Takasaki (ι«˜ε΄ŽεΈ‚, Takasaki-shi) is a city in Gunma Prefecture, Japan, with a population of approximately 366,730 as of 2024. Known for its strategic location as a transportation hub, the city is famous for the Daruma doll, a traditional talisman of good luck. Takasaki is home to Mount Haruna, offering scenic beauty and outdoor activities, and the Takasaki Byakue Daikannon, a towering statue of the Goddess of Mercy. The city promotes cultural and economic development, with a focus on sustainability and community welfare.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Takasaki

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District Postal Code
Aioicho γ€’370-0811
Akasakamachi γ€’370-0818
Akutsumachi γ€’370-1211
Asahicho γ€’370-0052
Ashikadomachi γ€’370-3531
Azumacho γ€’370-0045
Aramachi γ€’370-0831
Idamamachi γ€’370-0063
Izukamachi γ€’370-0069
Ishiharamachi γ€’370-0864
Idemachi γ€’370-3534
Inaricho γ€’370-0062
Inomachi γ€’370-0004
Iwaoshimachi γ€’370-0044
Iwahanamachi γ€’370-1208
Ukechimachi γ€’370-0067
Ushirohikimamachi γ€’370-3518
Utagawacho γ€’370-0807
Egimachi γ€’370-0046
Osawamachi γ€’370-0012
Ohashimachi γ€’370-0803
Oyagimachi γ€’370-0072
Okimachi γ€’370-0086
Kaizawamachi γ€’370-0042
Kajicho γ€’370-0838
Kataokacho γ€’370-0862
Katamachi γ€’370-0814
Kanaibuchimachi γ€’370-0882
Kanekomachi γ€’370-3511
Kami Oshimamachi γ€’370-3335
Kami Oruimachi γ€’370-0031
Kami Kotorimachi γ€’370-0078
Kami Kobanamachi γ€’370-0077
Kami Satomimachi γ€’370-3345
Kamisanomachi γ€’370-0857
Kamitakimachi γ€’370-0027
Kami Toyookamachi γ€’370-0871
Kami Nakaimachi γ€’370-0851
Kami Namiemachi γ€’370-0801
Kami Murodamachi γ€’370-3346
Kamiwadamachi γ€’370-0806
Kikujimachi γ€’370-0084
Kita Aranamimachi γ€’370-0082
Kitakubomachi γ€’370-0872
Kitatorimachi γ€’370-0056
Kitaharamachi γ€’370-3513
Kitafutabacho γ€’370-0842
Kibemachi γ€’370-1212
Kyomemachi γ€’370-0011
Gyorikimachi γ€’370-0088
Kuzoumachi γ€’370-0058
Kuraganomachi γ€’370-1201
Kurabuchimachi Iwakori γ€’370-3404
Kurabuchimachi Kawaura γ€’370-3405
Kurabuchimachi Gonda γ€’370-3401
Kurabuchimachi Sannokura γ€’370-3402
Kurabuchimachi Mizunuma γ€’370-3403
Kurizakimachi γ€’370-1205
Kenzakimachi γ€’370-0883
Godomachi γ€’370-3336
Koyagimachi γ€’370-0071
Sakaecho γ€’370-0841
Sanokubomachi γ€’370-0856
Sayacho γ€’370-0827
Shigokamachi γ€’370-0845
Shibasakimachi γ€’370-0035
Shibazukamachi γ€’370-0064
Shimanomachi γ€’370-0015
Shimo Oshimamachi γ€’370-0886
Shimo Oruimachi γ€’370-0034
Shimo Kotorimachi γ€’370-0074
Shimo Kobanamachi γ€’370-0076
Shimo Saidamachi γ€’370-0025
Shimo Satomimachi γ€’370-3343
Shimosanomachi γ€’370-0855
Shimotakimachi γ€’370-0026
Shimo Toyookamachi γ€’370-0873
Shimo Nakaimachi γ€’370-0853
Shimo Nojomachi γ€’370-0854
Shimo Murodamachi γ€’370-3342
Shimo Yokocho γ€’370-0837
Shimowadamachi γ€’370-0846
Jumonjimachi γ€’370-3331
Shukuoruimachi γ€’370-0032
Shukuyokotemachi γ€’370-0022
Shokanjimachi γ€’370-0008
Showamachi γ€’370-0068
Shiraiwamachi γ€’370-3332
Shiroganecho γ€’370-0825
Shiroyamamachi γ€’370-0866
Shinkonyamachi γ€’370-0821
Shincho γ€’370-0054
Shindenmachi γ€’370-0833
Shinbotanakamachi γ€’370-0003
Shinbomachi γ€’370-0018
Shinmachi γ€’370-1301
Suehirocho γ€’370-0065
Sugayamachi γ€’370-3522
Sunagacho γ€’370-0832
Sumiyoshicho γ€’370-0804
Sekishirocho γ€’370-0817
Daishindenmachi γ€’370-1206
Daimachi γ€’370-0805
Takasagocho γ€’370-0047
Takazekimachi γ€’370-0043
Takahamamachi γ€’370-3333
Takamatsucho γ€’370-0829
Tatsumicho γ€’370-0835
Tamachi γ€’370-0824
Tsukadamachi γ€’370-3515
Tsukunawamachi γ€’370-0075
Tsubakicho γ€’370-0059
Tsurumicho γ€’370-0848
Teraomachi γ€’370-0865
Tenjincho γ€’370-0061
Tokadaimachi γ€’370-3516
Torimachi γ€’370-0053
Tokiwacho γ€’370-0816
Tonyamachi γ€’370-0006
Tonyamachi Nishi γ€’370-0007
Nakaizumimachi γ€’370-3524
Nakaimachi γ€’370-0852
Nakaoruimachi γ€’370-0033
Nakaomachi γ€’370-0001
Nakakonyamachi γ€’370-0823
Nakazatomachi γ€’370-3532
Nakasatomimachi γ€’370-3344
Nakajimamachi γ€’370-0023
Nakatoyookamachi γ€’370-0874
Nakamurodamachi γ€’370-3347
Namiemachi γ€’370-0802
Naritacho γ€’370-0812
Nishikokubumachi γ€’370-3512
Nishijimamachi γ€’370-0017
Nishiyokotemachi γ€’370-0021
Nikkocho γ€’370-0048
Negoyamachi γ€’370-1214
Nokkemachi γ€’370-0867
Hagiwaramachi γ€’370-0013
Hanadakamachi γ€’370-0868
Hamagawamachi γ€’370-0081
Hamajirimachi γ€’370-0005
Harunakomachi γ€’370-3348
Harunasanmachi γ€’370-3341
Higashi Kaizawamachi γ€’370-0041
Higashi Kokubumachi γ€’370-3514
Higashi Nakasatomachi γ€’370-1204
Hikimamachi γ€’370-3517
Hijiriishimachi γ€’370-0863
Hidakamachi γ€’370-0002
Himonocho γ€’370-0839
Hiyamizumachi γ€’370-3519
Fukushimamachi γ€’370-3523
Fujizukamachi γ€’370-0875
Futabacho γ€’370-0843
Hodotamachi γ€’370-3533
Hongomachi γ€’370-3334
Machiyamachi γ€’370-0881
Misatomachi Oibara γ€’370-3102
Misatomachi Kashiwagizawa γ€’370-3101
Misatomachi Kanashikidaira γ€’370-3114
Misatomachi Kamishiba γ€’370-3104
Misatomachi Shimoshiba γ€’370-3103
Misatomachi Shirakawa γ€’370-3117
Misatomachi Zenji γ€’370-3112
Misatomachi Tomioka γ€’370-3115
Misatomachi Nakano γ€’370-3111
Misatomachi Nishiakiya γ€’370-3105
Misatomachi Higashiakiya γ€’370-3106
Misatomachi Matsunosawa γ€’370-3113
Misatomachi Yabara γ€’370-3107
Misatomachi Wadayama γ€’370-3116
Mitsugosawamachi γ€’370-3337
Mitsuderamachi γ€’370-3525
Midoricho γ€’370-0073
Minami Aranamimachi γ€’370-0083
Minami Oruimachi γ€’370-0036
Minamicho γ€’370-0834
Miyazawamachi γ€’370-3338
Miyaharamachi γ€’370-1202
Miyamotocho γ€’370-0828
Munadatamachi γ€’370-3521
Motokonyamachi γ€’370-0057
Motoshimanamachi γ€’370-0014
Motomachi γ€’370-0813
Yashimacho γ€’370-0849
Yajimamachi γ€’370-0016
Yachiyomachi γ€’370-0861
Yanakamachi γ€’370-1203
Yanagawacho γ€’370-0815
Yamadacho γ€’370-0066
Yamanamachi γ€’370-1213
Yawatabaramachi γ€’370-0024
Yawatamachi γ€’370-0884
Yumicho γ€’370-0051
Yoshiimachi Ike γ€’370-2107
Yoshiimachi Ishigami γ€’370-2114
Yoshiimachi Iwai γ€’370-2103
Yoshiimachi Iwazaki γ€’370-2131
Yoshiimachi Osawa γ€’370-2125
Yoshiimachi Ogushi γ€’370-2111
Yoshiimachi Katayama γ€’370-2135
Yoshiimachi Kamiokudaira γ€’370-2139
Yoshiimachi Kurokuma γ€’370-2112
Yoshiimachi Kogure γ€’370-2102
Yoshiimachi Kotana γ€’370-2136
Yoshiimachi Sakaguchi γ€’370-2137
Yoshiimachi Shio γ€’370-2124
Yoshiimachi Shiogawa γ€’370-2134
Yoshiimachi Shimookudaira γ€’370-2138
Yoshiimachi Shimonagane γ€’370-2121
Yoshiimachi Jinbo γ€’370-2123
Yoshiimachi Taira γ€’370-2115
Yoshiimachi Taka γ€’370-2122
Yoshiimachi Tago γ€’370-2116
Yoshiimachi Nakajima γ€’370-2105
Yoshiimachi Nagane γ€’370-2127
Yoshiimachi Nanyodai γ€’370-2101
Yoshiimachi Higashiya γ€’370-2126
Yoshiimachi Fukasawa γ€’370-2113
Yoshiimachi Hongo γ€’370-2128
Yoshiimachi Maniwa γ€’370-2104
Yoshiimachi Yata γ€’370-2106
Yoshiimachi Yoshii γ€’370-2132
Yoshiimachi Yoshiikawa γ€’370-2133
Yotsuyamachi γ€’370-0819
Yoriaicho γ€’370-0822
Rakancho γ€’370-0055
Rakumamachi γ€’370-0087
Renjakucho γ€’370-0826
Wakatamachi γ€’370-0885
Wakamatsucho γ€’370-0836
Wakaminemachi γ€’370-0085
Wadatanakamachi γ€’370-0844
Watanukimachi γ€’370-1207
Wadamachi γ€’370-0847

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Takasaki for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Takasaki, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Takasaki. The first type of PO box is provided by Takasaki Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Takasaki to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from Β₯2,050 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at Β₯1,800 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Takasaki via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.