Nagoya (名叀屋市), the capital of Aichi Prefecture in Japan, is a major urban center known for its historical significance and modern industry. It is Japan's fourth most populous city and an important economic hub, especially in automotive manufacturing with Toyota's headquarters nearby. Nagoya features notable landmarks such as Nagoya Castle, Atsuta Shrine, and modern attractions like the SCMaglev and Railway Park. The city is also renowned for its unique cuisine, including hitsumabushi (grilled eel) and kishimen (flat noodles). Additionally, Nagoya hosts vibrant festivals, such as the Nagoya Matsuri and the World Cosplay Summit.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Nagoya

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District Postal Code
Motogo γ€’463-0025
Aoi γ€’460-0006
Iseyama γ€’460-0026
Oicho γ€’460-0015
Osu γ€’460-0011
Kanayama γ€’460-0022
Kanayamacho γ€’460-0023
Kamimaezu γ€’460-0013
Sakae γ€’460-0008
Sannomaru γ€’460-0001
Shinsakae γ€’460-0007
Shinsakaemachi γ€’460-0004
Tachibana γ€’460-0016
Chiyoda γ€’460-0012
Nishiki γ€’460-0003
Ninomaru γ€’460-0032
Higashisakura γ€’460-0005
Fujimicho γ€’460-0014
Furuwataricho γ€’460-0025
Heiwa γ€’460-0021
Honmaru γ€’460-0031
Masaki γ€’460-0024
Matsubara γ€’460-0017
Marunouchi γ€’460-0002
Monzencho γ€’460-0018
Aichicho γ€’454-0807
Atsutashindenhigashigumi γ€’454-0057
Araecho γ€’454-0032
Arako γ€’454-0869
Arakoshicho γ€’454-0044
Arakocho γ€’454-0861
Aranakacho γ€’454-0922
Ishikishinmachi γ€’454-0946
Ishibacho γ€’454-0023
Ichiyanagidori γ€’454-0905
Iwatsukacho γ€’454-0901
Ushidatecho γ€’454-0043
Uchide γ€’454-0926
Uchidecho γ€’454-0924
Uchidehonmachi γ€’454-0923
Uchinaka γ€’454-0927
Umatecho γ€’454-0845
Ungacho γ€’454-0001
Ungadori γ€’454-0002
Enokizu Nishimachi γ€’454-0951
Enokimatsucho γ€’454-0952
Ematsu γ€’454-0954
Ematsunishimachi γ€’454-0959
Oisecho γ€’454-0026
Ojincho γ€’454-0042
Oshiocho γ€’454-0863
Ohatacho γ€’454-0843
Oyamacho γ€’454-0051
Oshimotocho γ€’454-0841
Otobashi γ€’454-0012
Omotocho γ€’454-0829
Kaiheicho γ€’454-0906
Kakeiricho γ€’454-0865
Kasumoricho γ€’454-0819
Kanosato γ€’454-0957
Kamitakabata γ€’454-0873
Kaminagarecho γ€’454-0846
Kamiwakicho γ€’454-0833
Kawamaecho γ€’454-0916
Kitaecho γ€’454-0851
Kiyokawacho γ€’454-0049
Kiyofunecho γ€’454-0832
Kiracho γ€’454-0874
Kusahiracho γ€’454-0868
Kumaiden γ€’454-0984
Kosudori γ€’454-0856
Kokonoecho γ€’454-0808
Koshirocho γ€’454-0875
Kozukacho γ€’454-0849
Gonyoshi γ€’454-0033
Gonyoshicho γ€’454-0034
Komoto γ€’454-0828
Komotohonmachi γ€’454-0826
Satsukitori γ€’454-0812
Satsukiminamitori γ€’454-0814
Sanno γ€’454-0011
Shinyoshicho γ€’454-0822
Shinoharabashitori γ€’454-0839
Shimaicho γ€’454-0974
Shimonoisshikicho γ€’454-0945
Shotokucho γ€’454-0858
Shonencho γ€’454-0854
Shomeicho γ€’454-0855
Showabashotori γ€’454-0852
Shingocho γ€’454-0046
Jubancho γ€’454-0055
Juichibancho γ€’454-0056
Sukemitsu γ€’454-0947
Sumiikecho γ€’454-0806
Soencho γ€’454-0821
Sotoshincho γ€’454-0053
Daichi γ€’454-0991
Daitoro γ€’454-0943
Daitorocho γ€’454-0944
Taiheitori γ€’454-0838
Takasugicho γ€’454-0936
Takabata γ€’454-0911
Tamakawacho γ€’454-0058
Tamafunecho γ€’454-0853
Tangocho γ€’454-0045
Chukyominamidori γ€’454-0816
Chugo γ€’454-0921
Tsukishimacho γ€’454-0804
Tsujibatacho γ€’454-0827
Tsutamotocho γ€’454-0824
Tsuchinocho γ€’454-0913
Tsuyuhashi γ€’454-0022
Tsuyuhashicho γ€’454-0028
Toda γ€’454-0962
Todanishi γ€’454-0967
Todameisei γ€’454-0961
Todayutaka γ€’454-0966
Tomikawacho γ€’454-0037
Tomidacho Kanosato γ€’454-0955
Tomidacho Kumaiden γ€’454-0956
Tomidacho Sennonji γ€’454-0971
Tomidacho Hattori γ€’454-0973
Tomidacho Haruta γ€’454-0986
Tomidacho Fushiya γ€’454-0995
Tomidacho Maeda γ€’454-0942
Tomidacho Matsushita γ€’454-0993
Tomidacho Manba γ€’454-0992
Tomidacho Yonokizu γ€’454-0953
Tominaga γ€’454-0964
Tomifunecho γ€’454-0823
Nakajimashincho γ€’454-0932
Nagasuka γ€’454-0994
Nakasucho γ€’454-0925
Nakanoshincho γ€’454-0837
Nakanohonmachi γ€’454-0047
Nakahanacho γ€’454-0931
Nagaracho γ€’454-0815
Niie γ€’454-0972
Nishinakajima γ€’454-0934
Nishihioki γ€’454-0004
Nishihiokicho γ€’454-0005
Nishifushiya γ€’454-0982
Ninyoshicho γ€’454-0036
Noda γ€’454-0912
Norikoshicho γ€’454-0813
Haikecho γ€’454-0844
Hatadacho γ€’454-0860
Hatanocho γ€’454-0016
Hachikencho γ€’454-0054
Hattacho γ€’454-0877
Hattahonmachi γ€’454-0904
Hattori γ€’454-0976
Hanaikecho γ€’454-0902
Hanazukacho γ€’454-0052
Haruta γ€’454-0985
Higashi Okoshicho γ€’454-0935
Higashi Kanosatocho γ€’454-0958
Higashi Nakajimacho γ€’454-0866
Higashi Haruta γ€’454-0983
Hichitandacho γ€’454-0975
Hiratocho γ€’454-0864
Hirokawacho γ€’454-0027
Hirosumicho γ€’454-0007
Hirotacho γ€’454-0867
Fukukawacho γ€’454-0059
Fukushima γ€’454-0965
Fukuzumicho γ€’454-0802
Fukufunecho γ€’454-0836
Fushiya γ€’454-0996
Funatocho γ€’454-0805
Hoseicho γ€’454-0803
Hozocho γ€’454-0859
Hosokomecho γ€’454-0847
Hokke γ€’454-0933
Hokkenishimachi γ€’454-0937
Honmaedacho γ€’454-0914
Maedanishimachi γ€’454-0941
Maenamicho γ€’454-0025
Matsushigecho γ€’454-0003
Matsunokicho γ€’454-0848
Matsubacho γ€’454-0818
Matobacho γ€’454-0862
Marukomecho γ€’454-0834
Mancho γ€’454-0872
Manba γ€’454-0997
Mizusato γ€’454-0963
Mitsuikecho γ€’454-0811
Mitsuyacho γ€’454-0831
Minami Yagumacho γ€’454-0015
Minamiwakicho γ€’454-0817
Miyawakicho γ€’454-0842
Meitokucho γ€’454-0857
Motonakanocho γ€’454-0048
Momofunecho γ€’454-0801
Yagamicho γ€’454-0041
Yaguma γ€’454-0013
Yagumadori γ€’454-0035
Yatsuyacho γ€’454-0835
Yanagawacho γ€’454-0014
Yanagishimacho γ€’454-0024
Yanagidacho γ€’454-0907
Yanagiboricho γ€’454-0006
Yanasecho γ€’454-0903
Yanamoricho γ€’454-0871
Yahatahondori γ€’454-0031
Yokoi γ€’454-0915
Yokoboricho γ€’454-0021
Yokomaecho γ€’454-0917
Yoshizu γ€’454-0981
Yoshimotocho γ€’454-0825
Wakayamacho γ€’454-0876
Arawaicho γ€’453-0848
Inakamicho γ€’453-0066
Inanishicho γ€’453-0849
Inabajicho γ€’453-0841
Inabajihontori γ€’453-0057
Inuidecho γ€’453-0832
Inokoshicho γ€’453-0038
Ibukacho γ€’453-0012
Iwakamicho γ€’453-0847
Iwatsukahontori γ€’453-0861
Ushidatori γ€’453-0853
Oakicho γ€’453-0042
Omiyacho γ€’453-0821
Osencho γ€’453-0027
Okitacho γ€’453-0825
Oshikidacho γ€’453-0833
Kakuwaricho γ€’453-0852
Katoricho γ€’453-0055
Kamiishikawacho γ€’453-0835
Kamikomenocho γ€’453-0809
Kaminomiyacho γ€’453-0043
Kamejima γ€’453-0013
Kamotsukicho γ€’453-0843
Kikusuicho γ€’453-0068
Kitauracho γ€’453-0824
Kitahatacho γ€’453-0815
Kyodencho γ€’453-0816
Kusanagicho γ€’453-0064
Kumanocho γ€’453-0814
Gomaecho γ€’453-0808
Koganedori γ€’453-0804
Kokamocho γ€’453-0844
Gotanjocho γ€’453-0836
Kotobukicho γ€’453-0028
Gongentori γ€’453-0807
Sakocho γ€’453-0033
Sakomaecho γ€’453-0018
Sasashimacho γ€’450-0007
Shioikecho γ€’453-0032
Shimokomenocho γ€’453-0802
Shimonakamuracho γ€’453-0827
Shimohiroicho γ€’450-0006
Juocho γ€’453-0035
Shukuatocho γ€’453-0067
Joshucho γ€’453-0819
Shirakocho γ€’453-0817
Shiroyashikicho γ€’453-0058
Shintomicho γ€’453-0031
Sunadacho γ€’453-0056
Suwacho γ€’453-0062
Sennaritori γ€’453-0818
Taiko γ€’453-0801
Taikotori γ€’453-0811
Taishocho γ€’453-0806
Dainichicho γ€’453-0034
Takasukacho γ€’453-0854
Takamichicho γ€’453-0037
Takebashicho γ€’453-0016
Chiharacho γ€’453-0011
Tsubakicho γ€’453-0015
Tsurugicho γ€’453-0842
Toyokunitori γ€’453-0834
Toyobatacho γ€’453-0051
Toriitori γ€’453-0044
Torii Nishitori γ€’453-0054
Nakajimacho γ€’453-0022
Nakamuracho γ€’453-0053
Nakamuranakamachi γ€’453-0831
Nakamurahonmachi γ€’453-0828
Nagaosacho γ€’453-0839
Nagakusacho γ€’453-0857
Nagatoicho γ€’453-0803
Nagono γ€’450-0001
Namiki γ€’453-0856
Nigiwaicho γ€’453-0025
Nishikomenocho γ€’453-0812
Nishisakaecho γ€’453-0846
Nibuikecho γ€’453-0826
Nogamicho γ€’453-0859
Nodacho γ€’453-0858
Noritake γ€’453-0014
Noritakehontori γ€’453-0017
Hagoromocho γ€’453-0026
Hashishitacho γ€’453-0069
Hataetori γ€’453-0851
Hassha γ€’453-0863
Higashijukucho γ€’453-0063
Hinomiyacho γ€’453-0823
Hibitsucho γ€’453-0061
Hiyoshicho γ€’453-0029
Hiraikecho γ€’453-0872
Hiraikecho Global Gate γ€’453-6190
Fukakawacho γ€’453-0805
Fujiecho γ€’453-0045
Futasecho γ€’453-0837
Futatsubashicho γ€’453-0813
Honjintori γ€’453-0041
Makinocho γ€’453-0871
Matsubaracho γ€’453-0021
Michishitacho γ€’453-0046
Miyatsukacho γ€’453-0845
Mukojimacho γ€’453-0838
Meieki γ€’453-0002
Meieki JR Gate Tower γ€’450-6690
Meieki JR Central Tower γ€’450-6090
Meieki JP Tower Nagoya γ€’450-6390
Meieki Dainagoya Building γ€’450-6490
Meieki Midland Square Kosoto γ€’450-6290
Meieki Minami γ€’450-0003
Meiseitori γ€’453-0822
Meirakucho γ€’453-0024
Motonakamuracho γ€’453-0047
Morisuecho γ€’453-0052
Moritacho γ€’453-0036
Yasukunicho γ€’453-0065
Yokoicho γ€’453-0867
Wakamiyacho γ€’453-0023
Ashibecho γ€’462-0856
Ikehanacho γ€’462-0005
Ikomacho γ€’462-0832
Isonocho γ€’462-0855
Ogamacho γ€’462-0064
Okuracho γ€’462-0858
Osugi γ€’462-0837
Osugicho γ€’462-0836
Ozone γ€’462-0825
Onocho γ€’462-0035
Ochiaicho γ€’462-0017
Onaritori γ€’462-0807
Onoecho γ€’462-0863
Obecho γ€’462-0864
Kaishocho γ€’462-0061
Gaidocho γ€’462-0867
Kanedacho γ€’462-0033
Kamiidatori γ€’462-0808
Kamiidahigashimachi γ€’462-0803
Kamiidanishimachi γ€’462-0809
Kamiidaminamimachi γ€’462-0804
Kamiidakitamachi γ€’462-0802
Kawanakacho γ€’462-0022
Kisouji γ€’462-0065
Kitakutecho γ€’462-0001
Kizunecho γ€’462-0851
Kirihatacho γ€’462-0003
Kinjo γ€’462-0847
Kinjocho γ€’462-0047
Kusunoki γ€’462-0012
Kusunoki Ajima γ€’462-0014
Kusunokicho Kisoujishinden γ€’462-0066
Kurokawa Hontori γ€’462-0841
Genbacho γ€’462-0018
Kouncho γ€’462-0857
Koonjicho γ€’462-0053
Gotandacho γ€’462-0011
Komadomecho γ€’462-0059
Komegasecho γ€’462-0031
Saikobashitori γ€’462-0818
Sanagecho γ€’462-0852
Sangencho γ€’462-0004
Shigacho γ€’462-0037
Shigahontori γ€’462-0853
Shigaminamitori γ€’462-0842
Shikishimacho γ€’462-0045
Shimizu γ€’462-0844
Shimoidacho γ€’462-0865
Joganji γ€’462-0021
Jotocho γ€’462-0831
Shiromitori γ€’462-0046
Shinnumacho γ€’462-0062
Shinboricho γ€’462-0801
Shinmeicho γ€’462-0859
Sugisakaecho γ€’462-0829
Sugimura γ€’462-0835
Tatsunokuchicho γ€’462-0869
Tabata γ€’462-0843
Chigonomiyatori γ€’462-0038
Chumarucho γ€’462-0056
Chodacho γ€’462-0834
Tsujicho γ€’462-0032
Tsujihondori γ€’462-0861
Tendocho γ€’462-0034
Dobancho γ€’462-0868
Naedacho γ€’462-0009
Nakaajima γ€’462-0015
Nakagiricho γ€’462-0051
Nakasugicho γ€’462-0838
Nagakicho γ€’462-0036
Namiuchicho γ€’462-0041
Nishiajima γ€’462-0016
Nishishigacho γ€’462-0058
Nyoi γ€’462-0007
Nyoraicho γ€’462-0008
Nokatatori γ€’462-0054
Haginotori γ€’462-0026
Hachiryucho γ€’462-0805
Hatooka γ€’462-0024
Hatookacho γ€’462-0025
Higashiajima γ€’462-0013
Higashiosugicho γ€’462-0826
Higashiozonechokami γ€’462-0823
Higashichodacho γ€’462-0827
Higashimizukiricho γ€’462-0828
Hiratecho γ€’462-0057
Fukutokucho γ€’462-0052
Heian γ€’462-0819
Heiantori γ€’462-0816
Magurocho γ€’462-0862
Masugatacho γ€’462-0055
Marushincho γ€’462-0063
Mizukiricho γ€’462-0833
Mizukusacho γ€’462-0042
Meijo γ€’462-0846
Motoshigacho γ€’462-0044
Yashirocho γ€’462-0043
Yasui γ€’462-0023
Yadacho γ€’462-0812
Yanagihara γ€’462-0845
Yamada γ€’462-0810
Yamadacho γ€’462-0813
Yamadanishimachi γ€’462-0814
Yamadakitamachi γ€’462-0811
Yoshino γ€’462-0824
Rurikocho γ€’462-0866
Rokugaikecho γ€’462-0002
Wakazurucho γ€’462-0006
Wakabatori γ€’462-0854
Aoyagicho γ€’464-0852
Akasakacho γ€’464-0094
Agehacho γ€’464-0019
Asaokacho γ€’464-0811
Ikegamicho γ€’464-0029
Ikeshita γ€’464-0067
Ikeshitacho γ€’464-0066
Ikesonocho γ€’464-0818
Itakacho Inokoishishishimichi γ€’464-0012
Inafunetori γ€’464-0824
Inouecho γ€’464-0026
Imaike γ€’464-0850
Imaike Minami γ€’464-0851
Ueno γ€’464-0082
Uchiyama γ€’464-0075
Okutecho γ€’464-0854
Oshimacho γ€’464-0833
Okauecho γ€’464-0837
Otanacho γ€’464-0835
Kagamiiketori γ€’464-0816
Kakuozantori γ€’464-0841
Kasumigaoka γ€’464-0041
Kanarebashi γ€’464-0002
Kanokocho γ€’464-0033
Kanokoden γ€’464-0021
Kayaba γ€’464-0086
Karayamacho γ€’464-0806
Kawasakicho γ€’464-0826
Kangetsucho γ€’464-0831
Kandacho γ€’464-0077
Kikuzakacho γ€’464-0836
Kitachikusa γ€’464-0083
Kibogaoka γ€’464-0016
Kyomei γ€’464-0004
Kiyozumicho γ€’464-0034
Kiribayashicho γ€’464-0842
Kusumotocho γ€’464-0037
Kogawacho γ€’464-0815
Koyo γ€’464-0061
Koyocho γ€’464-0062
Kodeki γ€’464-0085
Komatsucho γ€’464-0853
Sakuragaoka γ€’464-0025
Sanmoncho γ€’464-0064
Shimokatacho γ€’464-0096
Jiyugaoka γ€’464-0044
Shoken γ€’464-0084
Shochikucho γ€’464-0823
Shirutanicho γ€’464-0013
Shiroyamashinmachi γ€’464-0046
Shirokicho γ€’464-0846
Shiroyamacho γ€’464-0045
Shinikecho γ€’464-0027
Shinpocho γ€’464-0072
Shinnishi γ€’464-0003
Suemoritori γ€’464-0821
Seimeiyama γ€’464-0087
Sonoyamacho γ€’464-0812
Takami γ€’464-0073
Takekoshi γ€’464-0007
Tashirocho γ€’464-0053
Tashirocho Kameiri γ€’464-0803
Tashirohontori γ€’464-0827
Taniguchicho γ€’464-0081
Chikusa γ€’464-0858
Chikusatori γ€’464-0855
Chayagasaka γ€’464-0092
Chayasakatori γ€’464-0093
Chiyogaoka γ€’464-0005
Chiyodabashi γ€’464-0011
Tsukigaoka γ€’464-0043
Tsukimizakacho γ€’464-0056
Tenpakucho Ueda γ€’464-0871
Tenmadori γ€’464-0095
Tomeicho γ€’464-0028
Tokugawayamacho γ€’464-0031
Nakata γ€’464-0074
Nabeyauenocho γ€’464-0017
Nameicho γ€’464-0845
Nizacho γ€’464-0813
Nishisakicho γ€’464-0825
Nishiyamamotomachi γ€’464-0063
Nisshitori γ€’464-0844
Nekogahoratori γ€’464-0032
Hagiokacho γ€’464-0805
Hashimotocho γ€’464-0035
Hanadacho γ€’464-0857
Haruoka γ€’464-0848
Haruokatori γ€’464-0847
Harusatocho γ€’464-0038
Hikarigaoka γ€’464-0006
Higashi Chikusadai γ€’464-0001
Higashi Yamatori γ€’464-0807
Higashi Yamamotomachi γ€’464-0804
Hinookacho γ€’464-0834
Himeikedori γ€’464-0055
Hiyoricho γ€’464-0039
Fukiage γ€’464-0856
Fujimidai γ€’464-0015
Furocho γ€’464-0814
Heiwagaoka γ€’464-0024
Heiwakoen γ€’464-0022
Moritaka γ€’463-0035
Hoocho γ€’464-0057
Honencho γ€’464-0076
Hoshigaoka γ€’464-0801
Hoshigaoka Motomachi γ€’464-0802
Hoashigaoka Yamate γ€’464-0808
Honamicho γ€’464-0822
Horiwaricho γ€’464-0065
Honyamacho γ€’464-0036
Maruyamacho γ€’464-0843
Mikagecho γ€’464-0014
Mitsukecho γ€’464-0817
Minamigaoka γ€’464-0042
Miyanedai γ€’464-0008
Miyanokoshicho γ€’464-0091
Yamazoecho γ€’464-0832
Yotsuyatori γ€’464-0819
Wakamizu γ€’464-0071
Akatsubocho γ€’457-0024
Aharacho γ€’457-0063
Arahamacho γ€’457-0831
Ishimotocho γ€’457-0075
Iwaicho γ€’457-0015
Uchidabashi γ€’457-0862
Ogidacho γ€’457-0037
Oisotori γ€’457-0048
Ohoricho γ€’457-0002
Kaizukacho γ€’457-0035
Kakeage γ€’457-0007
Kasaderacho γ€’457-0051
Kasuganocho γ€’457-0034
Kasubatacho γ€’457-0052
Kasumicho γ€’457-0033
Kanamecho γ€’457-0802
Kafukucho γ€’457-0837
Kafukuhontori γ€’457-0836
Kamihamacho γ€’457-0067
Kamimatsucho γ€’457-0824
Kannoncho γ€’457-0845
Kikusumi γ€’457-0012
Kitauchicho γ€’457-0049
Kitagashiracho γ€’457-0827
Kusunokicho γ€’457-0028
Genbeecho γ€’457-0804
Kotodori γ€’457-0834
Gojocho γ€’457-0851
Sakushitacho γ€’457-0044
Sakuradai γ€’457-0005
Sakurahonmachi γ€’457-0038
Sanjo γ€’457-0866
Shiodacho γ€’457-0016
Shioyacho γ€’457-0078
Shichijocho γ€’457-0854
Shibatacho γ€’457-0815
Shibatahondori γ€’457-0814
Shibacho γ€’457-0023
Shiroshitacho γ€’457-0047
Sunakuchicho γ€’457-0054
Senrakutori γ€’457-0852
Soikecho γ€’457-0042
Sotoyama γ€’457-0008
Daidocho γ€’457-0811
Taitoritoori γ€’457-0031
Takuharucho γ€’457-0819
Tatewakicho γ€’457-0077
Tangotori γ€’457-0801
Chikamatori γ€’457-0071
Chuji γ€’457-0843
Tsutsumiokoshicho γ€’457-0825
Tsutsumicho γ€’457-0844
Tsurusatocho γ€’457-0021
Tsuruta γ€’457-0003
Tsurumitori γ€’457-0807
Terasakicho γ€’457-0013
Terabedori γ€’457-0072
Tenpakucho γ€’457-0803
Dozencho γ€’457-0076
Dotokukitamachi γ€’457-0864
Dotokushinmachi γ€’457-0847
Dotokutori γ€’457-0846
Tobeshita γ€’457-0842
Tobecho γ€’457-0043
Toyoda γ€’457-0841
Toyodacho γ€’457-0855
Torisu γ€’457-0006
Toriyamacho γ€’457-0057
Nakae γ€’457-0004
Nakawaricho γ€’457-0826
Naruo γ€’457-0066
Naruocho γ€’457-0813
Naruhamacho γ€’457-0806
Nanyodori γ€’457-0856
Nishisakuracho γ€’457-0039
Nishidacho γ€’457-0073
Nishimatabeecho γ€’457-0835
Hakuuncho γ€’457-0025
Kakusuicho γ€’457-0818
Hamadacho γ€’457-0822
Hamanakacho γ€’457-0832
Higashi Matabeecho γ€’457-0833
Himurocho γ€’457-0865
Hirako γ€’457-0001
Hoshocho γ€’457-0828
Hoshizaki γ€’457-0064
Hoshizakicho γ€’457-0812
Hoshizonocho γ€’457-0069
Hoshimiyacho γ€’457-0055
Honjidori γ€’457-0074
Honjocho γ€’457-0053
Maehamadori γ€’457-0058
Matsuikecho γ€’457-0046
Matsushitacho γ€’457-0808
Matsushirocho γ€’457-0045
Minamino γ€’457-0068
Miharashicho γ€’457-0026
Myoencho γ€’457-0022
Miyoshicho γ€’457-0805
Meiji γ€’457-0861
Motosakuradacho γ€’457-0032
Motoshiocho γ€’457-0823
Motoshibata Higashimachi γ€’457-0816
Motoshibata Nishimachi γ€’457-0817
Motonaruocho γ€’457-0065
Motohoshizakicho γ€’457-0056
Yakushidori γ€’457-0041
Yajiecho γ€’457-0821
Yayoicho γ€’457-0027
Yutaka γ€’457-0863
Yobitsugi γ€’457-0014
Yobitsugi Motomachi γ€’457-0011
Rokujocho γ€’457-0853
Wakakusacho γ€’457-0036
Akamatsudai γ€’465-0016
Akegaoka γ€’465-0033
Asahigaoka γ€’465-0041
Ishiganecho γ€’465-0023
Itakacho Kamiyashiro γ€’465-0052
Itakacho Takabari γ€’465-0067
Idakadai γ€’465-0028
Issha γ€’465-0093
Inokoishi γ€’465-0021
Inokoishihara γ€’465-0008
Uesonocho γ€’465-0077
Umemorizaka γ€’465-0065
Umemorizaka Nishi γ€’465-0066
Enjucho γ€’465-0003
Ogimachi γ€’465-0076
Obari γ€’465-0064
Kanare γ€’465-0005
Kamiokacho γ€’465-0083
Kamisato γ€’465-0082
Kamisuge γ€’465-0014
Kamiyashiro γ€’465-0025
Kamenoi γ€’465-0094
Kifune γ€’465-0058
Koikecho γ€’465-0047
Koiboricho γ€’465-0044
Kosaka γ€’465-0007
Konan γ€’465-0004
Gokuraku γ€’465-0053
Sankocho γ€’465-0074
Shingetsucho γ€’465-0006
Shinjuku γ€’465-0063
Sekobo γ€’465-0055
Daimancho γ€’465-0086
Takabari γ€’465-0061
Takabariarata γ€’465-0069
Takabaridai γ€’465-0054
Takabarihara γ€’465-0073
Takamacho γ€’465-0081
Takayashiro γ€’465-0095
Takayanagicho γ€’465-0034
Takaragaoka γ€’465-0043
Tsutsujigaoka γ€’465-0017
Terugaoka γ€’465-0042
Tenjinshita γ€’465-0009
Tomigaoka γ€’465-0031
Nishisatocho γ€’465-0084
Nishiyamadai γ€’465-0071
Nishiyamahontori γ€’465-0085
Nijigaoka γ€’465-0078
Nozomigaoka γ€’465-0046
Nomacho γ€’465-0056
Hachimae γ€’465-0018
Hikiyama γ€’465-0002
Himewakacho γ€’465-0045
Fujikacho γ€’465-0037
Fujigaoka γ€’465-0032
Fujisatocho γ€’465-0036
Fujimakicho γ€’465-0075
Fujimigaoka γ€’465-0048
Fujimori γ€’465-0026
Fujimori Nishimachi γ€’465-0022
Bunkyodai γ€’465-0012
Hongo γ€’465-0024
Makinosato γ€’465-0068
Makinohara γ€’465-0072
Matsuicho γ€’465-0062
Meitohondori γ€’465-0087
Meitohonmachi γ€’465-0088
Yashirogaoka γ€’465-0051
Yashiroguchi γ€’465-0013
Yashirodai γ€’465-0092
Yamanote γ€’465-0011
Yutakagaoka γ€’465-0035
Yomogidai γ€’465-0091
Rikumaecho γ€’465-0057
Wakabadai γ€’465-0015
Aikawa γ€’468-0836
Araike γ€’468-0013
Iguchi γ€’468-0052
Ikeba γ€’468-0055
Ikemi γ€’468-0067
Ipponmatsu γ€’468-0008
Inomoricho γ€’468-0047
Ueda γ€’468-0051
Uedahonmachi γ€’468-0007
Uedayama γ€’468-0001
Uedahigashi γ€’468-0006
Uedanishi γ€’468-0058
Uedaminami γ€’468-0053
Umegaoka γ€’468-0004
Ebiyamacho γ€’468-0042
Otsubo γ€’468-0072
Onecho γ€’468-0024
Otokikiyama γ€’468-0063
Omotedai γ€’468-0068
Omoteyama γ€’468-0069
Konosu γ€’468-0003
Gozenbacho γ€’468-0023
Sakainecho γ€’468-0035
Sasaharacho γ€’468-0044
Sangocho γ€’468-0032
Shiogamaguchi γ€’468-0073
Shimada γ€’468-0056
Shimadagaoka γ€’468-0029
Shimadakuroishi γ€’468-0028
Sugeta γ€’468-0043
Takasakacho γ€’468-0025
Takashima γ€’468-0022
Takamiyacho γ€’468-0031
Tsuchihara γ€’468-0026
Tenpakucho Shimada γ€’468-0027
Tenpakucho Nonami γ€’468-0037
Tenpakucho Hirabari γ€’468-0021
Tenpakucho Yagoto γ€’468-0071
Domyocho γ€’468-0064
Nakasunacho γ€’468-0065
Nakatsubocho γ€’468-0048
Nakahira γ€’468-0014
Nishiiricho γ€’468-0039
Nonami γ€’468-0045
Hachimanyama γ€’468-0074
Hara γ€’468-0015
Hisakata γ€’468-0034
Hitotsuyama γ€’468-0033
Hirabari γ€’468-0011
Hirabaridai γ€’468-0030
Hirabariminami γ€’468-0020
Fukuike γ€’468-0049
Furukawacho γ€’468-0046
Horocho γ€’468-0041
Miyukiyama γ€’468-0075
Mukaigaoka γ€’468-0012
Motoueda γ€’468-0009
Motoyagoto γ€’468-0066
Yakiyama γ€’468-0002
Yagotoishizaka γ€’468-0076
Yagototendo γ€’468-0061
Yagotoyama γ€’468-0077
Yamanecho γ€’468-0038
Yayoigaoka γ€’468-0062
Yokomachi γ€’468-0054
Aobadai γ€’463-0815
Aoyamadai γ€’463-0805
Amakoda γ€’463-0037
Izumigaoka γ€’463-0804
Ichiba γ€’463-0075
Imajiricho γ€’463-0023
Ushimaki γ€’463-0094
Otai γ€’463-0044
Otanicho γ€’463-0041
Omakicho γ€’463-0085
Omori γ€’463-0021
Omorikita γ€’463-0802
Omorihachiryu γ€’463-0028
Oyashiki γ€’463-0016
Obata γ€’463-0011
Obata Ota γ€’463-0051
Obata Kita γ€’463-0008
Obata Joto γ€’463-0047
Obata Chiyoda γ€’463-0053
Obata Naka γ€’463-0013
Obata Miyanokoshi γ€’463-0052
Obata Minami γ€’463-0048
Kanaya γ€’463-0072
Kamishidami γ€’463-0001
Kawa γ€’463-0005
Kawakamicho γ€’463-0091
Kawakitacho γ€’463-0098
Kawanishi γ€’463-0080
Kawahigashiyama γ€’463-0006
Kawamiyacho γ€’463-0081
Kawamuracho γ€’463-0097
Kikyodaira γ€’463-0814
Kitayama γ€’463-0017
Kitayama Minami γ€’463-0043
Kikko γ€’463-0004
Kikko Minami γ€’463-0813
Koshin γ€’463-0079
Gozenbora γ€’463-0029
Korokucho γ€’463-0054
Sakurazaka γ€’463-0018
Sasagane γ€’463-0812
Sarayashiki γ€’463-0064
Shikenya γ€’463-0034
Shimoshidami γ€’463-0003
Shirasawacho γ€’463-0092
Shirotsuchicho γ€’463-0093
Jonancho γ€’463-0014
Shinshiro γ€’463-0056
Shinmoricho γ€’463-0071
Shinmorinishi γ€’463-0069
Shinmoriyama γ€’463-0070
Suishoen γ€’463-0010
Seko γ€’463-0078
Seko Higashi γ€’463-0090
Daienjicho γ€’463-0087
Takashimacho γ€’463-0095
Chausumae γ€’463-0012
Choei γ€’463-0062
Tsuzumigaoka γ€’463-0807
Tozenji γ€’463-0019
Torigamicho γ€’463-0088
Toribami γ€’463-0076
Naeshiro γ€’463-0046
Nakashidami γ€’463-0002
Nakashin γ€’463-0057
Nagamoricho γ€’463-0086
Nishikawaracho γ€’463-0089
Nishishiro γ€’463-0084
Nishishin γ€’463-0055
Nishijimacho γ€’463-0015
Nijikkenya γ€’463-0065
Hakusan γ€’463-0032
Hattan γ€’463-0063
Hanasakidai γ€’463-0808
Harazakaicho γ€’463-0038
Higashiyamacho γ€’463-0061
Hishiikecho γ€’463-0045
Hinogo γ€’463-0803
Hiraike Higashi γ€’463-0809
Fukasawa γ€’463-0811
Bentengaoka γ€’463-0027
Honjigaoka γ€’463-0031
Machiminami γ€’463-0066
Machikita γ€’463-0074
Matsusakacho γ€’463-0007
Midorigaoka γ€’463-0009
Mukaedai γ€’463-0036
Muraaicho γ€’463-0083
Muramaecho γ€’463-0082
Moritaka Higashi γ€’463-0033
Morimakicho γ€’463-0073
Morimiyacho γ€’463-0096
Moriyama γ€’463-0067
Yatsurugi γ€’463-0022
Yahagicho γ€’463-0042
Yabutacho γ€’463-0026
Yurigaoka γ€’463-0806
Ryusenji γ€’463-0801
Wakitacho γ€’463-0024
Akebonocho γ€’466-0003
Ayuchitori γ€’466-0027
Aratacho γ€’466-0844
Ikatsucho γ€’466-0805
Ikebatacho γ€’466-0043
Ishibotokecho γ€’466-0023
Eikincho γ€’466-0047
Ehocho γ€’466-0037
Enjocho γ€’466-0054
Oridocho γ€’466-0858
Kamimuracho γ€’466-0802
Kamiyamacho γ€’466-0836
Kawanacho γ€’466-0856
Kawanahonmachi γ€’466-0855
Kawanayamacho γ€’466-0827
Kawaharatori γ€’466-0853
Kikuzonocho γ€’466-0843
Kitayamacho γ€’466-0006
Kitayamahonmachi γ€’466-0016
Kurumadacho γ€’466-0001
Kobaicho γ€’466-0031
Gokiso γ€’466-0051
Gokisocho γ€’466-0061
Gokisotori γ€’466-0015
Gokenyacho γ€’466-0838
Kosakacho γ€’466-0021
Kosakuracho γ€’466-0012
Komagatacho γ€’466-0832
Sakurayamacho γ€’466-0044
Shiotsuketori γ€’466-0022
Shiomicho γ€’466-0837
Shimogamaecho γ€’466-0025
Shirakane γ€’466-0058
Daimachi γ€’466-0033
Taomocho γ€’466-0801
Takatsujicho γ€’466-0057
Takaminecho γ€’466-0811
Takikawacho γ€’466-0826
Takikocho γ€’466-0053
Takigotori γ€’466-0055
Dankeitori γ€’466-0842
Tsuruhacho γ€’466-0011
Tsurumai γ€’466-0064
Tsurumaicho γ€’466-0065
Deguchicho γ€’466-0041
Tenjinchp γ€’466-0032
Tokotori γ€’466-0056
Toseicho γ€’466-0026
Tohatacho γ€’466-0014
Todacho γ€’466-0846
Nagaikecho γ€’466-0847
Nagatocho γ€’466-0848
Nishibatacho γ€’466-0806
Hagiwaracho γ€’466-0852
Hazamacho γ€’466-0062
Hanamitori γ€’466-0831
Hayatocho γ€’466-0833
Hiroikecho γ€’466-0042
Hirojicho γ€’466-0834
Hirojitori γ€’466-0854
Hirojihonmachi γ€’466-0841
Hirosecho γ€’466-0004
Hiromicho γ€’466-0046
Fukiagecho γ€’466-0002
Fukue γ€’466-0059
Fukuharacho γ€’466-0803
Fujinaritori γ€’466-0845
Maeyamacho γ€’466-0821
Matsukazecho γ€’466-0035
Maruyacho γ€’466-0045
Midoricho γ€’466-0013
Minamiyamacho γ€’466-0835
Minamiwakecho γ€’466-0849
Miyahigashicho γ€’466-0804
Myokencho γ€’466-0814
Mukaiyamacho γ€’466-0829
Murakumocho γ€’466-0052
Meigetsucho γ€’466-0034
Motomiyacho γ€’466-0851
Yakumocho γ€’466-0823
Yagotofujimi γ€’466-0812
Yagotohonmachi γ€’466-0825
Yasudatori γ€’466-0857
Yamazatocho γ€’466-0824
Yamatocho γ€’466-0024
Yamanakacho γ€’466-0828
Yamanotetori γ€’466-0815
Yamahanacho γ€’466-0807
Yamawakicho γ€’466-0063
Yukimicho γ€’466-0005
Rakuencho γ€’466-0822
Wakayagicho γ€’466-0036
Aioicho γ€’461-0012
Akatsukacho γ€’461-0026
Idamachi γ€’461-0013
Izumi γ€’461-0001
Omatsucho γ€’461-0033
Kamitatesuginocho γ€’461-0016
Kurumamichicho γ€’461-0036
Kuromoncho γ€’461-0035
Shumokucho γ€’461-0014
Shirakabe γ€’461-0011
Shindeki γ€’461-0038
Sunadabashi γ€’461-0045
Daikancho γ€’461-0002
Daiko γ€’461-0043
Daiko Minami γ€’461-0047
Chikaramachi γ€’461-0018
Tsutsui γ€’461-0003
Dekimachi γ€’461-0032
Tokugawa γ€’461-0025
Tokugawacho γ€’461-0023
Toyomaecho γ€’461-0034
Nishishincho γ€’461-0007
Higashi Ozonecho γ€’461-0022
Higashi Katahamachi γ€’461-0015
Higashi Shincho γ€’461-0006
Higashi Sotoboricho γ€’461-0017
Hisayacho γ€’461-0009
Hyakunincho γ€’461-0037
Buheicho γ€’461-0008
Meirincho γ€’461-0031
Yada γ€’461-0040
Yada Higashi γ€’461-0044
Yada Minami γ€’461-0048
Yamaguchicho γ€’461-0024
Akiha γ€’455-0857
Atsutamae Shinden γ€’455-0035
Aburayacho γ€’455-0815
Ishincho γ€’455-0823
Isshucho γ€’455-0841
Inaei γ€’455-0842
Iriba γ€’455-0803
Iribacho γ€’455-0802
Irifune γ€’455-0032
Irohacho γ€’455-0052
Enjakucho γ€’455-0054
Osucho γ€’455-0062
Oecho γ€’455-0024
Otemachi γ€’455-0046
Onishi γ€’455-0861
Ogawa γ€’455-0864
Kanekawacho γ€’455-0017
Kanefunecho γ€’455-0063
Kawakuchicho γ€’455-0016
Kawasono γ€’455-0856
Kawanishidori γ€’455-0073
Kawamacho γ€’455-0076
Kanseicho γ€’455-0066
Kibacho γ€’455-0021
Kyowa γ€’455-0869
Kinjofuto γ€’455-0848
Kubancho γ€’455-0008
Koei γ€’455-0015
Kohokucho γ€’455-0067
Komei γ€’455-0018
Koraku γ€’455-0014
Kogasu γ€’455-0882
Kowaridori γ€’455-0077
Saiwaicho γ€’455-0041
Sakugakecho γ€’455-0043
Sakuracho γ€’455-0012
Sanomachi γ€’455-0042
Shiotomecho γ€’455-0846
Shionagicho γ€’455-0844
Shichitanno γ€’455-0884
Shichibancho γ€’455-0001
Shinagawacho γ€’455-0055
Juichiya γ€’455-0831
Juichiyacho γ€’455-0835
Shohocho γ€’455-0074
Showacho γ€’455-0026
Shinkawacho γ€’455-0005
Jinguuji γ€’455-0834
Shinchaya γ€’455-0863
Shinfunecho γ€’455-0071
Jinbeetori γ€’455-0822
Sunamicho γ€’455-0056
Sunaricho γ€’455-0072
Zenshincho γ€’455-0811
Zenshinhonmachi γ€’455-0813
Sendoba γ€’455-0881
Zennancho γ€’455-0814
Zenhokucho γ€’455-0812
Soramicho γ€’455-0847
Taimeicho γ€’455-0069
Takagicho γ€’455-0821
Takarauracho γ€’455-0825
Tatsumicho γ€’455-0003
Chikumoricho γ€’455-0057
Chita γ€’455-0883
Chitose γ€’455-0011
Chidori γ€’455-0031
Tsukane γ€’455-0004
Tsukisancho γ€’455-0044
Tsukijicho γ€’455-0045
Teramaecho γ€’455-0875
Tenmokucho γ€’455-0865
Tokaidori γ€’455-0002
Touchi γ€’455-0804
Touchicho γ€’455-0805
Dongocho γ€’455-0068
Nakagawahonmachi γ€’455-0051
Nakanojimatori γ€’455-0047
Nanashima γ€’455-0852
Nanyocho Chayashinden γ€’455-0862
Nanyocho Chayanochishinden γ€’455-0866
Nanyocho Nanashimashinden γ€’455-0853
Nanyocho Nishifukuta γ€’455-0868
Nanyocho Fukuta γ€’455-0871
Nanyocho Fukutamaeshinden γ€’455-0867
Nishikanita γ€’455-0872
Nishikawacho γ€’455-0824
Nishikimacho γ€’455-0843
Nishikuracho γ€’455-0034
Nishichaya γ€’455-0858
Nishifukuta γ€’455-0874
Noseki γ€’455-0845
Hatanaka γ€’455-0879
Happyakujima γ€’455-0885
Hama γ€’455-0036
Harutano γ€’455-0873
Higashikanita γ€’455-0886
Higashichaya γ€’455-0851
Higashitsukijicho γ€’455-0023
Higashidongocho γ€’455-0061
Fukuta γ€’455-0887
Fukumae γ€’455-0878
Fukuya γ€’455-0876
Fujitaka γ€’455-0854
Fujimae γ€’455-0855
Funamicho γ€’455-0027
Hojin γ€’455-0832
Hojincho γ€’455-0833
Honguushinmachi γ€’455-0065
Honguucho γ€’455-0064
Maruikecho γ€’455-0078
Minatomachi γ€’455-0033
Minami 10 Bancho γ€’455-0007
Minami 11 Bancho γ€’455-0006
Meiko γ€’455-0037
Meishicho γ€’455-0053
Meisho γ€’455-0806
Ryuguucho γ€’455-0022
Rokkenya γ€’455-0877
Aoikecho γ€’456-0075
Akenocho γ€’456-0071
Atsutanishimachi γ€’456-0036
Ikeuchicho γ€’456-0005
Ichiban γ€’456-0053
Uchidacho γ€’456-0044
Osekocho γ€’456-0045
Otocho γ€’456-0017
Kawadacho γ€’456-0065
Kawanamicho γ€’456-0072
Kinomecho γ€’456-0046
Kireicho γ€’456-0076
Godocho γ€’456-0043
Koshincho γ€’456-0064
Gobancho γ€’456-0057
Gohonmatsucho γ€’456-0016
Saikotori γ€’456-0061
Sakuradacho γ€’456-0004
Sawakami γ€’456-0012
Sawashitacho γ€’456-0006
Sanbancho γ€’456-0056
Sanbonmatsucho γ€’456-0032
Shirotori γ€’456-0035
Shirotoricho γ€’456-0048
Shinoto γ€’456-0018
Jinguu γ€’456-0031
Jinnocho γ€’456-0068
Sukacho γ€’456-0042
Sotodoicho γ€’456-0013
Taiho γ€’456-0062
Takakuracho γ€’456-0015
Tanakacho γ€’456-0047
Tamanoicho γ€’456-0025
Chiyodacho γ€’456-0073
Tenma γ€’456-0034
Nakasecho γ€’456-0041
Nakatacho γ€’456-0014
Nakadecho γ€’456-0067
Namiyosecho γ€’456-0003
Nishinocho γ€’456-0063
Niban γ€’456-0052
Nodatecho γ€’456-0066
Hataya γ€’456-0027
Hatayacho γ€’456-0026
Hachiban γ€’456-0059
Hanaomotecho γ€’456-0033
Hanacho γ€’456-0011
Hibinocho γ€’456-0074
Minami Ichibancho γ€’456-0055
Mutsuno γ€’456-0023
Morigocho γ€’456-0024
Yokota γ€’456-0022
Yosamucho γ€’456-0021
Yonban γ€’456-0051
Rokuban γ€’456-0058
Arasakicho γ€’467-0846
Ishikawacho γ€’467-0005
Ishidacho γ€’467-0067
Ichiokacho γ€’467-0063
Idotacho γ€’467-0835
Inomotocho γ€’467-0057
Ibaragicho γ€’467-0045
Ukishimacho γ€’467-0854
Ushimakicho γ€’467-0863
Uchikatacho γ€’467-0068
Uchihamacho γ€’467-0853
Otacho γ€’467-0874
Otabakocho γ€’467-0006
Odomachi γ€’467-0007
Kagitacho γ€’467-0833
Kashiwagicho γ€’467-0044
Katasakacho γ€’467-0052
Kabutoyamacho γ€’467-0824
Kamazukacho γ€’467-0051
Kamisakacho γ€’467-0821
Kamihocho γ€’467-0847
Kamimaecho γ€’467-0832
Kameshirocho γ€’467-0876
Kawagishi γ€’467-0845
Kawagishicho γ€’467-0844
Kawasumicho γ€’467-0002
Ganmichicho γ€’467-0877
Kitaharacho γ€’467-0811
Gunsuicho γ€’467-0059
Komabacho γ€’467-0807
Sakuramicho γ€’467-0805
Satsumacho γ€’467-0812
Sawataricho γ€’467-0016
Shioiricho γ€’467-0851
Shiojicho γ€’467-0003
Shimosakacho γ€’467-0827
Shimoyamacho γ€’467-0049
Shunkocho γ€’467-0867
Shogetsucho γ€’467-0004
Shirasunacho γ€’467-0056
Shirahanecho γ€’467-0014
Shinkaicho γ€’467-0856
Sugumocho γ€’467-0804
Sudacho γ€’467-0871
Suyamacho γ€’467-0066
Sekitoricho γ€’467-0058
Sendanacho γ€’467-0013
Sosakucho γ€’467-0831
Sorocho γ€’467-0015
Daigishincho γ€’467-0868
Daigicho γ€’467-0822
Takatacho γ€’467-0808
Takedacho γ€’467-0873
Takemicho γ€’467-0043
Takocho γ€’467-0828
Tanabetori γ€’467-0027
Tamamizucho γ€’467-0046
Tsukatacho γ€’467-0823
Tsukudacho γ€’467-0836
Doichicho γ€’467-0843
Toeicho γ€’467-0017
Toyooadori γ€’467-0012
Naeshirocho γ€’467-0841
Naoraicho γ€’467-0865
Nakanecho γ€’467-0055
Nakayamacho γ€’467-0803
Nishinowaricho γ€’467-0813
Nishocho γ€’467-0053
Hagiyamacho γ€’467-0011
Hakuryucho γ€’467-0826
Hasshotori γ€’467-0042
Hatsuhicho γ€’467-0028
Hanamecho γ€’467-0837
Haruyamacho γ€’467-0024
Hinatamachi γ€’467-0047
Himemiyacho γ€’467-0834
Futanocho γ€’467-0861
Funabaracho γ€’467-0878
Heigocho γ€’467-0879
Hodencho γ€’467-0866
Horitatori γ€’467-0862
Honganjicho γ€’467-0814
Maedacho γ€’467-0815
Makicho γ€’467-0816
Matsusakaecho γ€’467-0025
Matsusonocho γ€’467-0065
Mamedacho γ€’467-0864
Marunecho γ€’467-0054
Mikanyamacho γ€’467-0041
Mizuhocho γ€’467-0001
Mizuhodori γ€’467-0806
Mitsurugicho γ€’467-0875
Myoontori γ€’467-0842
Murakamicho γ€’467-0008
Meizencho γ€’467-0852
Momozonocho γ€’467-0855
Moronagacho γ€’467-0061
Yatomigaokacho γ€’467-0048
Yatomicho Mikanyama γ€’467-0036
Yatomicho Ibarayama γ€’467-0039
Yatomicho Kamiyama γ€’467-0037
Yatomicho Koyoen γ€’467-0032
Yatomicho Sakuragaoka γ€’467-0034
Yatomicho Shimizugaoka γ€’467-0038
Yatomicho Tsukimigaoka γ€’467-0035
Yatomicho Maruyama γ€’467-0033
Yatomicho Midorigaoka γ€’467-0031
Yatomidori γ€’467-0064
Yanagaecho γ€’467-0825
Yamashitadori γ€’467-0062
Yomeicho γ€’467-0026
Aibarago γ€’458-0033
Aoyama γ€’458-0833
Akamatsu γ€’458-0837
Asahide γ€’458-0031
Arimatsu γ€’458-0924
Arimatsu Atago γ€’458-0903
Arimatsu Sanchoyama γ€’458-0902
Arimatsucho Arimatsu γ€’458-0901
Arimatsucho Okehazama γ€’458-0916
Arimatsumakuyama γ€’458-0928
Arimatsu Minami γ€’459-8004
Ikegamidai γ€’458-0044
Ibaradaniyama γ€’459-8012
Ubakoyama γ€’458-0830
Umesato γ€’458-0001
Urasato γ€’458-0847
Urushiyama γ€’458-0832
Ogatayama γ€’458-0032
Oshimizu γ€’458-0805
Oshimizu Nishi γ€’458-0806
Oshimizu Higashi γ€’458-0849
Odakadai γ€’459-8003
Odakacho γ€’459-8001
Oneyama γ€’459-8007
Okehazama γ€’458-0925
Okehazama Uenoyama γ€’458-0926
Okehazama Kita γ€’458-0913
Okehazama Kirito γ€’458-0922
Okehazama Shimizuyama γ€’458-0921
Okehazama Shinmei γ€’458-0919
Okehazama Nishi γ€’458-0929
Okehazama Makiyama γ€’458-0920
Okehazama Minami γ€’458-0927
Okehazama Morimae γ€’458-0910
Ozakiyama γ€’458-0024
Kagamida γ€’458-0803
Kagoyama γ€’458-0007
Kamakuradai γ€’458-0829
Kamiasahi γ€’458-0016
Kamisawa γ€’458-0014
Kaminokura γ€’458-0812
Kamegahora γ€’458-0804
Kumanomae γ€’458-0851
Kurasaka γ€’459-8006
Kurosawadai γ€’458-0003
Kobutsume γ€’458-0023
Konarumi γ€’458-0047
Sakaimatsu γ€’458-0820
Sakyoyama γ€’458-0825
Sakunoyamacho γ€’458-0038
Shiomigaoka γ€’458-0037
Shikayama γ€’458-0045
Shinonokaze γ€’458-0015
Shihongi γ€’458-0039
Shimizuyama γ€’459-8009
Jonoyama γ€’459-8011
Shirotsuchi γ€’458-0836
Sunada γ€’458-0807
Segiminami γ€’459-8017
Sone γ€’458-0035
Taishi γ€’458-0823
Taishogane γ€’458-0822
Takanedai γ€’458-0042
Takaneyama γ€’459-8013
Takinomizu γ€’458-0021
Takejicho γ€’458-0917
Chujiyama γ€’459-8014
Tsurugasawa γ€’458-0814
Toryo γ€’458-0838
Tokushige γ€’458-0815
Torisumi γ€’458-0025
Naganecho γ€’458-0046
Naruoka γ€’458-0005
Narukocho γ€’458-0041
Narumicho γ€’458-0845
Nanryo γ€’458-0918
Nishikaminokura γ€’458-0809
Nozuecho γ€’458-0915
Norikura γ€’458-0004
Higashi Kaminokura γ€’458-0808
Hyogo γ€’458-0802
Hirakogaoka γ€’458-0826
Hirate Minami γ€’458-0009
Hirate Kita γ€’458-0008
Fujizuka γ€’458-0813
Bunkyuyama γ€’459-8008
Besshoyama γ€’459-8015
Hosoguchi γ€’458-0006
Horagai γ€’458-0013
Matsuganedai γ€’458-0843
Manbayama γ€’458-0043
Mizuhiro γ€’458-0848
Minamiodaka γ€’459-8016
Mototokushige γ€’458-0852
Momoyama γ€’458-0002
Morinosato γ€’459-8002
Yatsumatsu γ€’458-0810
Yokobukicho γ€’458-0816
Ryokkadai γ€’459-8005
Rokuden γ€’458-0036
Wakata γ€’458-0034
Akashirocho γ€’452-0813
Ashiharacho γ€’452-0823
Amazukacho γ€’451-0021
Arakicho γ€’452-0836
Ichibagicho γ€’452-0805
Inoucho γ€’451-0012
Ukinocho γ€’452-0846
Ushijimacho γ€’451-0046
Ishijimacho Nagoya Lucent Tower γ€’451-6090
Utasatocho γ€’452-0807
Emukaecho γ€’451-0013
Enmeicho γ€’452-0831
Okanecho γ€’451-0082
Onogi γ€’452-0803
Oshikiri γ€’451-0063
Kaidacho γ€’451-0022
Kasatoricho γ€’451-0072
Kamiotai γ€’452-0821
Kaminagoya γ€’451-0025
Kamibashicho γ€’452-0844
Kamihorikoshicho γ€’451-0084
Kikui γ€’451-0044
Kiseicho γ€’452-0816
Kimaecho γ€’452-0834
Kiyosatocho γ€’452-0801
Koseitori γ€’451-0075
Konomicho γ€’451-0015
Gosaibicho γ€’452-0806
Kodama γ€’451-0066
Komoharacho γ€’452-0824
Sakaidocho γ€’452-0804
Sako γ€’451-0052
Sasazukacho γ€’451-0077
Josai γ€’451-0031
Joshin γ€’451-0061
Joshin Hontori γ€’451-0073
Shonaitori γ€’451-0016
Shironishicho γ€’452-0841
Johokucho γ€’451-0023
Shiromachi γ€’452-0842
Shinpukujicho γ€’451-0083
Shinmichi γ€’451-0043
Sukiyacho γ€’451-0032
Sunaharacho γ€’452-0811
Sengen γ€’451-0035
Tabatacho γ€’451-0026
Tamaikecho γ€’452-0812
Chichibutori γ€’451-0024
Tenjinyamacho γ€’451-0065
Togancho γ€’451-0076
Tohocho γ€’452-0837
Torimicho γ€’451-0071
Nakaotai γ€’452-0822
Nakanumacho γ€’452-0845
Nagasakicho γ€’452-0838
Nazukacho γ€’451-0081
Nishiharacho γ€’452-0848
Nominamicho γ€’452-0847
Noritakeshinmachi γ€’451-0051
Hananoki γ€’451-0062
Hanaharacho γ€’452-0809
Habashita γ€’451-0041
Hinokuchicho γ€’451-0034
Hira γ€’452-0802
Hiradecho γ€’452-0832
Hiranakacho γ€’452-0843
Biwajima γ€’451-0053
Futakatacho γ€’452-0817
Houchicho γ€’452-0808
Horikoshi γ€’451-0055
Horibatacho γ€’451-0033
Matahocho γ€’451-0014
Maruno γ€’452-0835
Mandaicho γ€’451-0074
Minamikawacho γ€’452-0814
Minamihorikoshi γ€’451-0054
Miyoricho γ€’452-0839
Meisei γ€’451-0064
Yasujicho γ€’452-0815
Yamaki γ€’452-0833

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Nagoya for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Nagoya, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Nagoya. The first type of PO box is provided by Nagoya Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Nagoya to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from Β₯2,050 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at Β₯1,800 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Nagoya via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.