Nagaoka (長岑市)Β is a city in Niigata Prefecture, Japan, with a population of approximately 269,037 as of July 2021. Located in the central part of the prefecture, Nagaoka is known for its historical significance and cultural heritage, including the annual Nagaoka Festival, which features one of Japan's largest fireworks displays. The city is also a hub for education and research, hosting institutions such as Nagaoka University of Technology. Nagaoka's economy is diverse, with strengths in manufacturing, agriculture, and commerce.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Nagaoka

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District Postal Code
Aokimachi γ€’940-1112
Aoshimamachi γ€’940-1145
Aobadai γ€’940-2145
Aoyama Shinmachi γ€’940-1149
Aoyamamachi γ€’940-1148
Akatani γ€’940-0147
Akanuma γ€’954-0202
Aketo γ€’940-0105
Akebono γ€’940-0832
Asahi γ€’949-5412
Asahioka γ€’940-0840
Asahimachi γ€’940-0063
Azumacho γ€’940-0224
Asoudamachi γ€’940-0806
Atago γ€’940-0036
Amaikemachi γ€’940-2055
Amagashima γ€’940-0232
Amidase γ€’949-4513
Aramaki γ€’949-4506
Aramachi γ€’940-0023
Ijima γ€’949-5401
Izuka γ€’949-5414
Ikenoshima γ€’954-0143
Ishiuchi γ€’940-0026
Izumi γ€’940-0025
Isurugimachi γ€’940-2032
Isurugi Minamimachi γ€’940-2117
Ichinokai γ€’940-0242
Inajima γ€’954-0171
Inabamachi γ€’940-0872
Inaho γ€’940-0877
Inaho Minami γ€’940-0878
Imai γ€’940-1166
Irishiogawa γ€’940-0143
Iwada γ€’949-5415
Iwano γ€’940-1171
Uedamachi γ€’940-0074
Uenoharamachi γ€’940-0237
Umeda γ€’949-4517
Umenomata γ€’940-0123
Ura γ€’949-5406
Urasemachi γ€’940-0805
Uryu γ€’940-2303
Uwanuma Shinden γ€’954-0207
Ebijimayuji Shinden γ€’954-0166
Obadenmachi γ€’940-2056
Oaratomachi γ€’940-2059
Okawado γ€’940-0148
Ogawaramachi γ€’940-1137
Okuchi γ€’954-0145
Ojimashinmachi γ€’940-2104
Ojimahoncho γ€’940-2112
Ozumi Oriwatarimachi γ€’940-2156
Ozumi Kumagamimachi γ€’940-2155
Ozumi Senbonmachi γ€’940-2153
Ozumi Zenmamachi γ€’940-2158
Ozumi Takatorimachi γ€’940-2152
Ozumi Tashiromachi γ€’940-2154
Ozumi Haigemachi γ€’940-2151
Ozumi Mishimadanimachi γ€’940-2157
Ozumimachi γ€’940-2146
Otedori γ€’940-0062
Onumashinden γ€’954-0201
Ono γ€’940-2305
Omagato γ€’954-0134
Omagato Shinden γ€’954-0133
Omachi γ€’940-0844
Omiyamachi γ€’940-1167
Oyama γ€’940-2113
Okita γ€’940-0857
Ogino γ€’940-2012
Oginimachi Ainohara γ€’949-5216
Oginimachi Aramachi γ€’949-5215
Oginimachi Ogai γ€’949-5346
Oginimachi Ogunisawa γ€’949-5333
Oginimachi Kamiiwata γ€’949-5332
Oginimachi Kamiyauchi Shinden γ€’949-5214
Oginimachi Kirisawa γ€’949-5212
Oginimachi Koguriyama γ€’949-5341
Oginimachi Kokenoshima γ€’949-5344
Oginimachi Suwai γ€’949-5336
Oginimachi Takeishi γ€’949-5221
Oginimachi Taromaru γ€’949-5335
Oginimachi Chiyazawa γ€’949-5201
Oginimachi Nanokamachi γ€’949-5211
Oginimachi Narasawa γ€’949-5331
Oginimachi Nihonyanagi γ€’949-5217
Oginimachi Hachioji γ€’949-5223
Oginimachihara γ€’949-5343
Oginimachi Hozaka γ€’949-5213
Oginimachi Hosue γ€’949-5334
Oginimachi Mioke γ€’949-5345
Oginimachi Morimitsu γ€’949-5342
Oginimachi Yamanota γ€’949-5347
Oginimachi Yokosawa γ€’949-5222
Oshikiri Kawaramachi γ€’954-0138
Oshikiri Shinden γ€’954-0137
Ojimaya γ€’949-4511
Otoyoshimachi γ€’940-0812
Omoigawa Shinden γ€’954-0136
Omotemachi γ€’940-0071
Oyazawamachi γ€’940-2134
Oyamacho γ€’940-0828
Kagimachi γ€’940-0822
Kashiwacho γ€’940-0088
Kasuga γ€’940-0096
Kasujima γ€’954-0141
Katadamachi γ€’940-1143
Gakkocho γ€’940-0041
Katsubomachi γ€’940-0803
Katsuramachi γ€’940-0802
Kanazawa γ€’940-0135
Kanamecho γ€’940-1153
Kanefusa γ€’940-0045
Kanemachi γ€’940-0221
Kamagashima γ€’940-1172
Kamazawamachi γ€’940-1114
Kamiiwai γ€’940-2314
Kamikashiide γ€’940-0116
Kamigiri γ€’949-4501
Kamishio γ€’940-0128
Kamitomioka γ€’940-2136
Kamitomiokamachi γ€’940-2137
Kaminozokimachi γ€’940-2033
Kaminozokimachi Nishi γ€’940-2034
Kaminomachi γ€’940-2004
Kamimaejima γ€’940-1140
Kamimaejimamachi γ€’940-1144
Kamiya γ€’949-5407
Kamiyanagimachi γ€’940-2471
Kamegaimachi γ€’940-0884
Kameya Shinden γ€’954-0177
Kamezakimachi γ€’940-0801
Karasugashima γ€’940-0201
Karuizawa γ€’940-0243
Kawaguchi Aikakawa γ€’949-7507
Kawaguchi Araya γ€’949-7508
Kawaguchi Ushigashima γ€’949-8731
Kawaguchi Kizawa γ€’949-7502
Kawaguchi Tamugiyama γ€’949-7512
Kawaguchi Toge γ€’949-7501
Kawaguchi Nakayama γ€’949-7503
Kawaguchi Budokubo γ€’949-7506
Kawaguchi Wanazu γ€’949-7511
Kawasaki γ€’940-0864
Kawasakimachi γ€’940-0861
Kawanaka γ€’940-0813
Kawanegawamachi γ€’940-2058
Kawabukuromachi γ€’940-2463
Kawabemachi γ€’940-0001
Kanzawa γ€’940-0153
Ganjimamachi γ€’940-2474
Kandamachi γ€’940-0052
Kantomachi γ€’940-0067
Kiinomiya γ€’940-2322
Kitazonomachi γ€’940-0014
Kitanigoro γ€’940-0241
Kitamachi γ€’940-2121
Kitayama γ€’940-2114
Kitsunegoya γ€’954-0162
Kibogaoka γ€’940-2124
Kibogaoka Minami γ€’940-2125
Kiyamazawa γ€’940-0254
Kukawa γ€’940-0121
Kusouzu γ€’940-0085
Kumanofukuro γ€’940-0113
Kumoidemachi γ€’940-2046
Kuriyamazawa γ€’940-0155
Kurosaka γ€’949-4502
Kurozumachi γ€’940-0007
Keikocho γ€’940-0054
Kesajiro γ€’940-0033
Gejomachi γ€’940-1146
Konan γ€’954-0135
Koya γ€’954-0161
Koyo γ€’940-2015
Kozawamachi γ€’940-2102
Koshijinakazawa γ€’949-5408
Koshijinakajima γ€’949-5403
Koshoji γ€’940-2106
Koshojimachi γ€’940-2103
Kozonemachi γ€’940-0883
Gotandamachi γ€’940-2036
Kotsunagi γ€’940-0211
Kotohira γ€’940-0038
Kotobuki γ€’940-0015
Konuma Shinden γ€’954-0203
Gohyakkari γ€’954-0126
Gofukumachi γ€’940-0056
Komukai γ€’940-0146
Saizu Nishimachi γ€’940-2133
Saizu Higashimachi γ€’940-2131
Saizu Minamimachi γ€’940-2132
Saiwaicho γ€’940-0084
Zao γ€’940-0028
Sakai Higashimachi γ€’940-2026
Sakaimachi γ€’940-2024
Sakaecho γ€’940-0205
Sakashidani γ€’940-2321
Sakanouemachi γ€’940-0065
Saginosumachi γ€’940-1113
Sakon γ€’940-1161
Sasazaki γ€’940-0833
Sasabana γ€’949-5402
Sawagejo γ€’949-5413
Sawada γ€’940-1101
Sanzegaya γ€’949-4504
Sannomiyamachi γ€’940-2472
Sanbyonomachi γ€’940-1136
Sanwa γ€’940-1151
Sanwamachi γ€’940-1152
Shioaramachi γ€’940-0129
Shionaka γ€’940-0122
Jizo γ€’940-0031
Shitanuma Shinden γ€’954-0213
Shichikenmachi γ€’940-0894
Shinano γ€’940-0098
Jihomachi γ€’940-2057
Shimazaki γ€’949-4525
Shimada γ€’954-0155
Shimo Kashiide γ€’940-0115
Shimo Kawanegawa γ€’940-2304
Shimogejo γ€’940-0012
Shimogejomachi γ€’940-0011
Shimojio γ€’940-0111
Shimotomioka γ€’949-4507
Shimo Yanagi γ€’940-2013
Shimoyama γ€’940-2115
Junigatamachi γ€’940-0002
Jooka γ€’940-0021
Joganjimachi γ€’940-0814
Jojomachi γ€’940-0831
Jonaicho γ€’940-0061
Jonooka γ€’949-4523
Jomyomachi γ€’940-1141
Showa γ€’940-0092
Shiromaru γ€’940-0046
Shiromarumachi γ€’940-0865
Shirotorimachi γ€’940-2041
Shinei γ€’954-0132
Shinkaimachi γ€’940-2464
Shingumimachi γ€’940-0897
Shingumi Minamimachi γ€’940-0898
Shinsakaecho γ€’940-0204
Shinsan γ€’940-2127
Shinsan Higashimachi γ€’940-2128
Shinjo Nishi γ€’954-0222
Shinjo Higashi γ€’954-0221
Shinjo Minami γ€’954-0218
Shinyo γ€’940-2147
Suidocho γ€’940-0093
Suehiro γ€’940-0834
Sugabatake γ€’940-0144
Suginomori γ€’954-0151
Sumiyoshi γ€’940-0044
Sumonzakimachi γ€’940-2462
Suyoshimachi γ€’940-0821
Seiryomachi γ€’940-2045
Sekine γ€’954-0154
Sekihara Nishimachi γ€’940-2037
Sekihara Higashimachi γ€’940-2038
Sekiharamachi γ€’940-2035
Sekihara Minami γ€’940-2039
Settaya γ€’940-1105
Settayamachi γ€’940-1104
Serikawamachi γ€’940-2473
Senzai γ€’940-0082
Senju γ€’940-0087
Senshu γ€’940-2108
Daikokumachi γ€’940-0895
Daibo γ€’954-0146
Daimachi γ€’940-0048
Taira γ€’940-0137
Takashimamachi γ€’940-1139
Takasemachi γ€’940-2025
Takateramachi γ€’940-2143
Takatomachi γ€’940-2144
Takanomachi γ€’940-2051
Takabatakemachi γ€’940-0825
Takamachi γ€’940-0824
Takami γ€’940-0003
Takamimachi γ€’940-0004
Takara γ€’940-0016
Takinokuchi γ€’940-0127
Takinoshitamachi γ€’940-0226
Takiyamachi γ€’940-1138
Takenokochimachi γ€’940-1123
Takemachi γ€’940-1116
Tanokuchi γ€’940-0251
Chiyazawa γ€’949-5124
Chuei γ€’940-2324
Chuokoen γ€’940-0222
Chujo Shinden γ€’954-0214
Chiyoemachi γ€’940-0819
Tsukanoyama γ€’949-5123
Tsuchigaya γ€’940-0212
Tsutsumicho γ€’940-2014
Tsubone γ€’954-0144
Tsurugasone γ€’954-0172
Tekkocho γ€’940-2022
Terajimamachi γ€’940-2101
Teradomari γ€’940-2502
Teradomari Azukisone γ€’959-0162
Teradomari Azurinobu γ€’959-0155
Teradomari Irikarui γ€’959-0149
Teradomari Iwakata γ€’959-0147
Teradomari Enjoji γ€’940-2511
Teradomari Oji γ€’940-2503
Teradomari Owada γ€’940-2529
Teradomari Kawasaki γ€’940-2517
Teradomari Kijima γ€’959-0156
Teradomari Kitazone γ€’959-0165
Teradomari Kyogairi γ€’940-2512
Teradomari Gomoto γ€’940-2528
Teradomari Gobuichi γ€’959-0154
Teradomari Shitobashi γ€’940-2527
Teradomari Shimogiri γ€’959-0152
Teradomari Shimozone γ€’940-2516
Teradomari Shimonakajo γ€’959-0164
Teradomari Shincho γ€’959-0163
Teradomari Takauchi γ€’959-0143
Teradomari Tagashira γ€’940-2523
Teradomari Takemori γ€’959-0161
Teradomari Tajiri γ€’959-0146
Teradomari Tsurugasone γ€’959-0141
Teradomari Toshinden γ€’940-2513
Teradomari Tozaki γ€’940-2518
Teradomari Toshitomo γ€’940-2521
Teradomari Nakazone γ€’940-2515
Teradomari Natsudo γ€’940-2522
Teradomari Nozumi γ€’940-2501
Teradomari Hazamada γ€’959-0153
Teradomari Banzenji γ€’959-0142
Teradomari Hikioka γ€’940-2508
Teradomari Hiranoshinmurashinden γ€’959-0145
Teradomari Hebitsuka γ€’940-2514
Teradomari Benzaiten γ€’940-2504
Teradomari Machikarui γ€’959-0144
Teradomari Matsuda γ€’940-2524
Teradomari Myogadani γ€’940-2525
Teradomari Motoben γ€’940-2505
Teradomari Motomegusa γ€’959-0151
Teradomari Motoyama γ€’940-2506
Teradomari Yada γ€’959-0148
Teradomari Yamada γ€’940-2526
Teradomari Yoshi γ€’940-2507
Teradomari Wanikuchi γ€’959-0157
Tenjinmachi γ€’940-0008
Doai γ€’940-0043
Doaimachi γ€’940-0847
Tookamachi γ€’940-1131
Tochio Asahicho γ€’940-0231
Tochio Aramachi γ€’940-0216
Tochio Izumi γ€’940-0234
Tochio Iwanosotoshinden γ€’940-0202
Tochio Ono γ€’940-0235
Tochio Onomachi γ€’940-0236
Tochio Omachi γ€’940-0217
Tochio Omotemachi γ€’940-0218
Tochio Shimada γ€’940-0141
Tochio Hara γ€’940-0132
Tochio Haramachi γ€’940-0134
Tochio Honcho γ€’940-0223
Tochio Miyazawa γ€’940-0233
Tochio Yamada γ€’940-0214
Tochio Yamadacho γ€’940-0213
Tochiomachi γ€’940-0215
Tochikura γ€’940-0149
Tochibori γ€’940-0145
Tonomachi γ€’940-0064
Tomijimamachi γ€’940-0881
Toyodamachi γ€’940-0836
Toyozumemachi γ€’940-1142
Torigoe γ€’940-2316
Naka γ€’940-0253
Nakagatamachi γ€’940-1135
Nagakura γ€’940-0829
Nagakura Nishimachi γ€’940-0849
Nagakuramachi γ€’940-0826
Nagakura Minamimachi γ€’940-0848
Nakagoya γ€’954-0131
Nakagocho γ€’940-0225
Nakasai γ€’954-0204
Nakazawa γ€’940-0853
Nakazawamachi γ€’940-0854
Nakajima γ€’940-0094
Nakase γ€’940-0017
Nagata γ€’940-0874
Nagatamachi γ€’940-0873
Nagacho γ€’940-0053
Nakanukimachi γ€’940-0852
Nakanoshima γ€’954-0124
Nakanoshima Takabatake γ€’954-0152
Nakanoshima Chujo γ€’954-0216
Nakanoshima Manishino γ€’954-0212
Nakanoshima Miyauchi γ€’954-0157
Nakanonaka γ€’954-0174
Nakano Nishi γ€’954-0175
Nakano Higashi γ€’954-0173
Nagaminemachi γ€’940-2142
Nagaro γ€’954-0156
Nanokaichi γ€’940-2315
Nanokamachi γ€’940-2123
Namiki Shinden γ€’954-0163
Narisawamachi γ€’940-2465
Nanyo γ€’940-1164
Niibo γ€’940-0875
Niibomachi γ€’940-0876
Nigorisawamachi γ€’940-1121
Nishiaramachi γ€’940-0024
Nishikatakaimachi γ€’940-0817
Nishikawaguchi γ€’949-7513
Nishikandamachi γ€’940-0051
Nishiki γ€’940-0835
Nishizao γ€’940-0027
Nishisenju γ€’940-0086
Nishi Takayama Shinden γ€’954-0205
Nishidani γ€’949-5121
Nishizumachi γ€’940-2126
Nishinakanomata γ€’940-0256
Nishino γ€’949-5409
Nishino Shinden γ€’954-0211
Nishinomata γ€’940-0252
Nishimiyauchi γ€’940-1162
Nissekicho γ€’940-0095
Nirebara γ€’940-0203
Nekogoya γ€’954-0123
Negoya γ€’949-4505
Noguchi γ€’954-0121
Haijima Shinden γ€’954-0142
Hasugata γ€’940-2023
Hachibusemachi γ€’940-0842
Hanaimachi γ€’940-2475
Hanazono γ€’940-0845
Hanazono Higashi γ€’940-0846
Hanazono Minami γ€’940-0841
Haramachi γ€’940-0013
Hanzogane γ€’940-0258
Higashi Aramachi γ€’940-0022
Higashi Omachi γ€’940-0843
Higashigaoka γ€’940-0136
Higashi Katakaimachi γ€’940-0816
Higashi Kawaguchi γ€’949-7504
Higashi Kanda γ€’940-0035
Higashizao γ€’940-0029
Higashi Sakae γ€’940-0037
Higashi Sakanouemachi γ€’940-0066
Higashi Takami γ€’940-0006
Higashi Dani γ€’949-5122
Higashi Nakanomata γ€’940-0255
Higashi Honai γ€’949-4521
Higashi Miyauchimachi γ€’940-1102
Higoshi γ€’940-2138
Hitozura γ€’940-0102
Hinoura γ€’949-4514
Hyakusokumachi γ€’940-0892
Hiranakanomata γ€’940-0124
Hirei γ€’940-0244
Fukasawamachi γ€’940-2135
Fukidani γ€’940-0151
Fukuimachi γ€’940-0893
Fukushimamachi γ€’940-0896
Fukuzumi γ€’940-0034
Fukutomachi γ€’940-2052
Fukuhara γ€’954-0165
Fukumichimachi γ€’940-2053
Fukuyamamachi γ€’940-2122
Fukuromachi γ€’940-0055
Fujikawa γ€’940-2302
Fujisawa γ€’940-2011
Fujihashi γ€’940-2141
Fujiyama γ€’954-0125
Futatsugoya γ€’940-0103
Futsukamachi γ€’940-0112
Fudosawa γ€’949-5416
Funaecho γ€’940-0073
Bunno γ€’940-0101
Heijima γ€’940-1163
Hojimachi γ€’940-2031
Hokuyo γ€’940-0871
Hoshiba γ€’940-0032
Horigane γ€’940-0868
Honjo γ€’940-0142
Honcho γ€’940-0076
Hontsugawa γ€’940-0245
Bonnoki γ€’954-0147
Maejimamachi γ€’940-1147
Maeda γ€’940-0042
Magari Aramachi γ€’940-1103
Makishitamachi γ€’940-2001
Makijima γ€’940-2005
Makifuchi γ€’940-0133
Makiyamamachi γ€’940-2002
Machidamachi γ€’940-1111
Matsuo γ€’940-0154
Matsugasaki Shinden γ€’954-0217
Matsuba γ€’940-0091
Mappo γ€’954-0164
Manoshiro Shinden γ€’954-0215
Mayumi γ€’954-0122
Misawa γ€’940-0856
Mishimajojo γ€’940-2323
Mishimashinbo γ€’940-2311
Mishimanakajo γ€’940-2312
Mizuanamachi γ€’940-0804
Mizusawa γ€’940-0106
Mizunashimachi γ€’940-1165
Misono γ€’940-0866
Mitsugoya γ€’940-2111
Midoricho γ€’940-2105
Minami Shinbomachi γ€’940-2054
Minami Nanokamachi γ€’940-2116
Minamimachi γ€’940-0081
Miyauchi γ€’940-1106
Miyauchimachi γ€’940-1155
Miyasakae γ€’940-1154
Miyazawa γ€’940-2301
Miyashitamachi γ€’940-0882
Miyajimachi γ€’940-0811
Miyazeki γ€’940-2021
Miyabara γ€’940-0083
Miyamoto Higashi Katamachi γ€’940-2043
Miyamoto Horinouchimachi γ€’940-2044
Miyamotomachi γ€’940-2042
Myokenmachi γ€’940-1134
Muikaichimachi γ€’940-1133
Muguradani γ€’940-0125
Murata γ€’949-4522
Muramatsumachi γ€’940-1115
Moriage γ€’940-0257
Yachi γ€’940-0227
Yanagiharamachi γ€’940-0072
Yamaguchi γ€’940-0114
Yamakoshi Takezawa γ€’947-0204
Yamakoshi Tanesuhara γ€’947-0201
Yamakoshi Nanpei γ€’947-0202
Yamakoshi Higashi Takezawa γ€’947-0203
Yamakoshi Mushigame γ€’947-0205
Yamada γ€’940-0097
Yamaya γ€’940-0104
Yukyucho γ€’940-0827
Yutaka γ€’940-0867
Yumicho γ€’940-0047
Yoitamachi Iwakata γ€’940-2405
Yoitamachi Enishi γ€’940-2406
Yoitamachi Shiroyama γ€’940-2407
Yoitamachi Tsutaichi γ€’940-2411
Yoitamachi Nakada γ€’940-2414
Yoitamachi Higashiyoita γ€’940-2401
Yoitamachi Hirono γ€’940-2412
Yoitamachi Makihara γ€’940-2416
Yoitamachi Magoshi γ€’940-2404
Yoitamachi Minaminaka γ€’940-2415
Yoitamachi Motoyoita γ€’940-2403
Yoitamachi Yamazawa γ€’940-2417
Yoitamachi Yoita γ€’940-2402
Yoitamachi Yoshizu γ€’940-2413
Yokodai γ€’940-2148
Yokono γ€’954-0176
Yokomakuramachi γ€’940-1117
Yokoyama γ€’954-0153
Yoshizaki γ€’940-2313
Yoshimizu γ€’940-0131
Yotsuyamachi γ€’940-0891
Yomogihiramachi γ€’940-1122
Raikoji γ€’949-5411
Raiden γ€’940-0152
Ryotaka γ€’949-4524
Rengeji γ€’940-2325
Rokusho γ€’954-0206
Wakakusamachi γ€’940-0851
Wakanoura γ€’949-4512
Wakigawa Shindenmachi γ€’954-0181
Wakinomachi γ€’940-2306
Wasabidani γ€’940-0126
Washimakitano γ€’949-4503
Washimatakabatake γ€’949-4515
Washimanakasawa γ€’949-4516
Watazawamachi γ€’940-1132
Wataribamachi γ€’940-2003
Watarimachi γ€’940-0075

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Nagaoka for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Nagaoka, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Nagaoka. The first type of PO box is provided by Nagaoka Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Nagaoka to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from Β₯2,050 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at Β₯1,800 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Nagaoka via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.