Shinshiro (新城市) is a city located in Aichi Prefecture, Japan, with a population of approximately 44,581 as of October 2019. The city, situated in the eastern part of the prefecture, encompasses a mix of mountainous and forested areas, much of which is within the Aichi Kōgen Quasi-National Park. Shinshiro has a rich history, including the significant Battle of Nagashino during the Sengoku period. The city promotes agriculture and light manufacturing, with a focus on community well-being and environmental sustainability. 

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Districts and Postal Codes in Shinshiro

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District Postal Code
Tomiyasu 〒441-1636
Aigo 〒441-1951
Asaya 〒441-1312
Arumi 〒441-1317
Ikeba 〒441-1602
Ishida 〒441-1342
Ishinago 〒441-1365
Ishiro 〒441-1616
Ichikawa 〒441-1321
Ichibadai 〒441-1348
Isshiki 〒441-1953
Inagi 〒441-1351
Imichi, Okuimichi, Uchiimichi 〒441-1324
Ushigura 〒441-1303
Urano 〒441-1372
Ebi 〒441-1943
Ono 〒441-1615
Omi 〒441-1315
Omiya 〒441-1304
Okino 〒441-1364
Obata 〒441-1333
Kasaiwa 〒441-1329
Katayama 〒441-1354
Katsuobuchi 〒441-1327
Kadoya 〒441-1693
Kamihirai 〒441-1355
Kamiyoshida 〒441-1622
Kawai 〒441-1601
Kawaji 〒441-1306
Kawada 〒441-1346
Kitabata 〒441-1387
Kuroze 〒441-1945
Kuroda 〒441-1332
Sakurabuchi 〒441-1328
Shiose 〒441-1956
Shitagawa 〒441-1381
Shimoyoshida 〒441-1621
Johoku 〒441-1371
Sugiyama 〒441-1341
Suzawa 〒441-1313
Sunaga 〒441-1311
Suyama 〒441-1612
Takinoue 〒441-1382
Takenowa 〒441-1624
Takehiro 〒441-1305
Tadamochi 〒441-1954
Tsukude Awara 〒441-1533
Tsukude Iwanami 〒441-1411
Tsukude Owada 〒441-1531
Tsukude Kamogaya 〒441-1412
Tsukude Kiyooka 〒441-1414
Tsukude Kiwada 〒441-1402
Tsukude Kurose 〒441-1421
Tsukude Shiratori 〒441-1413
Tsukude Suganuma 〒441-1404
Tsukude Gidaira 〒441-1535
Tsukude Zenbu 〒441-1403
Tsukude Takasato 〒441-1423
Tsukude Takamatsu 〒441-1532
Tsukude Tashiro 〒441-1534
Tsukude Tabara 〒441-1422
Tsukude Nakagouchi 〒441-1424
Tsukude Moriyoshi 〒441-1401
Tsukude Yasunaga 〒441-1536
Tsugeno 〒441-1623
Tokusada 〒441-1353
Tomioka 〒441-1335
Tomisaka 〒441-1632
Tomizawa 〒441-1307
Tominaga 〒441-1302
Toyooka 〒441-1631
Toyosaka 〒441-1352
Toyoshima 〒441-1345
Nakauri 〒441-1334
Nagashino 〒441-1634
Nakajima 〒441-1952
Nakano 〒441-1326
Nakoe 〒441-1604
Nanasatoisshiki 〒441-1611
Nishiirifune 〒441-1384
ishishinmachi 〒441-1373
Nihonmatsu 〒441-1325
Niwano 〒441-1331
Noda 〒441-1343
Notose 〒441-1605
Norimoto 〒441-1633
Hashimuko 〒441-1388
Hachiman 〒441-1385
Higashi Irifune 〒441-1383
Higashi Okino 〒441-1363
Hitokuwada 〒441-1338
Hiyoshi 〒441-1322
Hirai 〒441-1362
Fukugawa 〒441-1946
Fudagi 〒441-1367
Furi 〒441-1955
Hosokawa 〒441-1613
Machinami 〒441-1374
Matoba 〒441-1375
Midorigaoka 〒441-1316
Minamibata 〒441-1386
Miyanoushiro 〒441-1378
Miyanomae 〒441-1376
Myogo 〒441-1603
Miyanonishi 〒441-1377
Mukaino 〒441-1366
Mutsudaira 〒441-1614
Yashiki 〒441-1368
Yatsukaho 〒441-1318
Yanai 〒441-1337
Yabe 〒441-1301
Yokogawa 〒441-1314
Yoshikawa 〒441-1323
Yotsuya 〒441-1942
Rengo 〒441-1941

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Shinshiro for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Shinshiro, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Shinshiro. The first type of PO box is provided by Shinshiro Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Shinshiro to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from ¥2,050 for a 1kg parcel to ¥64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at ¥1,800 for a 1kg parcel to ¥21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Shinshiro via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.