Tamba (丹波市), located in Hyōgo Prefecture, Japan, is a city known for its rich natural landscapes and historical sites. Formed in 2004 from the merger of several towns, Tamba is famous for its black soybeans, chestnuts, and the ancient ruins of Kuroi Castle. The city offers various outdoor activities and scenic spots, including Mount Shiraga and the Tamba Dinosaur Fossil Discovery Site. Tamba's local culture and festivals, such as the Tamba Sasayama Dekansho Festival, attract visitors year-round.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Tamba

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District Postal Code
Aogakicho Ichibara 〒669-3831
Aogakicho Inazuchi 〒669-3827
Aogakicho Okushioku 〒669-3843
Aogakicho Ogura 〒669-3812
Aogakicho Onaza 〒669-3822
Aogakicho Obie 〒669-3823
Aogakicho Kuchishioku 〒669-3841
Aogakicho Kurisuno 〒669-3802
Aogakicho Kobie 〒669-3824
Aogakicho Saji 〒669-3811
Aogakicho Sawano 〒669-3842
Aogakicho Souji 〒669-3825
Aogakicho Tainawa 〒669-3804
Aogakicho Toozaka 〒669-3832
Aogakicho Nakasaji 〒669-3834
Aogakicho Nishiashida 〒669-3803
Aogakicho Higashiashida 〒669-3801
Aogakicho Hinokura 〒669-3821
Aogakicho Fumuro 〒669-3826
Aogakicho Yamagai 〒669-3833
Ichijimacho Ichijima 〒669-4324
Ichijimacho Iwato 〒669-4316
Ichijimacho Uegai 〒669-4321
Ichijimacho Uemaki 〒669-4317
Ichijimacho Otogawachi 〒669-4336
Ichijimacho Kajiwara 〒669-4323
Ichijimacho Kamikamosaka 〒669-4344
Ichijimacho Kamida 〒669-4322
Ichijimacho Kamidakeda 〒669-4341
Ichijimacho Kita 〒669-4315
Ichijimacho Kitaokamoto 〒669-4325
Ichijimacho Kitaoku 〒669-4312
Ichijimacho Sanase 〒669-4337
Ichijimacho Shimokamosaka 〒669-4343
Ichijimacho Shimotakeda 〒669-4301
Ichijimacho Tari 〒669-4313
Ichijimacho Chokushi 〒669-4332
Ichijimacho Tokuo 〒669-4345
Ichijimacho Tosaka 〒669-4333
Ichijimacho Tobera 〒669-4311
Ichijimacho Nakatakeda 〒669-4302
Ichijimacho Higashichokushi 〒669-4331
Ichijimacho Byakugoji 〒669-4334
Ichijimacho Minami 〒669-4314
Ichijimacho Yashiro 〒669-4342
Ichijimacho Yoto 〒669-4335
Kaibaracho Aguta 〒669-3314
Kaibaracho Ishido 〒669-3307
Kaibaracho Oniya 〒669-3315
Kaibaracho Kaibara 〒669-3309
Kaibaracho Kamiogura 〒669-3304
Kaibaracho Kamono 〒669-3316
Kaibaracho Kitanaka 〒669-3306
Kaibaracho Kitayama 〒669-3313
Kaibaracho Kominami 〒669-3308
Kaibaracho Shimoogura 〒669-3305
Kaibaracho Taji 〒669-3312
Kaibaracho Higashioku 〒669-3302
Kaibaracho Hotsubo 〒669-3311
Kaibaracho Minaga 〒669-3303
Kaibaracho Minamitada 〒669-3301
Kasugacho Asahi 〒669-3411
Kasugacho Ikeo 〒669-4121
Kasugacho Ishizai 〒669-3413
Kasugacho Inazuka 〒669-4135
Kasugacho Ushigawachi 〒669-3404
Kasugacho Utodani 〒669-3414
Kasugacho Kamiminosho 〒669-4251
Kasugacho Kayano 〒669-4262
Kasugacho Kanba 〒669-4253
Kasugacho Kuroi 〒669-4141
Kasugacho Kokuryo 〒669-4273
Kasugacho Kodari 〒669-4122
Kasugacho Saka 〒669-3415
Kasugacho Shimominosho 〒669-4252
Kasugacho Shinsai 〒669-3402
Kasugacho Sonobe 〒669-3412
Kasugacho Tada 〒669-4125
Kasugacho Tanabara 〒669-4274
Kasugacho Tari 〒669-4123
Kasugacho Nagaou 〒669-3403
Kasugacho Nakayama 〒669-4265
Kasugacho Nanukaichi 〒669-4131
Kasugacho Nokono 〒669-4124
Kasugacho Nose 〒669-4261
Kasugacho Nomura 〒669-4132
Kasugacho Noyama 〒669-3416
Kasugacho Higashinaka 〒669-4272
Kasugacho Hiramatsu 〒669-4133
Kasugacho Hirose 〒669-4263
Kasugacho Furukawa 〒669-4134
Kasugacho Matsumori 〒669-4264
Kasugacho Yamada 〒669-3401
Kasugacho Yuzu 〒669-4271
Sannancho Aoda 〒669-3112
Sannancho Akusa 〒669-3111
Sannancho Ikedani 〒669-3125
Sannancho Ibara 〒669-3143
Sannancho Iwaya 〒669-3141
Sannancho Ouchi 〒669-3158
Sannancho Oka 〒669-3123
Sannancho Oda 〒669-3113
Sannancho Otani 〒669-3124
Sannancho Okamoto 〒669-3127
Sannancho Oku 〒669-3144
Sannancho Okunono 〒669-3121
Sannancho Onojiri 〒669-3166
Sannancho Obatake 〒669-3167
Sannancho Kaji 〒669-3154
Sannancho Kanakura 〒669-3156
Sannancho Kanaya 〒669-3128
Sannancho Kamitaki 〒669-3101
Sannancho Kitaoda 〒669-3105
Sannancho Kitawada 〒669-3152
Sannancho Kiraradori 〒669-3148
Sannancho Kusabe 〒669-3151
Sannancho Gogano 〒669-3161
Sannancho Koniya 〒669-3155
Sannancho Sakajiri 〒669-3162
Sannancho Sasaba 〒669-3103
Sannancho Shimoda 〒669-3147
Sannancho Shimotaki 〒669-3102
Sannancho Tanigawa 〒669-3131
Sannancho Tamaki 〒669-3122
Sannancho Tomita 〒669-3165
Sannancho Nagano 〒669-3126
Sannancho Nishitani 〒669-3168
Sannancho Nosaka 〒669-3145
Sannancho Hatauchi 〒669-3104
Sannancho Maegawa 〒669-3153
Sannancho Minaminaka 〒669-3146
Sannancho Miwa 〒669-3159
Sannancho Muramori 〒669-3142
Sannancho Yamasaki 〒669-3132
Sannancho Yamamoto 〒669-3163
Sannancho Wakabayashi 〒669-3164
Sannancho Wada 〒669-3157
Hikamicho Agenarimatsu 〒669-3606
Hikamicho Asaka 〒669-3574
Hikamicho Isakuchi 〒669-3643
Hikamicho Iso 〒669-3464
Hikamicho Ichibe 〒669-3461
Hikamicho Inaka 〒669-3632
Hikamicho Inatsugi 〒669-3466
Hikamicho Inahata 〒669-3581
Hikamicho Inuoka 〒669-3604
Hikamicho Osaki 〒669-3462
Hikamicho Otani 〒669-3621
Hikamicho Osano 〒669-3612
Hikamicho Ono 〒669-3575
Hikamicho Kakishiba 〒669-3611
Hikamicho Kamishinjo 〒669-3613
Hikamicho Kamo 〒669-3631
Hikamicho Kamouchi 〒669-3645
Hikamicho Kitano 〒669-3463
Hikamicho Kitayura 〒669-3653
Hikamicho Kinuyama 〒669-3641
Hikamicho Kiyozumi 〒669-3626
Hikamicho Kuroda 〒669-3605
Hikamicho Koura 〒669-3642
Hikamicho Kotani 〒669-3646
Hikamicho Goyu 〒669-3633
Hikamicho Sajiki 〒669-3652
Hikamicho Sano 〒669-3582
Hikamicho Shimoshinjo 〒669-3614
Hikamicho Joraku 〒669-3602
Hikamicho Shingo 〒669-3571
Hikamicho Tanimura 〒669-3572
Hikamicho Naka 〒669-3625
Hikamicho Nakano 〒669-3623
Hikamicho Narimatsu 〒669-3601
Hikamicho Nishinaka 〒669-3603
Hikamicho Numa 〒669-3634
Hikamicho Hikami 〒669-3651
Hikamicho Hibiu 〒669-3644
Hikamicho Fukuta 〒669-3583
Hikamicho Hongo 〒669-3467
Hikamicho Mikata 〒669-3624
Hikamicho Minamiyura 〒669-3654
Hikamicho Mihara 〒669-3622
Hikamicho Yuri 〒669-3573
Hikamicho Yokota 〒669-3465

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Tamba for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Tamba, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Tamba. The first type of PO box is provided by Tamba Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Tamba to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from ¥2,050 for a 1kg parcel to ¥64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at ¥1,800 for a 1kg parcel to ¥21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Tamba via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.