Hybrid Work Hidden Costs: Is A Virtual Address The Solution?

Hybrid Work Hidden Costs: Is A Virtual Address The Solution?

Deciding to do hybrid work is a big challenge for stakeholders, whether you are the boss, supervisor, manager, or even an employee.

There are many resources available on how virtual office tools and office software can help with communication, document management, and overall productivity.

But here, we explain how a virtual address can help with the hidden costs of hybrid work.

Cost of maintaining an office

Cost of maintaining an office


Let’s address the cost implication of maintaining a physical office space.

According to Abintra, a workplace consultancy, an unused desk can cost $18,000 a year for a business. 

So when only half the workers are coming in, maintaining this expense plus rent, utilities, and other overhead costs is financially inefficient.

The challenge is whether having a big physical office space is justified. And if not, how do you optimize these costs to ensure all resources are allocated?


One reasonable option is to downsize to a smaller office or move to a coworking space.

While the location of the coworking space is a factor, according to the United States Chamber of Commerce, a desk at a coworking space can cost $1,200 a year, a much lower cost than $18,000 in an office space.

Additionally, coworking spaces have everything an office has: 

  • Fast internet speed

  • Printing

  • Internet infrastructure

  • Kitchen facilities

  • Lounges

  • Meeting rooms

  • Private offices

  • Networking opportunities

  • Community events

Another option to combat office space costs is to go fully remote. This option is best when you use a virtual address in order to keep receiving mail and to comply with business registration compliance. 

Additionally, a virtual address comes at a much lower cost starting at $25 a month, much lower than private office space and coworking space costs, whether you need a virtual office in Tokyo or a virtual office in Fukuoka.

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Mail handling issues

Mail handling issues


Having hybrid work means your team members will be spread out across different locations, occasionally coming into the office. 

However, the traditional mailrooms in your original office space become inefficient since team members cannot receive their work mail until they come into the office.

This situation can lead to delays in communication for projects.


Many virtual addresses have handling and forwarding solutions to tackle this challenge.

Letters, packages, and other mail will be forwarded to a secure mailing facility instead of your original office address. 

Once it arrives, staff will scan it, and an email notification will be sent to you. Then, you can request to open it, store it, shred it, or have it forwarded to a designated address. 

With virtual cloud-based dashboards, you can do these mailing processes from anywhere in the world.

For example, if you are out of the country and you need a bill to be paid, you can request to process the payment. A perfect way to management your mail online!

Legal business compliance


Many governments require businesses to have a physical address as part of the official business registration process.

However, if the majority of the workers are not coming into the office, is it cost-efficient to keep the office’s address?


All virtual address services provide a legitimate physical address for businesses to use as part of their business official registrations. This address complies with local regulations, so official documents and legal notices will be sent to this address.

Depending on the virtual address provider, they will either send you a notification of these papers or you will have to pick them up. The provider can forward you these papers but at an additional cost.

Other virtual address’s key features for hybrid work

Depending on the provider, there are additional features that a virtual address can help with hybrid and remote work. 

Let’s take a look at three more features.  

Local phone number

Many virtual addresses allow companies to purchase a local phone number for their business, e-commerce stores, and startups.

A local phone number establishes a local presence and enhances trust and accessibility for new potential customers.

Depending on market consumer behavior, this aspect may be more beneficial in some countries than others.

Bills payment

Handling online and physical bills in a hybrid work environment can be difficult. 

While many billing services offer auto payments, it can be hard to constantly keep track of them, and you can have potential storage problems.

Similar to other emails, your bills will be scanned into your account. Once there, you can easily search and organize your bills from the dashboard.

This bill payment service is great for property managers, those who own akiya, or minpaku owners to help pay your bills and manage other documents to help you streamline the process.

Virtual receptionists

Virtual receptionists are a great addition to your customer service, especially if they are bilingual. 

These receptionists will handle incoming calls to your company and take notes on the caller, their concerns, and a callback number. Then, you will receive a notification about the call and a summary of it on your dashboard.

Frequently asked questions

What is hybrid work?

Hybrid work combines elements of remote and in-office work. Hybrid work employees will divide their time between coming to the office and working remotely, usually at home or from another location.

What is a virtual address?

A virtual address is a service that provides businesses with a professional address without needing physical office space. It is a great option to protect your home address and present professional credibility. 

In closing

While hybrid work offers great benefits, hidden operations make it difficult to justify the cost, mail communication, and address compliance.

Virtual addresses offer the solutions to these concerns as well as other additional services to better help your business.

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