.jp Domains: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Businesses

.jp Domains: A Comprehensive Guide for Foreign Businesses

Having an online site for your business is essential to attract new customers. One key aspect is to pick the right domain for it, particularly in specific locations such as Japan.

Enter .jp domains. What exactly is it? 

This comprehensive guide tells you everything you need to know about .jp domains and pick the right one for your business.

What is a .jp domain?

A .jp domain or a Japan domain is for websites associated with Japan. The Japan Registry Service (JPRS) administers these domains, and they can be registered by anyone, anywhere.

Many foreign businesses will have a .jp domain to establish themselves within the Japanese market.

What are .jp domains used for?

A .jp domain allows businesses, organizations, and individuals to have an online presence and easily operate online in the Japanese market.

Search engines like Google use ccTLDs (country-code top-level domains) to identify the country that websites and blogs belong to. Thus, sites with a .jp domain will gain a slight boost in search engines.

Benefits of using .jp domains

There are many benefits to using a .jp domain. Let’s take a look at them. 

Improved SEO

A .jp domain can enhance your search engine optimization (SEO), especially if you are targeting Japanese audiences.

Search engines prioritize local domains, such as .jp domains, for searches from Japan, leading to better visibility and potentially higher ranking.

Trust and credibility

Having a .jp domain can enhance the trust and credibility among Japanese consumers.

It demonstrates a commitment to the Japanese market and compliance with local regulations, letting Japanese consumers know your product or service is credible.

Brand protection

Registering a .jp domain will help protect your brand identity and reputation in the Japanese market.

Securing a domain with your brand prevents competitors or unauthorized people from acquiring and using it for malicious purposes.

Thus, having a .jp domain safeguards your brand’s integrity and allows customers to identify your official website.

3 things to know when applying for a .jp domain

1. Apply on behalf of a Japanese corporation.

When registering for a .jp domain, you must be a business entity in Japan or a Japanese corporation with a permanent postal address in Japan.

2. One .co.jp domain per corporation.

Each Japanese corporation is allowed a registered .co.jp domain name.

This limitation prevents companies from monopolizing .co.jp domain names, ensuring fair access to domain registrations for all businesses.

The .jp domain doesn’t have restrictions on the number of registrations per registrant.

3. All information will be public on JPRS.

When registering for a .jp domain, all information during the registration process will be public and accessible on the Japan Registry Service (JPRS) database.

This information will include the company name, contact details, and registration date.

A lot of transparency and accountability through the JPRS contributes to the integrity and trustworthiness of having a .jp domain.

Registration requirements for .jp domains

There are three requirements to acquire a .jp domain.

1. Permanent postal address in Japan

Anyone applying for a .jp domain, including a company, needs a permanent postal address in Japan. 

If your business needs an address, consider using a virtual address! Virtual address services are a practical solution for businesses without a physical address in Japan. They'll provide a legitimate postal address for your business and domain registration while being flexible and convenient.

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2. Documentation proof

When applying for a .jp domain, you will provide documentation to verify your identity, which may include proof of address, articles of incorporation, identification documents, and business registration certificates.

3. Know Japanese

Registering for a .jp domain is done through an accredited Japanese registrar. All communication will be in Japanese, so knowing the language when applying is best.

Where do you buy a .jp domain?

Some international registrars do offer .jp domains. However, they are more expensive than the upcoming list.

To help you, here are the top 3 Japanese registrars to get a .jp domain.

1. Onamae.com


Onamae.com is the largest domain registration service in Japan. You can even choose from over 540 types of domains for whichever purpose, and their management tools can easily set up other services for security purposes.

It will cost ¥0 to register for a .jp domain and ¥1,276 to renew. 

2. Star Domain

Star Domain

Star Domain is a simple management system to obtain a .jp domain.

If you are starting a new website that wants a .jp domain, it can be as low as ¥1,280. But for those transferring or updating their domains, then it can start at ¥1,300.

One bonus thing is that for every domain you get, a server can be added free of charge. So it is recommended for those wanting to launch a home start with low costs.

3. Value-Domain


Value-Domain’s pricing is on the pricier side for .jp domains. Their registration fee for a .jp domain is ¥2,035, while their renewal fee is ¥3,803.

Despite the price, you can integrate your rental servers and domain registration services into one provider for more efficient control and maintenance.

Top 2 types of .jp domain to pick

There are many different types of .jp domains that you can apply for, but here we will explain the top two common Japanese domains that people use.

1. General use: .jp

A .jp domain has the most general use for a domain with the least restrictions.

The only requirement is that the individual, group, or organization needs a permanent add

2. Companies registered in Japan: .co.jp

A .co.jp domain is for a registered or limited company in Japan. 

Thus, your company needs an official corporate registration in Japan to have a .co.jp domain. A non-Japanese company registered as "Gaikoku Kaisha" can also apply, but there might be extra steps to take.

Frequently asked question

How do I create a .jp website?

For a .jp website, you will need a .jp domain. It is administered by the Japan Registry Service (JPRS), and anyone can get a .jp domain if they have an address in Japan. 

How much does a JP domain cost?

It varies from each Japanese register, but it can be as low as ¥1,300 to buy and renew a .jp domain for a year.

Can anyone register a domain?

A business or an individual can register for a .jp domain if you have an address in Japan. This requirement is needed as verification and point of contact.

In closing

Understanding how the .jp domain can help you improve your online standing in the Japanese market. With proper knowledge about the registration process and the requirements, you’ll be able to obtain a .jp in no time.

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