find a physical location and sign a lease. Then, the use of the address is yours.

Take note: With this option, the overhead costs are quite high. For example, a fully furnished private office/serviced office in Tokyo can range from 65,000 to 300,000 yen per month. One plus here is that these offices will likely be fully furnished and include meeting rooms, a business lounge, coworking space (depending on the plan), and/or desk space. See our article on the types of office space available to rent in Tokyo.

b. Rental address via virtual offices

Virtual offices in Japan are the second option for you to consider. They provide you with a rental address that is yours in name only.

Virtual office addresses are ideal for businesses that require a professional address for their business registration, correspondence, and marketing purposes, but do not require a physical office space. Depending on the virtual office service you choose, some provide a mail forwarding service to catch any mail that comes addressed to you.

Top Rental Address Services in Japan for 2024

1. MailMate

MailMate en homepage

MailMate's homepage

MailMate is a service that combines a virtual office address with a virtual mail online dashboard—it's ideal for startups, small businesses, and operators looking to break into Japan's ecommerce market.

Here are MailMate's standout features:

  1. A cost-effective virtual office address—Although there are services where you can rent a cheap virtual office for less than 1,000 yen per month, many cases involve addresses where corporate registration is not possible, frequent forwarding of mail is not available, or overseas forwarding charges are high. With MailMate, there is a forwarding fee, but no additional charges are incurred.

  2. Get your physical mail in the cloud—One of the biggest advantages for MailMate users is that you can receive paper mail in the cloud by simply forwarding your physical mail to MailMate's HQ.

  3. Share mail data with multiple people—When running an online store, paper mail addressed to the company often needs to be managed by multiple people. In such cases, you can share PDF data of paper mail with your teammates from the dashboard with one click, and by sharing account information, multiple people can access one dashboard.

Price: Plans with bilingual support start at 3800 yen a month, which is roughly $25 per month.

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2. GMO Office Support

GMOオフィスサポート 京都オフィス


GMO Office Support is a popular service for ecommerce online sellers in Japan. This service allows businesses to use a business address without physically renting an office space.

The business addresses they provide can be used for corporate registration, mail forwarding and receiving, and for establishing corporate bank accounts.

Please note: They do not provide bilingual support. So it's recommended that you be able to read and understand Japanese if you use this service.

Price: Plans start from 660 yen per month.

3. Nawabari



NAWABARI is a virtual office rental service that will provide you with an address to use for your online shop as well as a phone number, providing essential office functions without the need for a physical office space.

This allows the service to be offered at a low cost, and the rented address and telephone number can be used for business registration. The service is ideal for startups, small businesses, freelancers, and online shop operators, as it allows for the speedy acquisition of a business address while keeping costs low​.

Please note: This service does not provide English support. All communications must be done in Japanese.

Price: Plans start from 1078 yen a month.

Reasons for using an address rental service

1. Company registration in Japan

If someone wants to expand their business to Japan, renting a virtual address can be a cost-effective way to establish a presence in the country.

2. Enhanced privacy

Renting an address in Japan can also provide a level of privacy for individuals who do not want to use their home address for business or personal purposes. This can be particularly useful for entrepreneurs who work from home or individuals who want to keep their personal and professional lives separate.

3. Online store

If you're considering starting an online business in Japan, you're likely to encounter a key legal requirement: the need to disclose your address when selling online. This can be a significant hurdle for home-based sellers who value their privacy. However, rental address services can be an effective solution, providing a legal address for your business without compromising your personal information.

What points should one consider when choosing an address rental service in Japan?

When choosing an address rental service, pay attention to the following points:

  1. Services provided—Some business address rental services offer more than just an address. They may provide bilingual support, like MailMate, or phone answering services, like Newabari. Consider what additional services your business might need.

  2. Cost—Consider the cost of the service and what's included in the plan you are considering. Be sure to look at any extra charges for additional services.

  3. Reputation—Check reviews and ratings of the service provider to ensure they are reliable and have a good reputation in the market.

  4. Customer service—Good customer service from the rental service is crucial, especially if you need to resolve issues or have specific requests. Look for a service that is known for being responsive and helpful. Bilingual support is also crucial if you need help reading Japanese.

  5. Contract Flexibility—Some services might require long-term commitments, while others might offer month-to-month options. Depending on your business needs, one might be more appealing than the other.

Frequently asked questions

What are the types of address rental services in Japan?

Address rentals in Japan fall into one of two categories. (1) A physical space or (2) a rental address provided by a virtual office service, i.e., a virtual office address.

What are the top rental address services in Japan?

If you are comfortable with Japanese, then the top rental address services for Japan are GMO Office Support and Newabari. If you would like a bilingual rental address service for Japan, then the top service is MailMate, a virtual address provider for businesses looking to expand to Japan.

In closing

Several rental address services are available in Japan, with MailMate standing out as the only bilingual virtual mailbox service.

It combines a virtual office address and cloud mail, making it ideal for startups, small businesses, and operators breaking into Japan's ecommerce market.

With MailMate, you can receive physical mail in the cloud, share mail data with multiple people, and access all services from your computer, all at a cost-effective price.

MailMate's virtual mailbox dashboard

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