Sapporo (ζœ­εΉŒεΈ‚), the largest city in Hokkaido, Japan, serves as the capital of both Hokkaido Prefecture and Ishikari Subprefecture. Founded in 1868, it is a cultural, economic, and political hub, known for its historical sites such as the Sapporo Clock Tower and the Sapporo Beer Museum. Sapporo hosted the 1972 Winter Olympics and is famous for its annual Snow Festival, attracting over two million visitors. The city also houses Hokkaido University and is a major transportation center, connected by rail, air, and rapid transit systems.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Sapporo

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District Postal Code
Asahigaoka γ€’064-0941
Odori Higashi γ€’060-0041
Odori Nishi γ€’060-0042
Kita 1 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0031
Kita 1 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0001
Kita 2 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0032
Kita 2 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0002
Kita 3 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0033
Kita 3 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0003
Kita 4 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0034
Kita 4 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0004
Kita 5 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0035
Kita 5 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0005
Kita 6 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0006
Kita 7 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0007
Kita 8 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0008
Kita 9 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0009
Kita 10 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0010
Kita 11 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0011
Kita 12 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0012
Kita 13 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0013
Kita 14 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0014
Kita 15 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0015
Kita 16 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0016
Kita 17 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0017
Kita 18 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0018
Kita 20 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0020
Kita 21 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0021
Kita 22 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0022
Sakaigawa γ€’064-0943
Nakajima Koen γ€’064-0931
Bankei γ€’064-0945
Fushimi γ€’064-0942
Futagoyama γ€’064-0946
Maruyama Nishimachi γ€’064-0944
Minami 1 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0051
Minami 1 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0061
Minami 2 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0052
Minami 2 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0062
Minami 3 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0053
Minami 3 Jo Nishi γ€’060-0063
Minami 4 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0054
Minami 4 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0804
Minami 5 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0055
Minami 5 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0805
Minami 6 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0056
Minami 6 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0806
Minami 7 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0057
Minami 7 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0807
Minami 8 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0808
Minami 9 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0809
Minami 10 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0810
Minami 11 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0811
Minami 12 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0912
Minami 13 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0913
Minami 14 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0914
Minami 15 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0915
Minami 16 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0916
Minami 17 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0917
Minami 18 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0918
Minami 19 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0919
Minami 20 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0920
Minami 21 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0921
Minami 22 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0922
Minami 23 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0923
Minami 24 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0924
Minami 25 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0925
Minami 26 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0926
Minami 27 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0927
Minami 28 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0928
Minami 29 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0929
Minami 30 Jo Nishi γ€’064-0930
Miyagaoka γ€’064-0959
Miyanomori γ€’064-0958
Miyanomori 1 Jo γ€’064-0951
Miyanomori 2 Jo γ€’064-0952
Miyanomori 3 Jo γ€’064-0953
Miyanomori 4 Jo γ€’064-0954
Ainosato 1 Jo γ€’002-8071
Ainosato 2 Jo γ€’002-8072
Ainosato 3 Jo γ€’002-8073
Ainosato 4 Jo γ€’002-8074
Ainosato 5 Jo γ€’002-8075
Asabucho γ€’001-0045
Kita 19 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0019
Kita 23 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0023
Kita 24 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0024
Kita 25 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0025
Kita 26 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0026
Kita 27 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0027
Kita 28 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0028
Kita 29 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0029
Kita 30 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0030
Kita 31 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0031
Kita 32 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0032
Kita 33 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0033
Kita 34 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0034
Kita 35 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0035
Kita 36 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0036
Kita 37 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0037
Kita 38 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0038
Kita 39 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0039
Kita 40 Jo Nishi γ€’001-0040
Shinoro 1 Jo γ€’002-8021
Shinoro 2 Jo γ€’002-8022
Shinoro 3 Jo γ€’002-8023
Shinoro 4 Jo γ€’002-8024
Shinoro 5 Jo γ€’002-8025
Shinoro 6 Jo γ€’002-8026
Shinoro 7 Jo γ€’002-8027
Shinoro 8 Jo γ€’002-8028
Shinoro 9 Jo γ€’002-8029
Shinoro 10 Jo γ€’002-8030
Shinorocho Kami Shinoro γ€’002-8052
Shinorocho Shinoro γ€’002-8053
Shinorocho Taihei γ€’002-8051
Shinorocho Takuhoku γ€’002-8054
Shinorocho Fukui γ€’002-8055
Shinkawa γ€’001-0930
Shinkawa 1 Jo γ€’001-0921
Shinkawa 2 Jo γ€’001-0922
Shinkawa 3 Jo γ€’001-0923
Shinkawa 4 Jo γ€’001-0924
Shinkawa 5 Jo γ€’001-0925
Shinkawa 6 Jo γ€’001-0926
Shinkawa 7 Jo γ€’001-0927
Shinkawa 8 Jo γ€’001-0928
Shinkawanishi 1 Jo γ€’001-0931
Shinkawanishi 2 Jo γ€’001-0932
Shinkawanishi 3 Jo γ€’001-0933
Shinkawanishi 4 Jo γ€’001-0934
Shinkawanishi 5 Jo γ€’001-0935
Shinkotoni 1 Jo γ€’001-0901
Shinkotoni 2 Jo γ€’001-0902
Shinkotoni 3 Jo γ€’001-0903
Shinkotoni 4 Jo γ€’001-0904
Shinkotoni 5 Jo γ€’001-0905
Shinkotoni 6 Jo γ€’001-0906
Shinkotoni 7 Jo γ€’001-0907
Shinkotoni 8 Jo γ€’001-0908
Shinkotoni 9 Jo γ€’001-0909
Shinkotoni 10 Jo γ€’001-0910
Shinkotoni 11 Jo γ€’001-0911
Shinkotoni 12 Jo γ€’001-0912
Shinkotonichō γ€’001-0915
Taihei 1 Jo γ€’002-8001
Taihei 2 Jo γ€’002-8002
Taihei 3 Jo γ€’002-8003
Taihei 4 Jo γ€’002-8004
Taihei 5 Jo γ€’002-8005
Taihei 6 Jo γ€’002-8006
Taihei 7 Jo γ€’002-8007
Taihei 8 Jo γ€’002-8008
Taihei 9 Jo γ€’002-8009
Taihei 10 Jo γ€’002-8010
Taihei 11 Jo γ€’002-8011
Taihei 12 Jo γ€’002-8012
Takuhoku 1 Jo γ€’002-8061
Takuhoku 2 Jo γ€’002-8062
Takuhoku 3 Jo γ€’002-8063
Takuhoku 4 Jo γ€’002-8064
Takuhoku 5 Jo γ€’002-8065
Takuhoku 6 Jo γ€’002-8066
Takuhoku 7 Jo γ€’002-8067
Takuhoku 8 Jo γ€’002-8068
Tonden 1 Jo γ€’002-0851
Tonden 2 Jo γ€’002-0852
Tonden 3 Jo γ€’002-0853
Tonden 4 Jo γ€’002-0854
Tonden 5 Jo γ€’002-0855
Tonden 6 Jo γ€’002-0856
Tonden 7 Jo γ€’002-0857
Tonden 8 Jo γ€’002-0858
Tonden 9 Jo γ€’002-0859
Tonden 10 Jo γ€’002-0860
Tonden 11 Jo γ€’002-0861
Tondencho γ€’002-0865
Nishi Barato γ€’002-8038
Nishi Barato 1 Jo γ€’002-8031
Nishi Barato 2 Jo γ€’002-8032
Nishi Barato 3 Jo γ€’002-8033
Nishi Barato 4 Jo γ€’002-8034
Nishi Barato 5 Jo γ€’002-8035
Nishi Barato 6 Jo γ€’002-8036
Nishi Barato 7 Jo γ€’002-8037
Higashi Barato γ€’002-8043
Higashi Barato 1 Jo γ€’002-8041
Higashi Barato 2 Jo γ€’002-8042
Higashi Barato 3 Jo γ€’002-8044
Higashi Barato 4 Jo γ€’002-8045
Minami Ainosato γ€’002-8091
Yurigahara γ€’002-8081
Yurigahara Koen γ€’002-8082
Ishiyama γ€’005-0849
Ishiyama Higashi γ€’005-0850
Ishiyama 1 Jo γ€’005-0841
Ishiyama 2 Jo γ€’005-0842
Ishiyama 3 Jo γ€’005-0843
Ishiyama 4 Jo γ€’005-0844
Kawazoe 1 Jo γ€’005-0801
Kawazoe 2 Jo γ€’005-0802
Kawazoe 3 Jo γ€’005-0803
Kawazoe 4 Jo γ€’005-0804
Kawazoe 5 Jo γ€’005-0805
Kawazoe 6 Jo γ€’005-0806
Kawazoe 7 Jo γ€’005-0807
Kawazoe 8 Jo γ€’005-0808
Kawazoe 9 Jo γ€’005-0809
Kawazoe 10 Jo γ€’005-0810
Kawazoe 11 Jo γ€’005-0811
Kawazoe 12 Jo γ€’005-0812
Kawazoe 13 Jo γ€’005-0813
Kawazoe 14 Jo γ€’005-0814
Kawazoe 15 Jo γ€’005-0815
Kawazoe 16 Jo γ€’005-0816
Kawazoe 17 Jo γ€’005-0817
Kawazoe 18 Jo γ€’005-0818
Kitanosawa γ€’005-0832
Geijutsunomori γ€’005-0864
Koganeyu γ€’061-2274
Jozankei γ€’061-2301
Jozankei Onsen Higashi γ€’061-2302
Jozankei Onsen Nishi γ€’061-2303
Shirakawa γ€’061-2276
Sumikawa γ€’005-0007
Sumikawa 1 Jo γ€’005-0001
Sumikawa 2 Jo γ€’005-0002
Sumikawa 3 Jo γ€’005-0003
Sumikawa 4 Jo γ€’005-0004
Sumikawa 5 Jo γ€’005-0005
Sumikawa 6 Jo γ€’005-0006
Takino γ€’005-0862
Toishiyama γ€’005-0830
Tokiwa γ€’005-0865
Tokiwa 1 Jo γ€’005-0851
Tokiwa 2 Jo γ€’005-0852
Tokiwa 3 Jo γ€’005-0853
Tokiwa 4 Jo γ€’005-0854
Tokiwa 5 Jo γ€’005-0855
Tokiwa 6 Jo γ€’005-0856
Toyama γ€’061-2275
Toyotaki γ€’061-2273
Nakanosawa γ€’005-0831
Fujino γ€’005-0840
Fujino 1 Jo γ€’061-2281
Fujino 2 Jo γ€’061-2282
Fujino 3 Jo γ€’061-2283
Fujino 4 Jo γ€’061-2284
Fujino 5 Jo γ€’061-2285
Fujino 6 Jo γ€’061-2286
Makomanai γ€’005-0008
Makomanai Akebonomachi γ€’005-0018
Makomanai Izumimachi γ€’005-0015
Makomanai Kashiwaoka γ€’005-0022
Makomainai Kamimachi γ€’005-0012
Makomanai Saiwaimachi γ€’005-0014
Macomanai Higashimachi γ€’005-0011
Makomanai Honcho γ€’005-0021
Makomanai Midorimachi γ€’005-0013
Makomanai Minamimachi γ€’005-0016
Makomanai Koen γ€’005-0017
Misumai 1 Jo γ€’061-2261
Misumai 2 Jo γ€’061-2262
Misumai 3 Jo γ€’061-2263
Misumai 4 Jo γ€’061-2264
Misumai 5 Jo γ€’061-2265
Misumai 6 Jo γ€’061-2266
Misumai γ€’061-2272
Minamisawa γ€’005-0827
Minamisawa 1 Jo γ€’005-0821
Minamisawa 2 Jo γ€’005-0822
Minamisawa 3 Jo γ€’005-0823
Minamisawa 4 Jo γ€’005-0824
Minamisawa 5 Jo γ€’005-0825
Minamisawa 6 Jo γ€’005-0826
Minami 31 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0031
Minami 32 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0032
Minami 33 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0033
Minami 34 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0034
Minami 35 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0035
Minami 36 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0036
Minami 37 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0037
Minami 38 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0038
Minami 39 Jo Nishi γ€’005-0039
Moiwashita γ€’005-0040
Moiwayama γ€’005-0041
Aobacho γ€’004-0021
Atsubetsu Kita 1 Jo γ€’004-0071
Atsubetsu Kita 2 Jo γ€’004-0072
Atsubetsu Kita 3 Jo γ€’004-0073
Atsubetsu Kita 4 Jo γ€’004-0074
Atsubetsu Kita 5 Jo γ€’004-0075
Atsubetsu Kita 6 Jo γ€’004-0076
Atsubetsu Chuo 1 Jo γ€’004-0051
Atsubetsu Chuo 2 Jo γ€’004-0052
Atsubetsu Chuo 3 Jo γ€’004-0053
Atsubetsu Chuo 4 Jo γ€’004-0054
Atsubetsu Chuo 5 Jo γ€’004-0055
Atsubetsucho Kami Nopporo γ€’004-0039
Atsubetsucho Shimo Nopporo γ€’004-0007
Atsubetsucho Konopporo γ€’004-0006
Atsubetsucho Yamamoto γ€’004-0069
Atsubetsu Nishi γ€’004-0068
Atsubetsu Nishi 1 Jo γ€’004-0061
Atsubetsu Nishi 2 Jo γ€’004-0062
Atsubetsu Nishi 3 Jo γ€’004-0063
Atsubetsu Nishi 4 Jo γ€’004-0064
Atsubetsu Nishi 5 Jo γ€’004-0065
Atsubetsu Higashi 1 Jo γ€’004-0001
Atsubetsu Higashi 2 Jo γ€’004-0002
Atsubetsu Higashi 3 Jo γ€’004-0003
Atsubetsu Higashi 4 Jo γ€’004-0004
Atsubetsu Higashi 5 Jo γ€’004-0005
Atsubetsu Minami γ€’004-0022
Oyachi Higashi γ€’004-0041
Oyachi Nishi γ€’004-0042
Kami Nopporo 1 Jo γ€’004-0031
Kami Nopporo 2 Jo γ€’004-0032
Kami Nopporo 3 Jo γ€’004-0033
Shimo Nopporo Tekuno Park γ€’004-0015
Momijidai Higashi γ€’004-0011
Momijidai Nishi γ€’004-0013
Momijidai Minami γ€’004-0012
Momijidai Kita γ€’004-0014
Akebono 1 Jo γ€’006-0831
Akebono 2 Jo γ€’006-0832
Akebono 3 Jo γ€’006-0833
Akebono 4 Jo γ€’006-0834
Akebono 5 Jo γ€’006-0835
Akebono 6 Jo γ€’006-0836
Akebono 7 Jo γ€’006-0837
Akebono 8 Jo γ€’006-0838
Akebono 9 Jo γ€’006-0839
Akebono 10 Jo γ€’006-0840
Akebono 11 Jo γ€’006-0841
Akebono 12 Jo γ€’006-0842
Asukaze γ€’006-0861
Inaho 1 Jo γ€’006-0031
Inaho 2 Jo γ€’006-0032
Inaho 3 Jo γ€’006-0033
Inaho 4 Jo γ€’006-0034
Inaho 5 Jo γ€’006-0035
Kanayama 1 Jo γ€’006-0041
Kanayama 2 Jo γ€’006-0042
Kanayama 3 Jo γ€’006-0043
Shin Hassamu 1 Jo γ€’006-0801
Shin Hassamu 2 Jo γ€’006-0802
Shin Hassamu 3 Jo γ€’006-0803
Shin Hassamu 4 Jo γ€’006-0804
Shin Hassamu 5 Jo γ€’006-0805
Shin Hassamu 6 Jo γ€’006-0806
Shin Hassamu 7 Jo γ€’006-0807
Teinei Naho γ€’006-0039
Teine Kanayama γ€’006-0049
Teine Tomioka γ€’006-0019
Teine Hoshioki γ€’006-0859
Teine Maeda γ€’006-0829
Teine Yamaguchi γ€’006-0860
Teine Honcho γ€’006-0029
Teine Honcho 1 Jo γ€’006-0021
Teine Honcho 2 Jo γ€’006-0022
Teine Honcho 3 Jo γ€’006-0023
Teine Honcho 4 Jo γ€’006-0024
Teine Honcho 5 Jo γ€’006-0025
Teine Honcho 6 Jo γ€’006-0026
Tomioka 1 Jo γ€’006-0011
Tomioka 2 Jo γ€’006-0012
Tomioka 3 Jo γ€’006-0013
Tomioka 4 Jo γ€’006-0014
Tomioka 5 Jo γ€’006-0015
Tomioka 6 Jo γ€’006-0016
Nishi Miyanosawa γ€’006-0009
Nishi Myanosawa 1 Jo γ€’006-0001
Nishi Myanosawa 2 Jo γ€’006-0002
Nishi Myanosawa 3 Jo γ€’006-0003
Nishi Myanosawa 4 Jo γ€’006-0004
Nishi Myanosawa 5 Jo γ€’006-0005
Nishi Myanosawa 6 Jo γ€’006-0006
Hoshioki 1 Jo γ€’006-0851
Hoshioki 2 Jo γ€’006-0852
Hoshioki 3 Jo γ€’006-0853
Shioki Minami γ€’006-0050
Maeda 1 Jo γ€’006-0811
Maeda 2 Jo γ€’006-0812
Maeda 3 Jo γ€’006-0813
Maeda 4 Jo γ€’006-0814
Maeda 5 Jo γ€’006-0815
Maeda 6 Jo γ€’006-0816
Maeda 7 Jo γ€’006-0817
Maeda 8 Jo γ€’006-0818
Maeda 9 Jo γ€’006-0819
Maeda 10 Jo γ€’006-0820
Maeda 11 Jo γ€’006-0821
Maeda 12 Jo γ€’006-0822
Maeda 13 Jo γ€’006-0823
Okatamacho γ€’007-0880
Kita Okadama 1 Jo γ€’007-0881
Kita Okadama 2 Jo γ€’007-0882
Kita Okadama 3 Jo γ€’007-0883
Kita Okadama 4 Jo γ€’007-0884
Kita Okadama 5 Jo γ€’007-0885
Kita Okadama 6 Jo γ€’007-0886
Kita 6 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0906
Kita 7 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0907
Kita 8 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0908
Kita 9 Jo Higashi γ€’060-0909
Kita 10 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0010
Kita 11 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0011
Kita 12 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0012
Kita 13 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0013
Kita 14 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0014
Kita 15 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0015
Kita 16 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0016
Kita 17 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0017
Kita 18 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0018
Kita 19 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0019
Kita 20 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0020
Kita 21 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0021
Kita 22 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0022
Kita 23 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0023
Kita 24 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0024
Kita 25 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0025
Kita 26 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0026
Kita 27 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0027
Kita 28 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0028
Kita 30 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0030
Kita 31 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0031
Kita 32 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0032
Kita 33 Jo Higashi γ€’065-0033
Kita 34 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0834
Kita 35 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0835
Kita 36 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0836
Kita 37 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0837
Kita 38 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0838
Kita 39 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0839
Kita 40 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0840
Kita 41 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0841
Kita 42 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0842
Kita 43 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0843
Kita 44 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0844
Kita 45 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0845
Kita 46 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0846
Kita 47 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0847
Kita 48 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0848
Kita 49 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0849
Kita 50 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0850
Kita 51 Jo Higashi γ€’007-0851
Sakaemachi γ€’007-0852
Naebocho γ€’065-0043
Nakanuma 1 Jo γ€’007-0001
Nakanuma 2 Jo γ€’007-0002
Nakanuma 3 Jo γ€’007-0003
Nakanuma 4 Jo γ€’007-0004
Nakanuma 5 Jo γ€’007-0005
Nakanuma 6 Jo γ€’007-0006
Kanumacho γ€’007-0890
Nakanuma Nishi 1 Jo γ€’007-0891
Nakanuma Nishi 2 Jo γ€’007-0892
Nakanuma Nishi 3 Jo γ€’007-0893
Nakanuma Nishi 4 Jo γ€’007-0894
Nakanuma Nishi 5 Jo γ€’007-0895
Higashi Kariki 1 Jo γ€’007-0821
Higashi Kariki 2 Jo γ€’007-0822
Higashi Kariki 3 Jo γ€’007-0823
Higashi Kariki 4 Jo γ€’007-0824
Higashi Kariki 5 Jo γ€’007-0825
Higashi Kariki 6 Jo γ€’007-0826
Higashi Kariki 7 Jo γ€’007-0827
Higashi Kariki 8 Jo γ€’007-0828
Higashi Kariki 9 Jo γ€’007-0829
Higashi Kariki 10 Jo γ€’007-0030
Higashi Kariki 11 Jo γ€’007-0031
Higashi Kariki 12 Jo γ€’007-0032
Higashi Kariki 13 Jo γ€’007-0033
Higashi Kariki 14 Jo γ€’007-0034
Higashi Karikicho γ€’007-0820
Higashi Naebo 1 Jo γ€’007-0801
Higashi Naebo 2 Jo γ€’007-0802
Higashi Naebo 3 Jo γ€’007-0803
Higashi Naebo 4 Jo γ€’007-0804
Higashi Naebo 5 Jo γ€’007-0805
Higashi Naebo 6 Jo γ€’007-0806
Higashi Naebo 7 Jo γ€’007-0807
Higashi Naebo 8 Jo γ€’007-0808
Higashi Naebo 9 Jo γ€’007-0809
Higashi Naebo 10 Jo γ€’007-0810
Higashi Naebo 11 Jo γ€’007-0811
Higashi Naebo 12 Jo γ€’007-0812
Higashi Naebo 13 Jo γ€’007-0813
Higashi Naebo 14 Jo γ€’007-0814
Higashi Naebo 15 Jo γ€’007-0815
Higashi Naebocho γ€’007-0819
Fushiko 1 Jo γ€’007-0861
Fushiko 2 Jo γ€’007-0862
Fushiko 3 Jo γ€’007-0863
Fushiko 4 Jo γ€’007-0864
Fushiko 5 Jo γ€’007-0865
Fushiko 6 Jo γ€’007-0866
Fushiko 7 Jo γ€’007-0867
Fushiko 8 Jo γ€’007-0868
Fushiko 9 Jo γ€’007-0869
Fushiko 10 Jo γ€’007-0870
Fushiko 11 Jo γ€’007-0871
Fushiko 12 Jo γ€’007-0872
Fushiko 13 Jo γ€’007-0873
Fushiko 14 Jo γ€’007-0874
Honcho 1 Jo γ€’065-0041
Honcho 2 Jo γ€’065-0042
Moerenuma Koen γ€’007-0011
Ariake γ€’004-0821
Utsukushigaoka 1 Jo γ€’004-0811
Utsukushigaoka 2 Jo γ€’004-0812
Utsukushigaoka 3 Jo γ€’004-0813
Utsukushigaoka 4 Jo γ€’004-0814
Utsukushigaoka 5 Jo γ€’004-0815
Kitano 1 Jo γ€’004-0861
Kitano 2 Jo γ€’004-0862
Kitano 3 Jo γ€’004-0863
Kitano 4 Jo γ€’004-0864
Kitano 5 Jo γ€’004-0865
Kitano 6 Jo γ€’004-0866
Kitano 7 Jo γ€’004-0867
Kiyota γ€’004-0859
Kiyota 1 Jo γ€’004-0841
Kiyota 2 Jo γ€’004-0842
Kiyota 3 Jo γ€’004-0843
Kiyota 4 Jo γ€’004-0844
Kiyota 5 Jo γ€’004-0845
Kiyota 6 Jo γ€’004-0846
Kiyota 7 Jo γ€’004-0847
Kiyota 8 Jo γ€’004-0848
Kiyota 9 Jo γ€’004-0849
Kiyota 10 Jo γ€’004-0840
Satozuka γ€’004-0809
Satozuka 1 Jo γ€’004-0801
Satozuka 2 Jo γ€’004-0802
Satozuka 3 Jo γ€’004-0803
Satozuka 4 Jo γ€’004-0804
Satozukami Dorigaoka γ€’004-0805
Shinei γ€’004-0839
Shinei 1 Jo γ€’004-0831
Shinei 2 Jo γ€’004-0832
Shinei 3 Jo γ€’004-0833
Shinei 4 Jo γ€’004-0834
Shinei 5 Jo γ€’004-0835
Shinei 6 Jo γ€’004-0836
Hiraoka γ€’004-0889
Hiraoka 1 Jo γ€’004-0871
Hiraoka 2 Jo γ€’004-0872
Hiraoka 3 Jo γ€’004-0873
Hiraoka 4 Jo γ€’004-0874
Hiraoka 5 Jo γ€’004-0875
Hiraoka 6 Jo γ€’004-0876
Hiraoka 7 Jo γ€’004-0877
Hiraoka 8 Jo γ€’004-0878
Hiraoka 9 Jo γ€’004-0879
Hiraoka 10 Jo γ€’004-0880
Hiraoka Koen γ€’004-0881
Hiraokakoen Higashi γ€’004-0882
Kawakita 1 Jo γ€’003-0851
Kawakita 2 Jo γ€’003-0852
Kawakita 3 Jo γ€’003-0853
Kawakita 4 Jo γ€’003-0854
Kawakita 5 Jo γ€’003-0855
Kawashimo γ€’003-0869
Kawashimo 1 Jo γ€’003-0861
Kawashimo 2 Jo γ€’003-0862
Kawashimo 3 Jo γ€’003-0863
Kawashimo 4 Jo γ€’003-0864
Kawashimo 5 Jo γ€’003-0865
Kawakita γ€’003-0859
Kikusui 1 Jo γ€’003-0801
Kikusui 2 Jo γ€’003-0802
Kikusui 3 Jo γ€’003-0803
Kikusui 4 Jo γ€’003-0804
Kikusui 5 Jo γ€’003-0805
Kikusui 6 Jo γ€’003-0806
Kikusui 7 Jo γ€’003-0807
Kikusui 8 Jo γ€’003-0808
Kikusui 9 Jo γ€’003-0809
Kikusuikami Machi 1 Jo γ€’003-0811
Kikusuikami Machi 2 Jo γ€’003-0812
Kikusuikami Machi 3 Jo γ€’003-0813
Kikusuikami Machi 4 Jo γ€’003-0814
Kikusui Motomachi 1 Jo γ€’003-0821
Kikusui Motomachi 2 Jo γ€’003-0822
Kikusui Motomachi 3 Jo γ€’003-0823
Kikusui Motomachi 4 Jo γ€’003-0824
Kikusui Motomachi 5 Jo γ€’003-0825
Kikusui Motomachi 6 Jo γ€’003-0826
Kikusui Motomachi 7 Jo γ€’003-0827
Kikusui Motomachi 8 Jo γ€’003-0828
Kikusui Motomachi 9 Jo γ€’003-0829
Kikusui Motomachi 10 Jo γ€’003-0830
Kitago γ€’003-0849
Kitago 1 Jo γ€’003-0831
Kitago 2 Jo γ€’003-0832
Kitago 3 Jo γ€’003-0833
Kitago 4 Jo γ€’003-0834
Kitago 5 Jo γ€’003-0835
Kitago 6 Jo γ€’003-0836
Kitago 7 Jo γ€’003-0837
Kitago 8 Jo γ€’003-0838
Kitago 9 Jo γ€’003-0839
Kitago 10 Jo γ€’003-0840
Sakae Dori γ€’003-0021
Chuo 1 Jo γ€’003-0011
Chuo 2 Jo γ€’003-0012
Chuo 3 Jo γ€’003-0013
Nango Dori γ€’003-0022
Higashi Sapporo 1 Jo γ€’003-0001
Higashi Sapporo 2 Jo γ€’003-0002
Higashi Sapporo 3 Jo γ€’003-0003
Higashi Sapporo 4 Jo γ€’003-0004
Higashi Sapporo 5 Jo γ€’003-0005
Higashi Sapporo 6 Jo γ€’003-0006
Higashi Yonesato γ€’003-0876
Heiwa Dori γ€’003-0028
Hongo Dori γ€’003-0024
Hon Dori γ€’003-0026
Yonesato 1 Jo γ€’003-0871
Yonesato 2 Jo γ€’003-0872
Yonesato 3 Jo γ€’003-0873
Yonesato 4 Jo γ€’003-0874
Yonesato 5 Jo γ€’003-0875
Ryutsu Center γ€’003-0030
Kotoni 1 Jo γ€’063-0811
Kotoni 2 Jo γ€’063-0812
Kotoni 3 Jo γ€’063-0813
Kotoni 4 Jo γ€’063-0814
Kobetsuzawa γ€’063-0011
Nishino γ€’063-0049
Nishino 1 Jo γ€’063-0031
Nishino 2 Jo γ€’063-0032
Nishino 3 Jo γ€’063-0033
Nishino 4 Jo γ€’063-0034
Nishino 5 Jo γ€’063-0035
Nishino 6 Jo γ€’063-0036
Nishino 7 Jo γ€’063-0037
Nishino 8 Jo γ€’063-0038
Nishino 9 Jo γ€’063-0039
Nishino 10 Jo γ€’063-0040
Nishino 11 Jo γ€’063-0041
Nishino 12 Jo γ€’063-0042
Nishino 13 Jo γ€’063-0043
Nishino 14 Jo γ€’063-0044
Nishimachi Minami γ€’063-0062
Nishimachi Kita γ€’063-0061
Nijuyonken 1 Jo γ€’063-0801
Nijuyonken 2 Jo γ€’063-0802
Nijuyonken 3 Jo γ€’063-0803
Nijuyonken 4 Jo γ€’063-0804
Hachiken 1 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0861
Hachiken 1 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0841
Hachiken 2 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0862
Hachiken 2 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0842
Hachiken 3 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0863
Hachiken 3 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0843
Hachiken 4 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0864
Hachiken 4 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0844
Hachiken 5 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0865
Hachiken 5 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0845
Hachiken 6 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0866
Hachiken 6 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0846
Hachiken 7 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0867
Hachiken 7 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0847
Hachiken 8 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0868
Hachiken 8 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0848
Hachiken 9 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0869
Hachiken 9 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0849
Hachiken 10 Jo Higashi γ€’063-0870
Hachiken 10 Jo Nishi γ€’063-0850
Hassamu 1 Jo γ€’063-0821
Hassamu 2 Jo γ€’063-0822
Hassamu 3 Jo γ€’063-0823
Hassamu 4 Jo γ€’063-0824
Hassamu 5 Jo γ€’063-0825
Hassamu 6 Jo γ€’063-0826
Hassamu 7 Jo γ€’063-0827
Hassamu 8 Jo γ€’063-0828
Hassamu 9 Jo γ€’063-0829
Hassamu 10 Jo γ€’063-0830
Hassamu 11 Jo γ€’063-0831
Hassamu 12 Jo γ€’063-0832
Hassamu 13 Jo γ€’063-0833
Hassamu 14 Jo γ€’063-0834
Hassamu 15 Jo γ€’063-0835
Hassamu 16 Jo γ€’063-0836
Hassamu 17 Jo γ€’063-0837
Fukui γ€’063-0012
Heiwa γ€’063-0029
Heiwa 1 Jo γ€’063-0021
Heiwa 2 Jo γ€’063-0022
Heiwa 3 Jo γ€’063-0023
Miyanosawa γ€’063-0059
Miyanosawa 1 Jo γ€’063-0051
Miyanosawa 2 Jo γ€’063-0052
Miyanosawa 3 Jo γ€’063-0053
Miyanosawa 4 Jo γ€’063-0054
Yamanote γ€’063-0009
Yamanote 1 Jo γ€’063-0001
Yamanote 2 Jo γ€’063-0002
Yamanote 3 Jo γ€’063-0003
Yamanote 4 Jo γ€’063-0004
Yamanote 5 Jo γ€’063-0005
Yamanote 6 Jo γ€’063-0006
Yamanote 7 Jo γ€’063-0007
Asahimachi γ€’062-0911
Suishacho γ€’062-0912
Tsukisamu Chuo Dori γ€’062-0020
Tsukisamu Nishi 1 Jo γ€’062-0021
Tsukisamu Nishi 2 Jo γ€’062-0022
Tsukisamu Nishi 3 Jo γ€’062-0023
Tsukisamu Nishi 4 Jo γ€’062-0024
Tsukisamu Nishi 5 Jo γ€’062-0025
Tsukisamu Higashi 1 Jo γ€’062-0051
Tsukisamu Higashi 2 Jo γ€’062-0052
Tsukisamu Higashi 3 Jo γ€’062-0053
Tsukisamu Higashi 4 Jo γ€’062-0054
Tsukisamu Higashi 5 Jo γ€’062-0055
Toyohira 1 Jo γ€’062-0901
Toyohira 2 Jo γ€’062-0902
Toyohira 3 Jo γ€’062-0903
Toyohira 4 Jo γ€’062-0904
Toyohira 5 Jo γ€’062-0905
Toyohira 6 Jo γ€’062-0906
Toyohira 7 Jo γ€’062-0907
Toyohira 8 Jo γ€’062-0908
Toyohira 9 Jo γ€’062-0909
Nakanoshima 1 Jo γ€’062-0921
Nakanoshima 2 Jo γ€’062-0922
Nishioka γ€’062-0039
Nishioka 1 Jo γ€’062-0031
Nishioka 2 Jo γ€’062-0032
Nishioka 3 Jo γ€’062-0033
Nishioka 4 Jo γ€’062-0034
Nishioka 5 Jo γ€’062-0035
Hitsujigaoka γ€’062-0045
Hiragishi 1 Jo γ€’062-0931
Hiragishi 2 Jo γ€’062-0932
Hiragishi 3 Jo γ€’062-0933
Hiragishi 4 Jo γ€’062-0934
Hiragishi 5 Jo γ€’062-0935
Hiragishi 6 Jo γ€’062-0936
Hiragishi 7 Jo γ€’062-0937
Hiragishi 8 Jo γ€’062-0938
Fukuzumi 1 Jo γ€’062-0041
Fukuzumi 2 Jo γ€’062-0042
Fukuzumi 3 Jo γ€’062-0043
Misono 1 Jo γ€’062-0001
Misono 2 Jo γ€’062-0002
Misono 3 Jo γ€’062-0003
Misono 4 Jo γ€’062-0004
Misono 5 Jo γ€’062-0005
Misono 6 Jo γ€’062-0006
Misono 7 Jo γ€’062-0007
Misono 8 Jo γ€’062-0008
Misono 9 Jo γ€’062-0009
Misono 10 Jo γ€’062-0010
Misono 11 Jo γ€’062-0011
Misono 12 Jo γ€’062-0012

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Sapporo for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Sapporo, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Sapporo. The first type of PO box is provided by Sapporo Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Sapporo to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from Β₯2,050 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at Β₯1,800 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Sapporo via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.