Okayama (岑山市), the capital city of Okayama Prefecture in Japan, is located on the main island of Honshu. Known for its historical and cultural significance, the city is home to the iconic Okayama Castle, often referred to as "Crow Castle" due to its black exterior, and the famous Kōraku-en Garden, one of Japan's three great gardens. Okayama serves as a vital transport hub, featuring the Okayama Station on the Sanyo Shinkansen line, which connects it to major cities like Osaka and Hiroshima. The city boasts a blend of traditional and modern attractions, including numerous museums, shopping districts, and educational institutions. It also hosts various cultural festivals and events throughout the year, highlighting its rich heritage and community spirit.

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Districts and Postal Codes in Okayama

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District Postal Code
Hanajiriakanemachi γ€’701-0133
Hanajirimidorimachi γ€’701-0131
Chikkohikarimachi γ€’702-8054
Takebecho Tajiko γ€’709-3145
Akasakahonmachi γ€’703-8288
Akasaka Minamishinmachi γ€’703-8283
Akasakadai γ€’703-8287
Akoda γ€’703-8231
Aminohama γ€’703-8284
Imazaike γ€’703-8208
Imadani γ€’703-8226
Ezaki γ€’702-8005
Enami γ€’702-8004
Okimoto γ€’702-8001
Okuichi γ€’703-8272
Otami γ€’703-8228
Onaricho γ€’703-8277
Omachi γ€’703-8204
Kadotabunkamachi γ€’703-8273
Kadotahonmachi γ€’703-8274
Kadotayashiki γ€’703-8275
Kadotayashiki Honmachi γ€’703-8276
Kanemoto γ€’703-8227
Gion γ€’703-8207
Kyokutocho γ€’703-8286
Kunitomi γ€’703-8236
Kurata γ€’703-8265
Kuratomi γ€’703-8264
Kuramasu γ€’703-8263
Kuwano γ€’702-8002
Koshita γ€’703-8225
Kokufuichiba γ€’703-8203
Kobashicho γ€’703-8293
Sai γ€’703-8248
Saihigashimachi γ€’703-8247
Sakurajuza γ€’703-8296
Sakurabashi γ€’703-8285
Sawada γ€’703-8234
Shinogoze γ€’703-8201
Shimizu γ€’703-8243
Shimo γ€’703-8222
Shoda γ€’703-8206
Shinkyobashi γ€’703-8294
Shinchikko γ€’702-8003
Sumiyoshicho γ€’703-8238
Seki γ€’703-8232
Takashima γ€’703-8242
Takashima Shinyashiki γ€’703-8241
Takaya γ€’703-8233
Takeda γ€’703-8251
Chunagoncho γ€’703-8292
Tsuchida γ€’703-8217
Tokuyoshicho γ€’703-8291
Nakai γ€’703-8205
Nagaoka γ€’703-8221
Nakashima γ€’703-8252
Nagatoshi γ€’703-8223
Nishigawara γ€’703-8258
Nishinakajimacho γ€’703-8298
Hama γ€’703-8256
Haraoshima γ€’703-8235
Higashigawara γ€’703-8255
HIgashinakajimacho γ€’703-8297
Higashiyama γ€’703-8281
Hirai γ€’703-8282
Fukudomari γ€’703-8262
Fujisaki γ€’702-8006
Fujiwara γ€’703-8245
Fujiwara Nishimachi γ€’703-8244
Fujiwara Hikariachi γ€’703-8246
Furugyocho γ€’703-8278
Maruyama γ€’703-8271
Minato γ€’703-8266
Miyukicho γ€’703-8295
Miyoshi γ€’703-8261
Morishitacho γ€’703-8237
Yahata γ€’703-8254
Yahata Higashimachi γ€’703-8253
Yamasaki γ€’703-8267
Yuba γ€’703-8202
Yoneda γ€’703-8224
Aoicho γ€’700-0045
Aoe γ€’700-0941
Asahihonmachi γ€’700-0865
Asahimachi γ€’700-0864
Ashimori γ€’701-1463
Amase γ€’700-0833
Amase Minamimachi γ€’700-0834
Awai γ€’701-1461
Ishizekicho γ€’700-0813
Ishijima γ€’701-1527
Ishimakitamachi γ€’700-0017
Ishimacho γ€’700-0016
Izushicho γ€’700-0812
Izumicho γ€’700-0012
Ichinomiya γ€’701-1211
Ichinomiya Yamasaki γ€’701-1203
Ifukucho γ€’700-0013
Ima γ€’700-0975
Imaoka γ€’701-1204
Imabo γ€’701-0145
Imamura γ€’700-0974
Iwai γ€’700-0046
Iwaimiyaura γ€’700-0041
Iwatacho γ€’700-0022
Uchisange γ€’700-0824
Ekimaecho γ€’700-0023
Ekimotomachi γ€’700-0024
Ezucho γ€’700-0028
Oi γ€’701-1462
Ouchida γ€’701-0165
Okubo γ€’701-1223
Ozaki γ€’701-1336
Omoto γ€’700-0924
Omotoekimae γ€’700-0923
Omotokamimachi γ€’700-0925
Okamachi γ€’700-0867
Okuda γ€’700-0933
Okudanishimachi γ€’700-0931
Okudahonmachi γ€’700-0932
Okudaminamimachi γ€’700-0934
Onoue γ€’701-1212
Ofunairicho γ€’700-0844
Omotecho γ€’700-0822
Kaidani γ€’701-1144
Gakunancho γ€’700-0011
Kakehata γ€’701-1601
Kasugacho γ€’700-0905
Kanayamaji γ€’701-2151
Kamitagada γ€’701-1525
Kamitsuchida γ€’701-1465
Kaminakano γ€’700-0972
Kamo γ€’701-1342
Karakawaichiba γ€’701-1214
Kawairi γ€’701-0161
Kawahara γ€’701-1605
Kanzeicho γ€’700-0047
Kandacho γ€’700-0935
Kitagata γ€’700-0803
Kitanagase γ€’700-0963
Kitanagasehonmachi γ€’700-0961
Kibitsu γ€’701-1341
Kyobashicho γ€’700-0831
Kyobashi Minamimachi γ€’700-0832
Kyomachi γ€’700-0838
Kyoyama γ€’700-0015
Kume γ€’701-0144
Kuwadacho γ€’700-0984
Kosecho γ€’700-0985
Konancho γ€’700-0866
Kobe γ€’701-1201
Koyajiri γ€’701-2152
Korakuen γ€’703-8257
Kokutaicho γ€’700-0021
Kokeyama γ€’701-1604
Kotobukicho γ€’700-0025
Koyama γ€’701-1352
Saiwaicho γ€’700-0903
Sayama γ€’701-1205
Shikatacho γ€’700-0914
Shikatahonmachi γ€’700-0915
Shimadahonmachi γ€’700-0033
Shimoashimori γ€’701-1464
Shimoishii γ€’700-0907
Shimoifuku γ€’700-0052
Shimoifuku Kamimachi γ€’700-0051
Shimoifuku Nishimachi γ€’700-0054
Shimoifuku Honmachi γ€’700-0053
Shimouchidacho γ€’700-0846
Shimotakada γ€’701-1524
Shimotsuchida γ€’701-1356
Shimonakano γ€’700-0973
Shimomaki γ€’701-2143
Shuku γ€’700-0001
Shukuhonmachi γ€’700-0002
SHoda γ€’701-1603
Showacho γ€’700-0032
Shiraishi γ€’701-0143
Shiraishi Higashishinmachi γ€’701-0141
Shinjokami γ€’701-1345
Shinjoshimo γ€’701-1344
SHinmichi γ€’700-0863
Shinyashikicho γ€’700-0986
Sugano γ€’701-1141
Sugitani γ€’701-1522
Seikibashi γ€’700-0861
Seikihonmachi γ€’700-0862
Seishincho γ€’700-0027
Sendocho γ€’700-0842
Sozume γ€’701-1343
Daianji Nakamachi γ€’700-0062
Daianji Nishimachi γ€’700-0061
Daigakucho γ€’700-0906
Daiku γ€’700-0913
Daikuomotemachi γ€’700-0912
Daikuhonmachi γ€’700-0911
Takatsuka γ€’701-1354
Takano γ€’701-1142
Takamatsu γ€’701-1335
Takamatsuinari γ€’701-1331
Takamatsutanaka γ€’701-1355
Takamatsuharakosai γ€’701-1334
Takayanaginishimachi γ€’700-0035
Takayanagihigashimachi γ€’700-0034
Takebecho Ichiba γ€’709-3131
Takebecho Oda γ€’709-3121
Takebecho Ogura γ€’709-3124
Takebecho Sakura γ€’709-3134
Takebecho Sanmyoji γ€’709-3105
Takebecho Shinada γ€’709-3141
Takebecho Shimokome γ€’709-3113
Takebecho Takebekami γ€’709-3142
Takebecho Tazuta γ€’709-3101
Takebecho Tsuishiune γ€’709-3103
Takebecho Tsuishidani γ€’709-3104
Takebecho Nakada γ€’709-3132
Nishifurumatsunishimachi γ€’700-0926
Takebecho Hajikata γ€’709-3123
Takebecho Fukuwatari γ€’709-3111
Takebecho Burakuji γ€’709-3114
Takebecho Miyaji γ€’709-3143
Takebecho Yoshida γ€’709-3122
Takebecho Wadaminami γ€’709-3102
Tatsuta γ€’701-1333
Tatsumi γ€’700-0976
Tanaka γ€’700-0951
Tanimannari γ€’700-0071
Tabara γ€’701-1132
Tamagashi γ€’701-2142
Tamasu γ€’701-1154
Tamachi γ€’700-0825
Chuocho γ€’700-0836
Tsukuracho γ€’700-0014
Tsushimakyomachi γ€’700-0087
Tsushima Kuwanokicho γ€’700-0084
Tsushima Sasagase γ€’700-0088
Tsushima Naka γ€’700-0082
Tsushima Niino γ€’700-0083
Tsushima Nishizaka γ€’700-0086
Tsushima Higashi γ€’700-0081
Tsushima Fukui γ€’700-0080
Tsushima Honmachi γ€’700-0089
Fukuzaki γ€’701-1357
Tsushima Minami γ€’700-0085
Tsudaka γ€’701-1152
Tsudakadai γ€’701-1151
Tsudera γ€’701-1346
Tenjincho γ€’700-0814
Toiyacho γ€’700-0977
Tokaichi Nakamachi γ€’700-0855
Tokaichi Nishimachi γ€’700-0856
Togiyacho γ€’700-0826
Tomita γ€’700-0936
Tomihara γ€’701-1153
Tomimachi γ€’700-0031
Tomiyoshi γ€’701-1133
Tondacho γ€’700-0816
Nakaicho γ€’700-0804
Nakasange γ€’700-0821
Nakashimadacho γ€’700-0982
Nakasendo γ€’700-0964
Nakanatsukawa γ€’701-0163
Nagano γ€’701-1224
Nakahara γ€’701-2155
Nakamachi γ€’701-2144
Natsukawa γ€’701-0164
Nanokaichi Nishimachi γ€’700-0851
Nanokaichi Higashimachi γ€’700-0852
Naraxu γ€’701-1202
Niichi γ€’700-0953
Nishikarakawa γ€’701-1213
Nishikimachi γ€’700-0902
Nishizaki γ€’700-0055
Nishizaki Honmachi γ€’700-0056
Nishishimadacho γ€’700-0981
Nishinagase γ€’700-0965
Nishinocho γ€’700-0916
Nishinoyamacho γ€’700-0067
Nishihanajiri γ€’701-0136
Nishifurumatsu γ€’700-0927
Minamichuocho γ€’700-0837
Nishiyamanouchi γ€’701-1612
Nichioji γ€’701-1131
Niwase γ€’701-0153
Niuso γ€’701-0162
Noda γ€’700-0971
Nodayacho γ€’700-0815
Nodononishimachi γ€’700-0066
Nodonohigashimachi γ€’700-0065
Nobutomo γ€’701-0152
Haga γ€’701-1221
Hataayu γ€’701-2153
Hanajiri γ€’701-0134
Hanajirikichomachi γ€’701-0132
Hara γ€’701-2154
Banzancho γ€’700-0818
Handacho γ€’700-0003
Bancho γ€’700-0811
Higashishimadacho γ€’700-0983
Higashinoyamacho γ€’700-0068
Higashihanajiri γ€’701-0135
Higashifurumatsu γ€’700-0921
Higashifurumatsu Minamimachi γ€’700-0922
Higashiyamanouchi γ€’701-1611
Hijikai γ€’701-1521
Hiyoshicho γ€’700-0966
Hirata γ€’700-0952
Hirano γ€’701-0151
Hirayama γ€’701-1332
Hirosecho γ€’700-0806
Fukutani γ€’701-1225
Futsukaichimachi γ€’700-0843
Funabashicho γ€’700-0841
Heidan γ€’700-0805
Heiwacho γ€’700-0827
Hokaiin γ€’700-0004
Hokancho γ€’700-0026
Honmachi γ€’700-0901
Magura γ€’701-1613
Matsuo γ€’701-1222
Manaboshi γ€’701-1602
Marunouchi γ€’700-0823
Mannarinishimachi γ€’700-0073
Mannarihigashimachi γ€’700-0072
Mikadonakamachi γ€’700-0043
Mikadonishimachi γ€’700-0044
Mikadohigashimachi γ€’700-0042
Mitsuishikami γ€’709-2101
Mitsuita γ€’709-2105
Mitsuukai γ€’709-2125
Mitsuugaki γ€’709-2121
Mitsukase γ€’709-2131
Mitsukatsuo γ€’709-2126
Mitsukanagawa γ€’709-2133
Mitsukawataka γ€’709-2111
Mitsukitano γ€’709-2115
Mitsukusou γ€’709-2132
Mitsukunigahara γ€’709-2112
Mitsukouchi γ€’709-2123
Mitsukogura γ€’709-2137
Mitsushitori γ€’709-2136
Mitsushimoda γ€’709-2134
Mitsushinjo γ€’709-2106
Mitsutakazu γ€’709-2124
Mitsunakaizumi γ€’709-2135
Mitsunakahata γ€’709-2102
Mitsunakamaki γ€’709-2114
Mitsunakayama γ€’709-2116
Mitsunonokuchi γ€’709-2117
Mitsuhiraokanishi γ€’709-2104
Mitsuyachi γ€’709-2103
Mitsuyabara γ€’709-2107
Mitsuyoshio γ€’709-2122
Mitsuyshitani γ€’709-2113
Mite γ€’701-1353
Mito γ€’701-1134
Minamigata γ€’700-0807
Mino γ€’700-0802
Minohonmachi γ€’700-0801
Musa γ€’701-2141
Monzen γ€’701-1351
Yasakanishimachi γ€’700-0076
Yasakahigashimachi γ€’700-0074
Yasakahonmachi γ€’700-0075
Yanagimachi γ€’700-0904
Yamashinacho γ€’700-0847
Yamatomachi γ€’700-0808
Yamanoue γ€’701-1526
Yuminocho γ€’700-0817
Yokoikami γ€’701-1145
Yokoo γ€’701-1226
Yoshi γ€’701-1523
Yoshimune γ€’701-1143
Ridaicho γ€’700-0005
Waimoto γ€’701-1337
Akura γ€’702-8013
Akebonocho γ€’702-8057
Atsu γ€’702-8015
Izumida γ€’700-0944
Uematsu γ€’710-0151
Uchio γ€’701-0212
Urayasunishimachi γ€’702-8025
Urayasuhonmachi γ€’702-8026
Urayasuminamimachi γ€’702-8024
Ofuku γ€’701-0204
Okuhazakawa γ€’709-1212
Kaigandori γ€’702-8045
Kataoka γ€’709-1215
Kawahari γ€’709-1214
Kitaura γ€’702-8012
Kitananaku γ€’709-1201
Koori γ€’702-8011
Kogushi γ€’702-8016
Koshinden γ€’701-0203
Shijo γ€’702-8052
Shinpuku γ€’700-0943
Shinbo γ€’700-0945
Suzaki γ€’702-8042
Senoo γ€’701-0205
Senoozaki γ€’701-0201
Sozu γ€’709-1216
Sone γ€’701-0214
Tachikawacho γ€’702-8046
Chikkosakaemachi γ€’702-8053
Chikko γ€’702-8056
Chikkomidorimachi γ€’702-8055
Chikkomotomachi γ€’702-8051
Chidoricho γ€’702-8037
Toshinden γ€’700-0956
Tomihamacho γ€’702-8041
Toyonari γ€’700-0942
Toyohamacho γ€’700-0853
Nakaune γ€’701-0213
Namikicho γ€’702-8058
Nanki γ€’702-8023
Nishiune γ€’701-0215
Nishikoyodai γ€’709-1203
Nishitakasaki γ€’709-1204
Nishinanaku γ€’709-1202
Hazakawa γ€’709-1211
Hamano γ€’700-0845
Higashiune γ€’701-0211
HIkosaki γ€’709-1213
Hirafuku γ€’702-8043
Fukushima γ€’702-8044
Fukuda γ€’702-8021
Fukutomi Naka γ€’702-8032
Fukutomi Nishi γ€’702-8031
Fukutomi Higashi γ€’702-8033
Fukunari γ€’702-8022
Fukuhamacho γ€’702-8035
Fukuhamanishimachi γ€’702-8034
Fukuyoshicho γ€’702-8048
Fujita γ€’701-0221
Hosen γ€’702-8027
Matsuhamacho γ€’702-8038
Manbai γ€’700-0955
Mishima γ€’701-0206
Mihamacho γ€’702-8036
Miyaura γ€’702-8014
Yamada γ€’701-0202
Yonegura γ€’700-0954
Wakabacho γ€’702-8047
Asakawa γ€’709-0605
Asagoe γ€’704-8181
Inujima γ€’704-8153
Uchigahara γ€’709-0612
Urama γ€’709-0607
Odaracho γ€’704-8172
Okunogo γ€’704-8132
Otogo γ€’704-8137
Kachi γ€’704-8173
Kanaoka Nishimachi γ€’704-8193
Kanaoka Higashimachi γ€’704-8194
Kanada γ€’704-8196
Kamiachi γ€’704-8142
Kanzakicho γ€’704-8138
Kitakoda γ€’704-8134
Kimitsu γ€’704-8166
Kugui γ€’704-8154
Kusakabe γ€’709-0635
Kuban γ€’704-8161
Kubo γ€’704-8102
Kurogane γ€’703-8214
Kouchizakicho γ€’704-8149
Kotsu γ€’704-8164
Komotocho γ€’704-8103
Kozushuku γ€’703-8212
Kozuminamigata γ€’703-8215
Saizaki γ€’709-0615
Saidaiji γ€’704-8113
Saidaiji Ikoshi γ€’704-8121
Saidaiji Kanaoka γ€’704-8195
Saidaiji Kami γ€’704-8112
Saidaiji Kawaguchi γ€’704-8125
Saidaiji Kita γ€’704-8111
Saidaiji Gomyo γ€’704-8124
Saidaiji Shin γ€’704-8127
Saidaiji SHinchi γ€’704-8122
Saidaiji Naka γ€’704-8116
Saidaiji Nakano γ€’704-8191
Saidaiji Nakanohonmachi γ€’704-8192
Saidaiji Hama γ€’704-8126
Saidaiji Higashi γ€’704-8114
Saidaiji Matsuzaki γ€’704-8183
Saidaiji Minami γ€’704-8117
Saidaiji Monzen γ€’704-8123
Sairyuji γ€’704-8101
Shijikai γ€’703-8216
Shimoachi γ€’704-8141
Shukumo γ€’704-8133
Jotokitagata γ€’709-0625
Jotodainishi γ€’709-0624
Jotodaihigashi γ€’709-0622
Jotodaiminami γ€’709-0623
Suimoncho γ€’704-8148
Sunaba γ€’709-0634
Seiso γ€’709-0603
Setocho Asahigaoka γ€’709-0853
Setocho Ejiri γ€’709-0854
Setocho Ochi γ€’709-0851
Setocho Oki γ€’709-0855
Setocho Kajiya γ€’709-0845
Setocho Katase γ€’709-0852
Setocho Kanonji γ€’709-0863
Setocho Kikuyama γ€’709-0865
Setocho Komyotani γ€’709-0876
Setocho Sakane γ€’709-0873
Setocho Sasaoka γ€’709-0862
Setocho Shionou γ€’709-0871
Setocho Shimo γ€’709-0856
Tokai Higashimachi γ€’700-0854
Setocho Seto γ€’709-0861
Setocho Sodo γ€’709-0872
Setocho Daii γ€’709-0846
Setocho Teraji γ€’709-0875
Setocho Futsukaichi γ€’709-0842
Setocho Mantomi γ€’709-0841
Setocho Morisue γ€’709-0874
Setocho Yuge γ€’709-0843
Senju γ€’704-8143
Takewara γ€’709-0614
Tanishiri γ€’709-0636
Terayama γ€’709-0604
Tomisaki γ€’704-8104
Toyota γ€’704-8162
Nakao γ€’709-0626
Nakagawacho γ€’704-8176
Naganuma γ€’704-8131
Narabara γ€’709-0611
Nishikataoka γ€’704-8155
Nishikozai γ€’704-8136
Nishisho γ€’704-8106
NIshihirajima γ€’709-0633
Numa γ€’709-0621
Higashikataoka γ€’704-8151
Higashikozai γ€’704-8135
HIgashikozaki γ€’704-8145
Higashihirajima γ€’709-0631
Hitoichi γ€’709-0602
Hirotani γ€’704-8182
Fukuji γ€’704-8107
Fujii γ€’703-8213
Fujimicho γ€’704-8184
Hoden γ€’704-8152
Masaki γ€’704-8147
Masatsu γ€’704-8165
Masuda γ€’704-8163
Masunocho γ€’704-8175
Matsushincho γ€’704-8174
Minamikozu γ€’709-0632
Minamisuimoncho γ€’704-8146
Mukosu γ€’704-8115
Megurocho γ€’704-8171
Momoezuki γ€’709-0613
Yai γ€’709-0606
Yazu γ€’703-8211
Yoshii γ€’709-0601
Yoshiwara γ€’704-8105
Daianji Higashimachi γ€’700-0063
Kamocho Minamimachi γ€’700-0064
Takebecho Kawaguchi γ€’709-3112
Takebecho Tomisawa γ€’709-3144
Takebecho Nishibara γ€’709-3133
Setocho Shukuoku γ€’709-0864
Setocho Minamigata γ€’709-0844
Shiraishinishishinmachi γ€’701-0142
Saidaijiichinomiya γ€’704-8144
Kitanagaseomotemachi γ€’700-0962
Higashichuocho γ€’700-0835

Start with the postal code, the prefecture, the city, the district, and then the number of the block and housing unit. Then end with the person’s name.
Here’s an example of how to write a Japanese address in English.
Ginza, Chuo-ku
Mr. Taro Tanaka

For more information on how to write a Japanese address, see this article.

To type the Japanese postal code, first type the character code '3012.' Then press ALT + X and Japan's postal code symbol will appear.

To obtain an address in Okayama for receiving mail, sign up for a virtual address service like MailMate. MailMate provides you with a mailing address for receiving Japanese mail and packages. MailMate can also be used for company registration in Okayama, along with mail handling for Japanese properties (e.g., akiya, Airbnb, minpaku, etc.)

There are two types of PO boxes available in Okayama. The first type of PO box is provided by Okayama Post and is only available for individuals with a daily volume of mail. The second type of PO box is provided by private services with no limits on daily mail volume. Learn more about how to open a PO box in Japan.

Japan Post offers Standard Mail for regular letters and small parcels, typically delivered in 2-3 days. Express Mail speeds this up to 1-2 days. Registered Mail adds tracking and insurance, requiring a signature on delivery. Yu-Pack handles larger parcels with tracking and insurance, delivered in 1-3 days. Letter Pack provides flat-rate options for documents and small items, with tracking available. EMS is for international express delivery, offering fast service to over 120 countries. Non-Standard Mail covers items exceeding standard size and weight limits. Private couriers like Yamato Transport's Takkyubin offer domestic and international parcel delivery with tracking. Sagawa Express provides similar services, including same-day delivery and refrigerated shipping. International couriers like DHL, FedEx, and UPS offer express delivery with tracking and insurance. Specialized services include Cool TA-Q-BIN for refrigerated items, Yu-Mail for books and CDs, and Smart Letter for small documents. These options cover varying needs for speed, cost, and security. For more information on international shipping options, check out this article.

To send mail or packages from Okayama to your home country using Japan Post, costs vary based on the service type and parcel weight. For Airmail, rates range from Β₯2,050 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯64,850 for a 30kg parcel. Surface Mail is cheaper, starting at Β₯1,800 for a 1kg parcel to Β₯21,000 for a 30kg parcel, but it takes longer. Factors affecting costs include weight, distance, and chosen service. Discounted rates are available for bulk shipments. For detailed rates and more information, visit the article here.

For sending mail and packages from Okayama via Japan Post, the weight limit is 30 kg for most services. The size restrictions include a maximum combined length and girth of 3 meters (300 cm). For smaller parcels, the combined length and girth should not exceed 2 meters (200 cm). Specific dimensions and weight limits may vary depending on the service chosen (Airmail, Surface Mail, etc.). For detailed information, refer to the article here.

To print an international parcel label for Japan Post, start by creating an account on Japan Post's International Mail My Page Service. Register both sender and recipient information, then select the desired shipping service, such as EMS or Airmail. Input the shipment details, including content description, shipping date, and parcel weight. After reviewing and confirming all entered information, use the provided printer icon to print the label. For more details, refer to this article.