Regus Alternatives for Virtual Office and Coworking Spaces

Regus Alternatives for Virtual Office and Coworking Spaces

Japan’s flexible office market is forecasted to grow to 230 billion yen in 2026, despite a demand for in-person work at the office. Whether you are a startup or continuing business in Japan, having a flexible or virtual office might be beneficial for you.

One of the most well-known companies offering these services is Regus.

Here, you will see the different Regus alternatives for virtual offices and coworking spaces in Tokyo, Japan.

Regus alternatives for virtual offices in Tokyo

Whether you need an address in Japan or you’re switching to a virtual office, here are the top Regus alternatives for you to use.

1. MailMate—virtual office address with digital mail service

MailMate's virtual mailbox dashboard

If your business is looking to expand to Japan or you want to start up your own company, then MailMate is an option to consider.  

MailMate offers virtual office addresses and digital mail services in Japan for you to easily incorporate your business here. This service is perfect for business owners based abroad, those who travel frequently, and anyone who needs a physical Japanese address.

With MailMate’s mail forwarding service and virtual mail dashboard, you can check your postal mail online and request actions to store, scan, shred, or settle your bills.

Their additional services include bilingual assistant services for business-related tasks such as business research, booking flights, and serving Shinkansen tickets. And a bilingual receptionist service for answering your business phone number.

Their prices start at ¥3800 per month for a personal plan. For those looking for a business address to register their company in Japan, that will cost ¥9800 per month.

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2. Servcorp Japan—global virtual office solution


Servcorp Japan is a well-established player in the flexible office industry that also offers virtual office addresses around the world, including in Tokyo. 

Businesses of any size can use their service to get a professional business address in Japan as well as use Regus’s coworking spaces and meeting rooms.

Their Virtual Office Package starts at ¥16,800 per month which also includes a business address, local phone number, a dedicated receptionist, and more. Their Address Package starts at ¥7,200 per month and includes business registration, mail forwarding, and access to their coworking lounge at their Tokyo locations.

Note: Their Address Package does not include translation summaries nor a virtual mail dashboard, which MailMate offers. 

3. The Executive Centre Japan—high-end virtual office with coworking spaces

The Executive Centre Japan home page

Executive Centre Japan has over 180 locations including in Tokyo, Japan. Their business virtual office service starts at ¥15,000 per month and an additional ¥15,000 per month for call handling. Paying for their premium package for both these services will cost ¥28,000 per month.

Once you're a member, you'll be able to enjoy their member rates at their coworking spaces in  Roppongi Hills North Tower, Sanno Park Tower, and the Jingumae Tower Building, among other additional perks.

4. 1 Stop Business Center—low-cost Japanese virtual office service

1 Stop Business Center home page

1 Stop Business Center offers virtual offices as well as shared offices and rental offices for those looking for office space in Tokyo. Their services are popular with entrepreneurs and small business owners in Japan. 

Their plans start at ¥4,800 per month with a one-time setup fee of ¥9,800. If you would like a live receptionist service, that will be an additional ¥14,800 per month.

While their plan is the lowest out of the list, they do not offer bilingual services. If you can't speak or read Japanese and would like bilingual support, then MailMate or the other services might be a better pick for you.

Regus alternatives for coworking spaces in Tokyo

There are plenty of coworking spaces in Tokyo for you to go to from hourly and daily rates to membership perks, providing a range of choices to suit your flexible workspace preferences.

1. Ryozan Park—for community building

Ryozan Park

Ryozan Park offers the best community building with its coworking space.

Their services include a communal living facility which comes with a gym, kitchen, library, soundproof music room, and rooftop garden along with offices, coworking spaces, and event spaces.

A full membership at Ryozan Park is less than $120/month. So whether you are a business traveler or a digital nomad looking for a place to hold meetings, Ryozan Park is the place for you.

2. CASE Shinjuku—sleek coworking spaces

case shinjuku

If you are looking for a simple and modern coworking space that is just a desk with some printing amenities, then CASE Shinjuku is the place for you. 

You need to make a reservation because drop-in users can pay as little as $3.38 for one hour ($13.50 for three-plus hours) for a space in CASE Shinjuku with an additional 6 cents per page for their printing services. You can also have a dedicated shared desk for $186 per month.

Some other notes about CASE Shinjuku are that their South Wing has 24/7 access for shared-office members and outside food and drink are allowed. 

Note: phones and virtual calls are common in open spaces, so this place may not be the quietest choice.

3. .andwork Shibuya—modern flexibility

andwork Shibuya

.andwork is a co-working space chain that you’ll find in major business hub locations in Japan such as Kyoto, Osaka, Okinawa, and Tokyo. Their locations offer free beverages and daily happy hours. Other locations such as .andwork Shibuya offer additional services because of its placement at The Millennials Hotel which has shower service and nap rooms.

Monthly plans start from around $100-$200 a month, depending on what you are looking for. Members on a monthly plan are allowed to bring guests, making it a great space for team meetings or interviews. 

If you only need a temporary place to work, .andwork has a daily rate of $20 per day or $7 per hour.

4. Tokyo Chapter ninetytwo13—a good option for a week-long work trip 

Tokyo Chapter

Tokyo Chapter might seem like any other coworking space, but it offers much more. Particularly some of their private offices are big enough to have private bathrooms, showers, and kitchens. Along with a lounge, it also has a gym with weightlifting and boxing facilities.

Their spaces also feature private apartments available for rent.

Based on their services, the Tokyo Chapter may not be a good choice if you want to drop in and work for a little bit. But it is a perfect fit for those staying in Japan for business purposes.

blink community home page

The Blink Community has a large five-floor facility with international staff, a cafe, weekly and monthly events, and is even pet friendly.

A drop-in visit will cost $8, while lounge membership costs $150 and meeting rooms will cost $26 per hour. They offer private offices with 24/7 access.

It has two separate locations in Roppongi and Kioicho, and you can have team meetings and social events at either location.

Frequently asked questions

What is Regus?

Regus is a well-known flexible office space provider that includes co-working spaces, meeting rooms, and virtual office plans. Regus has spaces in airport lounges and various locations worldwide making it one the the world’s largest chains of business lounges. 

What is a flexible office space?

Flexible office space, or flexible workspace is a term that refers to co-working, rental, and shared office space that offers short- and long-term contracts and daily and hourly rates for individuals and companies.

In closing

Japan is filled with flexible virtual offices and working spaces to cater to different business sizes and industries. As the demand for flexible workspaces continues to grow, these Regus alternatives pave the way for different work experiences in the Japanese business landscape.

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